Scream 4: Stab Sequel Inspired By Saw?

How do you continue a successful horror franchise based on true crime books when the true crimes came to an end? Have the author create entirely fictional scenarios. Courteney Cox mentioned in the Entertainment Tonight extended interviews that as of Scream 4, Gale Weathers has written about six Stab books.

A set photo from July now connects up with that factoid – some seemingly random, genericly-named Weathers-penned books. One of them is Clock Of Doom. Note the yellow “sun” style sticker, commonly slapped onto novels after they are adapted into “major motion pictures”. So it’s clearer now that these books are what Stab 4, Stab 5, etc. were based on.

It was said in early interviews that Scream 4 will touch on all the popular elements of the genre film to rise and fall in the last decade. Torture porn comes to mind. It’s reasonable that some snarky commentary on horror trends might be conveyed through peeks at the latter Stab movies – either implied or overt. Clock of Doom is a clearly a ridiculous name with no basis in Scream events – Amityville Horror maybe. Until you consider that the successful Saw series uses clocks and timers to signal impending doom.

So, we wonder if Clock Of Doom became a Stab sequel that cashed in on the early Saw hoopla? Can you imagine a Ghostface that tortures his victims and gives them an illusory time frame to escape the ultimate penalty? Us either. But we wouldn’t put it past Gale.

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6 Responses to “ Scream 4: Stab Sequel Inspired By Saw? ”

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  1. Very clever. I can totally see that is where Stab went after the first three.

  2. Whty couldn’t they have just been smart and stopped at Stab 3 like Scream did the third, lol.

  3. Exactly! why do they keep on making sequels!? hehe

  4. Imagine: Sidney and Jill in a trap versus one another. :o

  5. Maybe the book is about Gail’s opinion that the clock is ticking on another Ghostface.

  6. Honestly, couldn’t Gale have written books that have been adapted into films that aren’t Stab movies?

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