Sometimes you just get lucky

Contrary to the Bananadoc Myth, I do not spend my every waking hour stalking the Scream 4 set. Not every waking hour. They’re filming where I live and work, so I ‘drop by’ the set just in case I see anything interesting. Yeah, well, maybe it’s a little more than that, but sometimes I just get a little lucky.

Yesterday a friend gave me a tip that there were some Road Closed signs ready in her neighborhood, and a light rig behind a local restaurant right by the grocery store where I shop. So in the middle of the evening I decided to drive down to see if I could get a little more info. Ironically, I bought some bananas (3lb for a $ at Hillers, Northville readers!) and the checkout guy told me that he had heard they would be filming some scenes right outside from 9pm to 3am. Aha!  None of this info is a closely-guarded secret, the local community nearby the shots is informed what’s going on. I drove down the street and started to see the white vans and suburbans on the move. The adrenaline begins to flow! A little further and I saw that a mini-Base Camp had been set up at the Northville Downs race track. I was about to investigate further when I saw the flashing lights, and a flat-bed trailer appeared from nowhere with a film crew and a Woodsboro Police Car containing David Arquette, flanked by the real local Police.

These days I don’t go anywhere without a camera, but it was a pretty funny sight as I turned around in a side-street and chased after them, minivan tires screeching. The paparazzi in action! Though clearly if I were the paparazzi I’d have a better lens. The photographs aren’t great, and the truth is that this looks a whole lot less exciting than it actually was, but in this small town, this is about the best evening’s entertainment you can get ;)

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  1. Thanks so much for all your pics. Sounds like quite an adventure!

  2. Thanks so much for all your pics. Sounds like quite an adventure!

  3. I’m not gonna lie. I would die from excitment….seriously.

  4. I’m not gonna lie. I would die from excitment….seriously.

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