The House Of Riley

Could this be the Scream 4 modern-day incarnation of Tatum’s house from the original Scream? Likely yes, says Bananadoc. Plus: possible plot detail revealed (not a spoiler)…

Because I know how much people love this stuff. I’m pretty sure that the first house they filmed at in Northville is meant to be Dewey and Tatum’s parent’s house. The scoop is that Dewey and Gale have now bought the house and are renovating it. It’s amazing what you learn in casual conversation at a party in the New Hollywood.

Here are some Riley House screenies courtesy of Stale Popcorn.

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. The fact that everybody is renovating or has renovated their house is lame. It’s only 14 years. The studio should stop being cheap and build sets or shoot 2nd units on the original location. This film will make a large profit no matter what they do but it’s stuff like this that make for bad storytelling and a corny sequel.

  2. I’m sorry but those houses look nothing alike.

  3. I’d buy it. There was never a real establishing shot of the house in the first film, so they’ll get away with it.

  4. There was a wooded area next door, you couldnt see the next door neighbours lol

  5. No it isn’t..

  6. All I can say is that the source is totally credible. This came from people who had never even seen a Scream movie. They have no reason to make it up, and it’s unlikely that they could have misunderstood something as detailed as this. But we will simply have to wait and see :)

  7. Hopefully they use some sort of trick photography to make the porch look as incredibly huge as the veranda in the original.

  8. Well, it said Dewey and Gale had been renovating it, so it could make sense.

  9. I also hope that this was a misunderstanding, because even the porches look nothing alike. It would certainly take some tricky camera angles to pull that off!

  10. Usually when there is a location switch, continuity goes out the window, because they can never match everything as well. I’m hopeful the movie will be good, but I know the change in location will be obvious, unfortunately. Still think they should have filmed in northern California again, and they could have just lowered the budget to 35 million, instead of making it 40 and having to film somewhere else because of it. I’m still excited though!

  11. I don’t get the point of some fans complaining that it doesn’t look like Dewey’s parent’s home from Scream 1. It’s quite clear the shooting locations are different Scream was filmed in Santa Rosa,California. Scream 4 was filmed in Ann Arbor,Michigan I would’ve loved for Scream 4 to be filmed again in Santa Rosa. But of course that can’t happen because it would be too costly because the state is so broke.That they are doing I.O.Us the point is to suspend disbelief,just be happy that Wes Craven. Is making an effort to have it look as closely as possible to the locations in Scream 1.

  12. I agree with Daniel. Plus it has been 16 years, things change. My town changed in the 4 years I went away to college and my parents house looks very different then it did 16 years ago.

  13. Well since they went crazy above & beyond perfectly matching the way the exterior of the police station looks, even though it’s barely seen in the first movie, I’m experting that level of attention to detail for all the sets.

  14. Omg Scream 4 coverage tomorrow night on entertainment tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooo cant wait!!!!!!

  15. Doesn’t look anything at all like it, and given the problem with continuity, why would it be relevant to the story that Gale and Dewey where renovating his parents old house? Why not just any old house. Sorry, tales of renovation are sounding desperate. They ripped off a huge curving from porch with some pretty impressive looking carpentry and replaced it with this smaller cheaper budget addition? Not really a home improvement is it? Hope it’s not true.

  16. Woodsburro has become crowded due to stab films so they might have destroyed the trees and built new houses. still looks nothing like her house.

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