The Summer Of Scream 4 Comes To An End

Tweeted by Wes Craven: “It’s the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end… That’s a wrap on @Scream4!” What a journey it has been – Scream 4 has just completed a mammoth 3-month summer shoot.

From our outsider perspective it seemed to whiz by – due to the sheer amount of material generated by social media, something that basically did not exist back in 2000. Yet we still don’t have a firm idea on what turns the tale will take – as it should remain. All those photos and bystander recollections will mean something once the film comes out and drops them into context. Historical preservation. The well-intentioned secrecy of Scream 2 and Scream 3 has doomed those productions as enigmas to this day.

As Scream 4 now shifts from production to post-production, Team Scream – Craven & Company – will be cycling back to the early days of story work as as crucial choices will be made in the editing room to find the real flow, the real moments, and the real movie.

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13 Responses to “ The Summer Of Scream 4 Comes To An End ”

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  1. Wow, can’t believe it’s over!

  2. What a summer! Scream 4 is the first movie I have followed this closely and I have loved every second! Roll out April!

  3. This is so exciting!

  4. is the film in the box?

  5. I’m still a little in denial!

  6. Onward to post-production! And as Hayden has jokingly said “Reshoots.”

  7. it was great to be a part of such an amazing movie! i was so stoked to have that opportunity

  8. This is very surreal. I cannot believe that we are not that far away from the release as it seems..

  9. Beginning of the end…? D:

  10. :) following production online was fun :)

  11. Wanted to jump in and mention how wonderful of a job you did with this post and, hell, the site in general. Keep up the great work!

  12. End of beginning = End of a beginning of a trilogy?
    Beginning of end = Beginning of wrapping up of production?
    That was just way too confusing and not too poetic, either…

  13. End of the beginning: End of just the first scream in the new trilogy perhaps.
    Beginning of the end: No more Scream movies after the 6th maybe?

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