Adrienne King On Early Casting Rumor

Back in May we reported on one of the very earliest casting rumors for Scream 4 – Adrienne King the heroine of Friday The 13th (1980). While it was always safe to assume, once filming ended, that it didn’t go down, we now have confirmation that ties things up. Blog dug up the following quote from an Oregon Live interview:

“Wes and Sean (Cunningham, the director of “Friday the 13th”) worked together on a lot of things,” she says. “So maybe ‘Scream 5,’ but not “4.’”

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3 Responses to “ Adrienne King On Early Casting Rumor ”

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  1. She is sweet person. I met her at a convention recently.

  2. That statement sort of confirms that there will be Scream 5.

  3. comments are really moderated… really?

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