Alison Brie Talks Scream 4

It has been a fully packed year for Alison Brie, bouncing between her roles on two critically acclaimed shows – Annie in Community and Trudy in Mad Men, and now has another tick on her resume – Rebecca in Scream 4. Brie discussed her role at the tail end of an interview with Vulture. Here’s what she had to say:

I mostly work with Neve Campbell. My character works for her, and she’s a little go-getter, sort of like Annie in eight years but bitchier. She’s sort of a hybrid of Annie and Trudy. I was really into the Scream movies as a teenager, and I remember they shot some of the second one in my hometown, south Pasadena, and I’d drive by and see them shooting late at night and my friends and I thought it was so cool. It’s really come full circle. I was obsessed! I own Scream the original on videotape, and my friends and I made a parody called Yell. I could probably recite 90 percent of the lines. I didn’t tell them this, of course.

Source: Vulture

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14 Responses to “ Alison Brie Talks Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Thats it? Very news worthy!!!! :/

  2. I think its cute she is fan and can recite “Scream.” Let us not forget that these people are NOT ALLOWED to talk about movie specifics.

  3. Well yeah I love how she says that she used to watch them as a teenager and she and her riends made their own spoof… but I wish she’d, and everyone eles could at least tease us a bit with a little sentace about their role

  4. Did you not read the quote? Brie did mention she plays Sidney’s assistant and what she will be like.

  5. She kind of looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  6. I’ve always suspected her character as a possible killer. She’s not in my top three assumptions – but she’s somewhere in my top five. The actress seems like she could certainly pull it off.

  7. OMG!!!! pretty good im excited for her totally :D

  8. Lol, yeah I worked that one out myself, she didnt need to tell me that. I meant a little bit more info then just shes Sidneys assistant

  9. I’m assuming she is going to be a mix between Gale Weathers and Jennifer Jolie. Gale’s bitchiness but with Jennifer’s quirky funnyness. I know that isn’t a word.

  10. She’s a true screamer. I officially like her. :)

  11. shes hot, and can recite 90 percent of the lines like me….my kinda woman

  12. This is the type of actress best suited for casting!

    …Too bad that she dies in Scream 4. This is my conjecture (and also circulating rumors) only, but probably right. Her character sounds very, very disposable. I would be truly surprised if she makes it out of this one alive.

  13. She is gonna survive ! She is the new Gale !

  14. She’ll be killed.

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