Craven Calls Editor’s Assembly Of Scream 4 Wonderful

Collider have released a Scream Awards red-carpet interview with Wes Craven, where he goes into the struggle to keep the filming secret in an era where everyone has a camera, the fact that the word “meta” is used a lot in the film, and more.

Notably, he reveals that he saw an editor’s assembly two days ago (translation: rough cut completed to give director a starting point to make changes on) which he calls “wonderful”.

Source: Collider

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5 Responses to “ Craven Calls Editor’s Assembly Of Scream 4 Wonderful ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. wow looking back at 10 years of horror! thats alot of bases to cover :) excited regardless!


  3. Would it be crazy if they up the release date? I keep thinking, well dreaming, that they will surprise us with a newer, sooner release date due to the fact that post-production shouldn’t take that long, or maybe I’m wrong. April just seems like so far away being that they finished filming almost a month ago and already have a pretty revealing “teaser” out. Any thoughts?

  4. Does anyone know who’s editing? Patrick Lussier (Scream, 2, and 3 editor) is busy doing his own stuff these days.

  5. And why are we waiting until April?

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