Craven’s Dual Life: Scream 4 & My Soul To Take

Another My Soul To Take-centric Wes Craven interview sidelined by Scream 4. Lucky for us – but if the movie makes bofo box office, you can bet Scream 4 press next year will even out with Soul-sequel talk.

Is Craven the hardest working veteran in the genre movie biz? Well, he’s no slouch. He reveals he was working on Soul‘s 3D-conversion over weekends for the duration of Scream 4‘s shoot:

Unfortunately, we were already shooting “Scream 4? — talk about workloads upon workloads. We had to have sessions on weekends where everybody came up from Los Angeles. We would go through the reels for five, six, seven hours a day, which is really great after you’ve had an 80-hour week [laughs].

And on his motives for signing up for the 4th chapter:

It was old-home week, in a sense, to work again with Kevin and Neve [Campbell] and Courteney [Cox] and David [Arquette]. It was the thought of having a good time and making an interesting movie and continuing that kind of storyline. It’s pretty unusual for there to be a series of films to have the same core actors for that many years; it’s been 16 years of following the lives of these characters. Usually in genre, they knock them off, and the next sequel it’s somebody new. This one has had the interesting thing of introducing new people and keeping with the old ones as well.

The full interview also offers Craven’s thoughts on the Nightmare On Elm Street remake – or rather, his non-thoughts, as he did not watch the remake.

Source: LA Times

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9 Responses to “ Craven’s Dual Life: Scream 4 & My Soul To Take ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Keeping the old ones as well? I still think Sid or Gail dies.

  2. I’ll be torn if Sidney,Gail Or Dewey dies. I just can’t see them not in a Scream movie. Well, i don’t know, I’ll know when Scream 4 comes out if i can fall in love with a new set of characters and follow them with the new Trilogy, I still think it would be amazing if the trio survived the new Trilogy as well.

  3. I don’t understand why fans would keep misspelling Gale’s name after all these years :(

  4. Or how a lot of fans spell Sidney’s name as Sydney.

  5. Haha yes! It irks me so much to see “Gail” or “Sydney” written by fans.

  6. I was JUST thinking the same thing… Is it really that hard to remember??

  7. LOL i also hate when people do that! i saw that the first poster did that and i was like ugh and i guess i did it on accident wow. lol!

  8. well we all make mistakes. no biggy

  9. Im glad that he made Scream the main focus and pushed back Soul to the weekends. Maybe the Scream 4 script will be even better because of that… :)

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