David Arquette On Dewey’s Character Development

In an interview with Shock Till You Drop, David Arquette went a little more in-depth into how Dewey (Mountain Dew ’round these parts) is portrayed in Scream 4 – and it sounds like an ironic turn for the lawman. Arquette also spoke about where the ending leaves things for another sequel – generally speaking.

“It’s an exciting movie,” Arquette told us during the interview. “‘Scream 4′ I think is going to be the best of the sequels by far. It’s got a really amazing beginning, and throughout it it’s great and then the ending is pretty cool, too.”

We asked the actor if it was a no-brainer to return to the series after ten years. “For me it was,” he responded. “I love the character Dewey, I love working with Wes Craven. Being able to work with Courteney again is amazing and Neve. It was pretty much a no-brainer. We’ve been working on these movies for 16 years, so you go back and we know the DP and the propmaster and the first AD and they’re all buddies of ours. We all went through this whole experience together.”

“There is definitely self-referential humor,” he said in brief when asked how much of the last ten years of horror will be incorporated before telling us how his character has changed. “I play Sheriff Riley, not Deputy Dewey anymore, but I still lack the respect from the people that I feel like I deserve, but it’s a great way to find comedy through the quirks of a police officer with no real authority. Nobody takes him seriously and things still tend to go very wrong.”

One question on many minds is whether Scream 4 might pave the way for more “Scream” movies down the road, considering how many people love the series, and Arquette seems to think there’s a good chance Scream 4 won’t be the end. “It definitely leaves it open,” he told us, “So I would love to play the character again. I enjoy it, and I hope the people go out and enjoy it. I loved working with Wes and the whole family.”

Source: STYD Interview

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20 Responses to “ David Arquette On Dewey’s Character Development ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Well, well, well . . .

    This was interesting to read. I hate the fact that even know he is “Sheriff Reily” now, people still don’t respect him -_- I think that’s a bummer. I’m preitty certai that Dew, wont be a killer.

    Epic interview, anyway!

  2. GREAT! just gave something away. dewey definitely doesn’t die then!!!

    these comments give it away:“It definitely leaves it open,” he told us, “So I would love to play the character again.

    he would love to play the character again if they make a sequel.
    if he died in the movie, he would not be saying those comments during an interview.

    i didn’t even have to read it twice to pick that up.

  3. yeah i picked that up too. but Dewey is one of my favorite characters so I’m cool with it

  4. Yay! Dewey lives!! :)

  5. You all are VERY naive. There are a TEAM OF PUBLICISTS that work with the SCREAM franchise that prep them on every possible question and answer that would mislead and misdirect. To think he’s given ANYTHING away is VERY NAIVE, i.e. any actor who’s every said to go out and see their movie because its amazing, only to churn out a turd of a movie.

  6. He didn’t give anything away. Just because he’d like to play the character again doesn’t mean he’d be able to. Jamie Kennedy got to play Randy again in Scream 3, but he bit it in Scream 2.

  7. notice he said “i would love to play the character again.” clearly Dewey is a survivor yet again.

  8. Exactly he just let us know that he makes it out alive.

  9. “I would love to play the character again”, just add “Its too bad he was killed in this one”, diddn’t give away anything, sad :(

  10. So does this mean its either Gale or Sid that bite it in this one?? Judging by the trailers… I say Sid, because they would NOT give away Gale’s death. They just want us all to think that it’s Gale that dies, maybe to distract away from the attention that it may actually be Sid. O.o

  11. or they want us to believe that Gale won’t die…meh, reverse psychology! :o

  12. LMAO nice one David, you totally just told us Dewey doesn’t die. Well, one less character for me to worry about. Now if only they could trick Courtney into revealing what happens. :D

  13. Just because he said he “would love to play the character again” doesn’t mean that Dewey survives…

  14. the unexpected is the new cliche. so perhaps, anything we expect MAY possibly happen.

  15. remember, he said “WOULD.”

    not “WILL.”

  16. That Will all depends of how much money the movie makes at the box office

  17. That Will all depends of how much money the movie makes at the box office

  18. Thaaaaaat, is also true. But, to be honest, Scream 4 has a very huge fanbase, even outside of the internet. It’s a very popular horror series. I highly doubt it’ll just do awful at the box office.

  19. I think he kind of did give it away, i know they have publicists but he has been rather talky at the moment. And its more how he says it leaves it open then says he would like to play the character again that makes it kinda clear he probs survives but i didnt expect du-drop to bite it anywayz, im thinking Gale. But id rather none, theyve survived their trilogy! But also their may be multiple endings with different life, death and killer scenarios..

  20. haha this is true guys. im so ready to see this movie.

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