Rules For Surviving A Modern Horror Movie

Charlie: Modern audiences have become savvy to the rules of the originals. I mean there are still rules, but the rules have changed.

Robbie: And the kills have gotta be way more extreme.

Charlie: The unexpected is the new cliche.

Robbie: And virgins can die now.

Charlie: To be the new version, you know, 2.0? The killer should be filming the murders.

Robbie: It’s the natural next step in psycho slasher innovation.

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42 Responses to “ Rules For Surviving A Modern Horror Movie ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That means movie is gonna have more brutal and more creative kills ( Scream 3 was way too repetive in the murders without brutality of first two movies), some virgin could posssibly die and the unexpected thing about the movie is gonna be – no unexpected things are gonna happens? I kind of like it.

  2. These guys disturb me. I know it’s not news that Woodsboro is messed up, but talking about this with Sidney Prescott sitting in front of them? Messed up!

  3. They aren’t exactly rules are they

  4. Based on only their looks, I’m not too sure how well I like either of these guys. They seem like they would fit better in a Scream ripoff like Urban Legends. I dunno why, but they come across as caricatures to me.

  5. the guy that plays robbie,i’ve only see him play very small roles in both youth in revolt and scott pilgrim but looked promising and you could tell had potential to take on a lead comic role. So be good to see a bit more of him.As for rory, dunno, mean creek was good!

  6. ladies n gentlemen i present to you our killers! if not both i know at least one them are….i have that same feeling i had back in 1997 before Scream 2 came out while looking at the cast in the E. Weekly magazine that had neve, jada, sarah, and i believe courtney on the cover, when i came across Mickey’s pic….as soon as i saw him i said he’s one of the killer’s and was proven right once the movie hit theaters!

  7. These guys are way too tiny to be the killer. :)

  8. They are the killers, the 2 nerds. They know how to position camera’s and stuff. Either that or the girl who says” I mean whats so scary about a guy with a knife, who just snaps*evil smile*”
    The guy on the left reminds me of randy sort of. The guy on the right i have a feeling that he could be the killer.

  9. Those rules aren’t really rules. I don’t buy them. They sound like something the writers had to make up on the spot at the set; they don’t really apply all that well, and sound cheesy.

    I hope the actors gave a good performance to make these line work. I mean, with Sidney/Dewey/Gale, they can make cheesy lines convincing. I hope the younger cast can manage to do the same. I have high faith in Marley Shelton/Emma/Hayden, though.

  10. I agree. Especially the rule that the deaths need to be more extreme. That’s the same rule from “Scream 2.” That death scenes need to be more elaborate. I would’ve said that the heroes can become the villains or something. Or, Don’t trust anyone.

  11. There’s ONE thing I don’t like about Scream 4 judging from the previews, and it’s the amount of people who are definitely not the killer. This movie has a lot of people in it, but many of them are obvious survivors or victims, not suspects. There’s no way Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, Brittany Robertson, Aimee Teegarden, Marielle Jaffe, or Emma Roberts are the killer. It’s also very unlikely that Neve Campbell, Mary McDonnell, Hayden Panettiere, or Alison Brie are the killer. I hope the movie doesn’t have an excess of filler to make up for keeping fans waiting. I would rather have a brilliant movie and a smaller body count.

  12. That’s not Sidney Prescott sitting in the classroom…

  13. Wes Craven stated before filming started that Scream 4 would be an ensamble piece with “many moving parts.”

  14. I hope that’s sarcasm.

  15. Yes. Ty. Randy already said essentially the same thing when it came to sequels.
    They should’ve said “friggin’ bloody gory” or “Saw style”. Then I would buy it.

  16. I don’t wanna sound sexist, but I think the killer is either a woman or one of the high schoolers since I doubt Sidney would be strong enough to stop the arm of an adult male in full swing. I still reckon it’s Marley Shelton as one of the killers. they’ve never had a cop as the killer and I reckon it would work to have the cop run in and say “where’d he go?” “who?” “the killer! i was following the killer!” and then as everyone’s looking for the killer they reveal themselves as the killer. or something like that.

    This whole “2.0” thing worries me, but I hope they do something good with it.

  17. I dunno i think sidney could hold off one of these two.

  18. maybe she asked them to tell her the “new rules” after a different brief call from Ghostface? Possibly?

    But I do agree, after she’s all been through, this is what they say:


  19. Although they dont sound as simple and flowing as Randy’s, i dont think thats a bad thing, i mean, its a little more realistic, in a way, Randy’s were always very glossy, prepared straight and simple, where as these guys, seem to be just going off what they know of new horror in class, and even if the extreme one was used by Randy they can say it because i dont believe theyd know, his exact words or even that much about randy. I think theyll be more to it in the film also, its clearly a longer speech.

  20. they’re like an updated version of “rules” to surviving a horror movie.

    Like, an Apple iTunes software update. You never know what they’re going to bring in.

  21. If this is 2.0 then wouldn’t Jill NOT loose her mother?

  22. This is amazing :) I love the new rules!

  23. But wasn’t that a change on account of the script leak? Mickey was originally a victim.

  24. That was Kristin Bell, AKA: Veronica Mars/ Sarah Marshal. And I thought she said, “there’s something so scary about a guy with a knife who just snaps.” I missed the grin also. Anyway she’s just a cameo. The good thing about this is that you can piont your finger at so many people in the end you haven’t got a hope knowing who it is because you’ve pointed your finger at the all, lol.

  25. Love it. Could have left out the last part though.

  26. You think it’s Sidney?

    Why would she be sitting in a classroom full of high schoolers listening to two Randy Meeks wannabes?

    It may look like Sidney, but that isn’t Sidney.

  27. The new rules are flimsy. It seems like the virgin line was thrown in for no reason.

  28. I totally think Robbie and Charlie are the killers. The ferocity applied when the killer ran towards Sid and Jill’s mom seemed very much like a high school male. They are obvious geeks and would have fun making up ways to kill people based on rules of horror films. And I think it would be amazingly clever and ironic if they are the killers and administer the new rules to their victims! That’d be awesome!

  29. I know we like to think into thinks extra deep around here, but whether the killer runs like an adolescent male is, I am quite sure, not at all on the minds of the filmmakers. Did Mrs Loomis move like a mother in her 40s?

  30. It’s Sidney. Watch the movie to find out why.

  31. Damn… watching the newest high quality trailer… I stand corrected.

    That is Sidney Prescott sitting at the front of the class room.

  32. I think the killer may be Gale. Because she’s desparate for excitement and plus in the teaser, she was setting up cameras. MAYBE she’s filming her “death”…

  33. ah, darn. You’re right! :p

  34. I can tell this scene and Charlie are going to be my favorite charatcter and scene.

  35. Charlie was more Randy then Robbie, Robbie looks more geeky, but Charlie has that Randdy tongue. Personally, I find Robbie to be my new favorite character so far from what weve been given, and if hes a killer, all the better :D But i doubt it. Imagine him taking off the mask.

  36. my opinion is Adrian Brody is one of the killers… he’s been real quiet about his character and about scream 4.

  37. If you scrub through the trailer, you can also see Gale standing off to the right of the table Sidney is sitting at. She’s standing in the front of the classroom, off to the side, watching Charlie and Robbie explain the new “rules.”

  38. Ever since I heard Marley Shelton was cast as “a deputy who knew Sidney in high school” I had a feeling she would be one (if not the only) killer.
    I like that it could be a cop, too. And a female. Billy’s mom was fantastic, but overly dramatic, and I’m not sure what Marley’s motive would be… but it seems there could be some history between her and Sidney.
    I just hope they don’t rip themselves off by having it be the boyfriend and his best friend like in Scream 1.

  39. I agree – from the trailer, I find Robbie to be my new favorite character. I don’t know what that thing on his head is… but somehow he makes it work and not look totally stupid. I also had BIG worries about Hayden in this film, but after seeing the trailer, think she might be my second favorite new character. She looks brassy and tom-boyish, i dig it. I’m not sold on Emma Roberts yet, though.

  40. wonder where Jill’s father is.
    Sidney only had a father, now Jill only has a mother it seems.
    And is Jill’s mom a sister to Sidney’s mom? Because a lot of sites have her character name as Kate Kessler (married name I assume), but at the beginning of the trailer Sidney answers the phone “Roberts Residence” (her mom, Maureen’s, maiden name).
    I’m confused…

  41. Adam Brody. LoL

  42. ok. i have practically lived through horror movies and if wes craven is in fact going to throw his audience off with this new installment i believe that theres a good chance that either Sidney or Dewie..i mean really thats the way to go! Either Sid finally breaks down after goin through the first 3…could ve went crazy during or after the third installment…now the only reason why i say Dewie is that its unexpected i mean the hero whos been through it all too not to mention that he had severd nerves in the second film n now hes back to bein Doofus? either that or theCourtny cox thang made his character even that more crazy…either way Scream 4 looks like the begining of the “killers taping the murders” genre

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