Rejoice! EW Scream 4 Movie Stills In Hi-Res

We finally have stunning hi-res copies of the two movie stills recently printed in Entertainment Weekly! Now you can see there really is a mask in the trunk.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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30 Responses to “ Rejoice! EW Scream 4 Movie Stills In Hi-Res ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Why does everyone say it’s a mask in the trunk? That clearly looks like a body.

  2. When the second pic first came out i thought it was a zombie mask, but you can clearly see its just a normal one with blood on it! Glad i got that one cleared up it was doing my head in

  3. Click on the second picture and look at Courtney’s hand. She can’t hide her age there lol just kiddin

  4. Look how close the mask is to the trunk, there’s no way there a body there.

  5. OOOOOOOOO a bandage on Roberts?

    Possibly she got attacked earlier in the film?

  6. Its a mask on a dead body!

  7. Your right i dont know how there’smisunderstanding here, its clearly a mask on a dead body from how the mask is not completely flat and how high in the trunk it is. Plus there was a *spoiler* ages ago that could link to why theres a body in the trunk.

  8. Damn… you’re right… that hand looks ancient! :)

  9. it’s abviously just a mask!… look at the position!… there is no way a bodie will fit in that position… of course is too high otherwise the shot would’t had work!

  10. Or maybe it’s a decapated head with a mask on it…

  11. Why are Neve and Adrien Brody smirking slightly? KILLERS!!!
    This shot reminds me of the one when they found Randy’s body in Scream 2.

  12. Shoot the mask! Save the people!

  13. Is anyone as happy as I am that Sidney doesn’t look scared at all except in the first call in the trailer? everywhere else she looks like she is really REALLY pissed, lol love it :)

  14. I think we can safely assume that Anthony Anderson is not the killer.

  15. It would`ve been AWESOME if Gale and Sid were the killers this time around!

    But we`ve seen both being hunted and attacked by Ghostface so I guess they`re not… :D

  16. ok listen it is the mask because if you look closly you can see all of the points come together. i bet he put the mask on someone and probably mutalated them, and of cource put them in a trunk.

  17. i’d still do her haha

  18. It looks like blood on the mask.

  19. Well to me, if you actually think about it, a body could actually fit in the trunk. Dewey’s hand is out-stretched, so maybe he’s reaching to take it off someone? PLUS! if you look ever so slighly to the tight side of the mask in betweenthe brown box/bag thingy, you can see what looks like an arm, or something ‘flesh coloured’. So, possibly they’ve got a call from the Killer leading them to the trunk, where they find a dead body?

    As for the Emma Roberts picture, I so love it. It reminds me of the Scene in SCREAM 2 where Sid is standing at the back door of the sorority house, then she bumps into Derek. Yeah, she must have been injured while falling through the glass table ;)

    Overall, loving these updates!

  20. I think adam brody is the killer…just for the fact that we havent seen him at all in any of the teasers…its like they dont want you thinking about him…

  21. Totally agree with you. Plus there are many cops in this movie and it never happend that one of them were the killer.

  22. hay i bet it i a decapatated head. if so that would be a first in the scream series YAY.

  23. Probably but there’s the possibility that he’s not alone in this one. Maybe a little help. Or maybe the killer(s) might be a woman. But just like the other Scream trailers, like Scream 2, the killer was in the teaser trailer.

  24. Hey guys.. remember the Spike TV sneak peek? There was a scene there with someone falling over a glass table. First it looked like a man, but if you slow down, it seems to be a woman with a bandage on the left hand and wearing a checkered shirt – exactly what Emma Roberts is wearing on the screenshot above…

  25. Need i remind you of Billy Loomis?

  26. It’s clearly just a mask. We’re looking at the mask from the top down. The forehead first, then two small humps were the top of the eyes are, then the big swells at the side were the bottom of the eyes are, then the upturned nose. If you’ve got a mask at home, and many of you do, just view it from that angle and marvel at how it looks exactly the fckin same. It’s right at the end of the trunk facing out so I don’t know were you’re fitting a body.

  27. Most people have been saying it’s Emma’s character from the get-go…

  28. I think it’s a bloody mask on a bloody corpse.

  29. Yeah just noticed that now. :-)

  30. dude the fleshy stuff on the side is deffinetly hair. so my conclusion has come to that ghost man guy face cut someones head off, to my assumption it is Culken because if the trailer you can see ghost man dude guy face sneaking up on him and Emma and the other chick are watching in surprise as he HAHA cuts his head off right in front of them. haha, that’s what i calla prediction.

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