Return Of The Haunted Question

While doing press for My Soul To Take, Wes Craven was, naturally, asked a Scream 4 related question by the sneaky cats at Is Matt Lillard returing?” Because, you know, it’s not like Lillard himself ever commented, or that after dining with Neve Campbell someone found out why he was there. But we do now have quotage from Craven to put the issue to rest. Hopefully.

Our pledge is not to answer any ‘Scream’ questions, but I’ll just tell you,” the director replied. “Matthew was shooting something in Michigan where we’re shooting. He knows Neve Campbell very well. So he came by to visit and that was that.

Perhaps we should give conspiracy theorists the benefit of the doubt: Stu was the only villain in the series to not be put down by a gun. Maybe some folks out there figure Scream is a zombie flick. Hey, Roman managed to throw furniture around without even having a pulse, remember? Wink, wink.

By our count, Matthew Lillard is now tied with Liev Schreiber and Jamie Kennedy for Scream veterans most asked about returning. For a change of pace, we suggest someone ask if Sidney’s pet, Cherokee will be back in Scream 4 for more canine fun!

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12 Responses to “ Return Of The Haunted Question ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I’m so glad you finally mentioned that pulse thing from SCREAM 3. Still drives me nuts, even after all these years!

  2. Id rather that than ‘is Kincaid returning?’

  3. I think some fans want too much with regards to “DEAD charcaters” once dead,always dead,if they came back it would make the film suck! SCREAM isnt like these other films where nothing seems to kill for good.. I think just as wes says,he was in the area and simply said hello.

  4. hey if you have scream 3 on dvd watch that scene with the commentary on and they explain how roman did that…

  5. I don’t think he’ll return. Nah. I’d rather have someone like Patrick Dempsey who survived the trilogy (granted he was only in 3, but he still survived). BUT, I would love to see Cherokee back:)

  6. The explanation was a load of crap. In order to achieve that, you’ll have to press on your own circulation quite forcefully. And in the film, Roman wasn’t positioned to do that just quite well. I think there is some anatomy knowledge to back it up, but it’s just a stretch.

    I always thought it would’ve made more sense if Gale was GONNA test for his pulse, then Jennifer jumped out, then they forgot about checking it all together. That would’ve made sense and avoided this controversy completely.

  7. I haven actually wondered if they dog would be back lol

  8. Oh, please–not the Patrick Dempsey rumor! Why he survived S3 (and was featured in the final scene) is beyond me…

    As for Matthew Lillard, I don’t believe that he’ll be in the film. But it would sure be funny if he turned up wearing the Zombie Ghost Face mask. Talk about the living dead!

  9. I always thought that was a silly name for a dog.

  10. I always thought that was a silly name for a dog.

  11. what if stu survived the tv to the head and fled the scene

  12. Ever heard of the “evil twin” concept? Clearly the deceased Stu was the evil twin, but after he was killed, could a long-lost “good” twin suddenly seek revenge? Why not?

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