Scream 4: Post-Production News and 3D Possibility

It should come as no surprise that Scream 4 isn’t exempt from 3D, because every movie produced in the system these days is a contender as studios look to gain every possible edge in luring the public away from inexpensive home theaters and back into the multiplexes.

During the press junket for My Soul To Take, Arrow In The Head conducted an interview with Wes Craven encompassing that film, including its post-production 3D conversion, naturally leading to inquire about Scream 4 undergoing the same process. Craven offered this frank answer:

Well it’s a totally different studio, I don’t know what their plans are. Way back I had a conversation with Bob Weinstein about it and he said, “Never, we’ll never do 3D!” I would bet that he’s going through a similar process that I went through, where you suddenly realize that this is coming down the road big time, it’s not going away, and you’d better be smart about it, at least weigh your options before you say no.

Craven was also asked where Scream 4 was at:

It’s been so recent. My wife and I went up to Massachusetts for a week and I arrived here yesterday, we’ll do press for a week and then, right after this film opens, we’ll be starting post-production.

The full interview can be found here.

We would fathom that as Scream 4 has cache of being the first new entry in the franchise in over 10 years – not to mention the sprawling cast list – that it has all the dimensions it needs to attract the immediate attention of the public once released. Scream is, after all, not confined to the horror fan niche – it is part of pop culture.

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29 Responses to “ Scream 4: Post-Production News and 3D Possibility ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. if they make SCREAM 4 in 3D it would ruin everything the original SCREAM was about!

  2. As much as I wish they wouldn’t it really isn’t that big of a deal since they sdhot it in 2d, so they wont have any crap popping out at you, but it might make scream 5 be shot in 3d and that means, ugh, Please no,

  3. As much as I wish they wouldn’t it really isn’t that big of a deal since they sdhot it in 2d, so they wont have any crap popping out at you, but it might make scream 5 be shot in 3d and that means, ugh, Please no,

  4. they better not make it in 3D… it will ruin the movie!

  5. they better not make it in 3D… it will ruin the movie!

  6. Fingers crossed they don’t.

  7. Fingers crossed they don’t.


  9. ugh, all my excitement would be killed by 3D

  10. In my opinion, if they really want a Scream film in 3d then wait and make a sequel to Scream 4 that can cleverly poke fun at 3d movies while being a 3d movie.

  11. On one hand, I could care less so long as they have a 2D option for viewers. On the other, Cheetahwings makes a good point – it would pave way for the possible fifth film to be filmed in the 3D format and that could hurt the film like 3D has done to so many others.

  12. Post-conversion is not the way to go.

  13. No no no no NO! No 3D! I would boycott.

  14. Please, no 3D. It’ll ruin everything.. yes, EVERYTHING.

  15. They can’t do it in 3D. It would ruin the entire point. Urrrrr.

  16. I will cry. I will get over it. But I will cry in anger.

  17. No 3D, please! Don’t ruin a perfect movie!

  18. I personsally dispise the 3D movies. Those glasses give me headaches and the movie never looks as good. I can’t concentrate on the movie itself because 3D distracts my enjoyment. If they make Scream 4 into a 3D movie, I will wait for dvd and watch it at my leasure at home. At least I will save some money. I think the studios are dumb for thinking everyone is into the 3D craze. We’re not. Leave the movies alone!

  19. Or you could just go see the 2D version. 0.0

    Why do people forget that they off the films in both 3D AND 2D. Go see the 2D version. That’s what I’m doing with My Soul To Take. No reason to cry like little girls.

  20. *offer

  21. If they put it out in 3D, I wont go and see it…

    …in 3D.

  22. Craven is partly wrong on the whole ‘3D isn’t going away’ 3D died in the 80’s and it’ll die again. Even now the 3D crave is dying down the last three 3D movies have flopped at the box office. So I hope they don’t add in 3D because we don’t need it 3D is only goo for on the ocassion. It’s not something people want to see all the time,and with all the 3D films i’ve heard about. I can go another 30 or 40 years without hearing 3D again.

  23. Not 3D please… Dont scrap my movie…

  24. If it isn’t filmed in 3D, don’t make it 3D, cause it will look terrible. Simple as.

  25. NOT SCREM 4 NOT SCREM 4!!!! dont fall into the madness, dont fall into the 3D trap – Just no, ok, please, hear our cries! no 3d Scream movies at all, no, dont turn into Saw, dont!

  26. I like 3D, but Scream? No.

  27. NO 3D!!!!!!

  28. Absolutely! It’s at LEAST got to be 4-D.


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