Scream 4 Teaser Trailer (Video)

Here is is – we will update the embedded video if it goes down, or better versions become available, but if you can wait, the best quality version will be coming on Tuesday night after Spike TV’s Scream Awards airs, of course.

Download (AVI): Click here

Update: Another source, better image quality and Team Scream‘s on-stage intro.

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157 Responses to “ Scream 4 Teaser Trailer (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Oh…my…goodness!!!!!!!

  2. They’re gotta be throwing us a curve ball there, i think Gail dies but not in that scene.

  3. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! This looks AWESOME! I mean, I can believe it. But I am SOOO amped!

  4. I think I just peed and pooped in excitement.

  5. Same here. Hahaha.

  6. Uh oh, Gale’s in trouble.

  7. From the trailer, the blond duo (including your lovely Veronica Mars) seems to be in the real world, while the brunette duo seems to be in the Stab film… Or am I wrong?

    Notice how the blonds are sitting a couch similar to the now infamous “bloody couch”… Or again, am I wrong?

  8. Hmmm… never mind. Dewey seems to pop out and shoots Ghostface.
    Gale is really using up her 9 lives, lol.

  9. woooooooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! this was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  10. Is Anna Paquin on the trailer?? is the girl next to Kristen Bell? I am confuse because there´s another girl on the fim who looks like Anna, actually their characters have the same name.

  11. The trailer is also broadcast on 19.10?

  12. Gale better not die….not yet anyway, maybe the fifth one but not this one…..AMAZING trailer though, CAN’T WAIT!!!

  13. wow wow wow wow :)))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. OMG! it looked like gale was killed!!!

  15. I agree that even if Gale dies, it won’t be in that sequence. Surely they wouldn’t give the biggest death of the movie away so easily (if any of the original cast die it will be even bigger than the opening victim, surely).

    Whoever that girl is in the grey top? She has a distinct Cici Cooper-alone-in-the-sorority-house vibe.

    Who is the woman screaming in yellow? Have we seen her before? Could she be an actress playing Gale in Stab? Meanwhile, we all know this series has hardly been the most sexual of franchises so that shot at 0:18 strikes me as out of place outside of Stab. Hmmm.

    This looks like confirmation that Paquin and Bell aren’t just walk on cameos like Jay and Silent Bob, and it DOES look like they’re sitting on the bloody handprint couch.

    I’m surprised they didn’t include a shot of Mary McDonnell in footage aimed specifically at the Scream Awards audience since she is none other than President Roslin.

    I imagine the minute and a half teaser trailer that we’ll see in November will look very similar to this, but with a few extra shots and maybe just some screen titles that read “new decade” and “new rules” and so forth.

    Can’t stop watching this footage!!!

  16. the girl with the yellow top IS Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) it will probably be in the opening scene. Then we see Mary McDowell, in the 32-34 seconds of footage. Sorry for my English, I’m french: /

  17. The girl in the gray top could either be Brittany Robertson or Aimee Teegarden.. I can’t tell as they are both blonds and look kind of similar.

    On the other hand.. Hold on, Ghostface’s on the other line…

  18. Awesome! Very excited to check this out in April. Wicked Scribe always gets the Scream 4 good up on the net first!!

  19. the laugh freaks me out lol

  20. I’m so excited! :))))))):)=]=]=]=]=]

  21. Just to clarify, that is Sidney at the end, that says “go ahead if you have the guts!” or is it someone else!?

  22. Is that Gale at the 49 second mark? “Go ahead if you have the guts.”

  23. It’s Gale.

  24. Yes.

  25. I just came.

  26. Its Gale at the very end :(


  27. Sidney said Roberts residence
    does that mean they changed Jill’s name from Kessler to Roberts?

  28. OH…MY…GODDDD!!! This just made my day! I’ve already watched the video at least 20 times!!! So pumped for 4-15-11!!!

    Btw, did anyone else catch the brief clip of Gale taking off the Ghostface mask at the barn at the 0:30 mark? I pretty sure that’s what I saw!!! :-D

  29. I’m guessing Sidney is using a different last name… like maybe she got her name changed?

  30. There was one quick shot of Mary. When Sidney opens the door to find the killer racing toward it, Mary is standing next to her.

  31. I like that “Ghostface’s on the other line” line. That would be hilarious if somebody said that in the movie.

  32. It doesn’t sound like Courteney at all. It sounds like Neve. We’ll see for sure when the HQ is released.

  33. No it doesn’t sound like her.

  34. OMG! *Cries* That scene of Jill falling back on that table in slo mo is so badass!

  35. So excited!!!!

  36. thought i was the only one lol…..never heard him laugh like that!

  37. yeah i saw that too…like everyone is saying, she just used that to sneak into the party unnoticed!

  38. What’s with Ghostface’s goofy laugh in the 1st part when he’s talking to Sidney? His laugh is much more creepy and sinister in the previous movies….but it IS a different person so….

  39. No, the same person is voicing him. Roger L. Jackson has voiced Ghostface for ALL 4 movies.

    I’d think it would be hard to voice a character you haven’t done in 10 years.

  40. im calling it right now….the guy shown above before you press the play button on the video is one of the killers and rory culkin (he has sort of a billy vibe to him) or one of the killers is sidney’s child…..

  41. she wears the mask because everyone in the party is dressed like ghostface and she finds the mask and puts it on only to sneak in the party so no one knows its gale weathers. she then goes to investigate but then she gets attacked by ghostface. but i dont think she dies. maybe just a stab until dewey finds her and shoots the killer and the killer leaves. cause dewey and the other cops were right outside the barn

  42. I cant stop watching! haha

  43. The name of Kessler has been changed to Roberts for quite some time now.

  44. The entry to the barn party requires her to wear the Scream mask.
    At least for her to go unnoticed, I guess.

  45. It is Gale. That’s her big scene from the barn.

  46. It’s Courtney’s saying it, despite being choked.

  47. Sid’s child? So one of the killers is going to be a 10 year old? r u kidding me?

  48. She COULD possibly be married you know, It is possible, :)



    Ok there, im done.

  49. When Sid says “Robert’s residence,” it doesn’t mean she changed her last name, she could be in someone else’s house like on Scream 2 when she answered the phone at the party. Plus, did anyone notice Gale examining a hidden camera wedged into the haystack- you can see it at 00:37 into the teaser. Maybe she put it there?

  50. Roberts was her mom’s maiden name… Maureen Roberts aka Rina Renyolds.. She’s staying with her cousin Jill and her aunt Kate (Roberts)… Thus Sidney did not change her name.

  51. No I meant the KILLER is a different person so its understandable if it voice sounds…

  52. No I meant the KILLER is a different person so its understandable if it voice sounds…

  53. OOOH okay, good catch – I was partially right though! lol

  54. That WOULD make sense, since it appears that Jill doesnt have a dad (whats that all about, anyway? I hope theres a story about him), but what about Kessler? Why did they tell us its Jill and Kate Kessler if Sid says Roberts? Im not saying your wrong, your exacvtly right. But why doesnt that match up?

  55. OMG!!! this is toooo fucking exciting!!

  56. the last scene is Gale. I don’t really understand how anyone is making a mistake with that? It looks like her and even sounds like her.

  57. A few things: Can you see the killers eyes towards the end? Like actual eyes? Also, why is the picture of SCREAM 4 teaser in the teaser?? I love how the a turns into a four, a different four. Is that Rebecca falling onto that truck thing? Whos that outside the windoww??? Is thta Hayden holding a phone with Ghostface on it?? Is the girl screaming at the end part of the traieler or in the crowd? Yeah, I know, “Im inquisitive” XD.

  58. No…Sid’s child if she would have gotten pregnant by Billy. 1996-2010 would make the child 15. And if they make the date in the movie 2011 than the child might be 16

  59. I can’t see any eyes, but I think it may be the quality of the video we have presently (although, I am OH SO grateful for it.)

    I think that’s really just a picture of Ghostface, and it’s probably at some premiere for one of the Stab movies. Remember how each Stab movie had a picture of Ghostface on it but none of the Scream movies have? It would be kind of cool if Stab 4 or 7 or whichever one they’re on used what was released to us as the actual promotional poster. We will get one which includes the cast I’m more than certain when March and April roll around.

    If Rebecca is Sidney’s assistant (I haven’t been keeping up too much because I don’t want to be entirely spoiled before the film comes out), then it is quite possible. Someone on IMDB posted their theory on her demise and pegging that shot to be her death. But the girl who falls on the glass table, I think that’s Emma Robert’s (Jill). I don’t think she’ll bite it, but I think she’ll be hurt.

    It looks like Rory Culkin with Ghostface behind him in the house. It looks like a blonde from the outside, and a really short hair cut, so my guess is Hayden. But, I’m really not sure on that one.

    And everyone keeps saying it’s Hayden holding up the phone with Ghostface on it, and maybe it’s my eyes, but I thought it was an older character. I have no input other than that. Either way, I’m excited to see what that is. A Ghostface phone app would be AWESOME. They should release that before the film comes out.

    And I think the girl is someone in the crowd screaming. I mean, come on, Gale is being attacked again… it’s scary for the fans because we don’t know what will happen. Maybe that girl is just amped up. Oddly, the scream fits with the video.

    That’s all. :)

  60. My bad…1996-2010 would make the child 14. Oops. LOL

  61. oooh, I see now. Yeah :P

  62. Kessler was just the name from the casting sides.. production will often change names during filming for various reasons… They could have been trying to hide some of the plot by changing the name to Kessler in the sides. I don’t think we need to know anything about Jill’s dad. One line could give the whole backstory “my dad skipped town when I was born…”, etc. I don’t think there is a real need to explain too much about it. Unless it revolves around the plot directly (which I hope it doesn’t)

  63. it does not sound llike the same Ghostface, but them again, it’s the same person playing the voice, so i’m sure it was just the quality that made it sound diff, i HOPE it’s the same voice or else i might cry :( …but i’m sure it is! they wouldn’t change something like that ;)

  64. You were lol, I was just trying to clear it up for all the people above saying stuff like “Sid changed her name” or “Sid is married now”. lol

  65. I love how towards the end you see Gale get thrown down and then it switches to Sidney laying there with the killer leaning over her taking a swipe at her and she catches his arm, then it switches back to gale in the same set up and you hear her say “Go Ahead, if you have the guts” and then BAM! SCRE4M!!!

  66. Does anyone notice gale taking off a ghostface mask in the one scene?!?!??!!

  67. Mary McDonnell is in this footage for a brief second. When ghostface is running towrds the door, Mary McDonnell is behind sidney as sidney slams the door.

  68. Okay! I countnd, and I sat and watched this vid for 18 times! That was so epic! Im sure I’ll watch it 1,000,000 times when the HQ Vid gets out o Tuesday.

    I have a couple of questions. Ina scene for a second we see the actual “SCRE4M” poster in the background, what’s that all about. The beggining was amazng! Sidney looks so mature and different! And Gale, OMFG! Gale! i think she’s going t be my faourite in this one!!!!

    I have ONE WISH! Please, Please! I hope Sidney, Gale and Dewey make it through this one. Scream 5, sure, that I could live with but if any o them die in this one it wouldnt seem right! :O

  69. OH…MY…GOD. Excuse me while I go somewhere and squeel like a little ….

    That was incredible! I expected a nice teaser trailer, but not THAT. A+!

  70. That’s the bloody couch! And yes, I heard they’re watching one of the Stab movies, and then the same thing happens to them in real life! I believe it’s the opening scene of SCRE4M.

  71. can SOMEONE do a frame by frame?>???

  72. YES YES YES… I can’t wait to see this in better quality. :)

  73. This is amazing! I KNEW It was gonna start with a phone ring and Sydney Answering! I LOVEEE ITTTTT! I cannot wait for good quality. And For the FULL TRAILER. Cuz this is just the teaser one.

  74. SSSSOOOO AWESOME!!! Its to hear ghostface voice again. And hes actually laughing. i dont think he ever laugh in the other movies…did he? XD

  75. I love love love the trailer! Buuuuut…did anyone else realize that Sidney & Gale are wearing the same clothes throughout the entire trailer that they wore in all of the leaked photos of them onset? I wonder just how much screen time they will get…

  76. Uh…. pretty sure at the 23 second mark lauren graham the gillmore girls lady said she was out of scream 4 is totally in. Anyone notice this…..looks identical to her.

  77. I seriously doubt they would reveal a death as huge as Gale’s in the trailer. Remember: did any of the previews even hint at Randy’s death in SCREAM 2? No.

  78. The two girls in that shot are Lucy Hale, from PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and PRIVILEGED, and Shenae Grimes, from DEGRASSI and the new 90210. Not Lauren Graham.

  79. I’d say that Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin would be the STAB actors, and Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale would be in the real world.

  80. Heres my thought, feel free to shoot me down if i missed some news:

    In an interview Cox says that Gail’s character is bored with life right now and the murders are possibly reviving her “life” so to speak. What if, unlike in the first 3 films where the cast waits until the final showdown to see who the killer(s) is, Gail tries to go out wearing the mask and pretends to be a killer. If she gets someone alone and they run away and try to fight her, she’ll know they’re not the killer.

    Maybe I am not describing it well, but i think this actually goes along with what we’ve seen/read, and I don’t think its assuming/far fetched by any means

  81. New Decade, New Rules.

  82. I think the ‘go ahead if you’ve got the guts’ is from a stab movie because it doesn’t look or sound like Neve or Courtney. It sounds too corny to be based in the Scream reality,but side from that the teaser has me excited. I’ve never been this pumped for a Scream movie before can’t wait for the better version Tuesday.

  83. I think it’s from the ‘Scream’ movie. It is obviously Courtney, and i’ obviouly her speaking. Its the scene in the barn. But, I dont think she dies.

  84. I wonder who lands on the news van their wearing a white jacket & have long hair so it’s one of the female cast or Rory Culkin.

  85. did anyone notice in the end when gale says do it if you have the guts she is holding a gun in her hand

  86. ok,after i screamed and danced like a little girl,i analyzed it so here are my questions.

    1.who are the two blonds sitting on the couch?
    2.who are the two brunettes that scream after ghostface laughs?

    other than that i love the trailer and when i saw Sidney i almost screamed i was so F!@#king happy lol

    4-15-11 !!!!

  87. I noticed the Ghostface backdrop in one of the scenes too. I think it’s gonna be during the barn scene and they’re just gonna have that as a poster there. Remember that’s only the teaser poster for the film as of now, not the official one. Think it will be a good tie in :)

  88. hey when it shows the girl falling and hitting the truck before that you see dewey scream GAIL and someone with black hair falls and hits the truck. i wounder if the killer killed her and through her out of the BARN, and she landed on the well whatever it was? they were probably looking for her to.

  89. This trailer looks sooooo goooood ! oh and i think one of the brunettes is emma roberts . . . im not sure tho

  90. OMG Gail is holding A gun and I know 4 a fact that its Courtney Saying that @ the end but she says the whole sentence liek “go ahead if you have the guts because im famous” or something like that and omg Neve looks wonderful

  91. it can’t be because she is confermed to be in the 5th one

  92. whereee

  93. news van?????

  94. I though it was the other way around with Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell being int the Stab filoms universe and the brunettes being part of the Scream universe. LOL. You may be right! :D

  95. just seen the HQ of the video, yes it is Gail who says “Go ahead if you have the guts’ she dies. No doubt about it. Maybe not that scene, but she does die : (


  97. in the end of the video when she say “go head if you have a the guts” gail has a gun pointed

  98. 1 second agoAMAZING! Thank you for uploading this! I think Rory Culkin is the one who falls onto the van!! You can see him outside a window while Ghostface is behind him and Hayden’s character is on the other side warning him at 26 seconds. Then you can see him fall at 38 seconds – both have a white shirt. When he falls you can see he has black shorts.

  99. were is the HQ video?

  100. I seriously doubt it’s Rory. For one, whoever falls is wearing a skirt. And for another, whoever falls is not in a neighborhood; they look more like they’re outside a hospital. I think it’s Rebecca, Sidney’s assistant.

  101. It looked more like it was outside a hospital or somewhere. It looked like Dewey was holding a press conference in a square or something. i don’t think there was a barn anywhere near that scene.

  102. Its Deffinatly not rory, the person’s wearing a dress, also theirs a scene where someone ducks as ghostface slash’s at them in the same shirt and hair as rory, so i dont think rory killed outside the window. Although gotta say rory sure has the killer vibe going.

  103. I think its because a lot of the shots in the trailer are from a few similar scenes, its still early in post-production, so they wont have perfected many scenes yet. Also Just to throw it out, there, the behind the scenes shots, of sidney, jill, her mum and hayden p’s character in the house, they were all throughout wearing the clothes from that scene, also, hayden was wearing the same clothes in the scene when looking at rory culkins character with ghostface behind, So it seems that is all one scene in jills house, and in the set photos we saw were there taking a bodybag out is proberly rorys character. Also he was shown very much on set.

  104. just as you all have, iv watched this a total of 10000000 times. I think that this might be a special Teaser tariler spacificly for the SCREAM awards…maybe? or does everyone els know that and im just being slow?…because the post before said that the offical teaser is 1 min and 20 somthing seconds, yet this is only around 54 seconds…???IDK i love it just the same…i LOVE the end were gale squeezes out the little saying “do it if you have the gutz” i love courtney and cougartown! HELLZ YAH!

  105. I downloaded the trailer been going through it very slowly indeed, and the woman falling appears to be allison brie’s character because looking carefully she’s wearing a yellow jacket now open and a lil torn, which looks the same as the jack allison brie was wearing in her scream shot. it deffinatly not gail though because for a mili-sec it shows her looking up in the crowd screaming.

  106. Also something that looks great, the killer on the iphone, i dont htink its an app though, Its either the killer is releasing video’s which would be kinda cool, or its fan videos made by like rory culkin or eric k’s characters either way its pretty nerdy and would point to them.

  107. I think it’s Sidney’s assistant. Not Rory

  108. it looks very scary and very good scream 4 is one movie i what to see next year.

  109. isnt this amazing?

    Sidney enters, clearly shaken. Jill follows to the cabinet. She grabs a glass and heads to the fridge.
    I shouldn’t have come back.
    As bad as it sounds, this isn’t the worst of
    it. After the whole ordeal with Roman, she
    shut down. You can’t blame yourself though.
    The book was supposed to set the record
    straight. You understand that right?
    People hear what they want. They believe
    what they want. And you know this town. She
    put it on the map.
    Sidney looks somber. Jill leans forward and motions for a hug, but stops…still distant. She feigns a smile and heads off to her room.
    A TALE OF SURVIVAL … it seems like a joke to her now.
    She heads to the cabinet as well, pulling out a glass and moves to the sink. She gazes outside, deep within her own thoughts. She glances back at the book. Suddenly, THE PHONE rings.
    She glances around, and moves towards it. She answers.
    Robert’s residence.
    There’s no response.
    A memory responds.
    Welcome home, Sidney.
    The voice is calm, and digs deep. Sidney knows.
    Who is this?
    How I have missed you, Sidney.
    What do you think you are doing?
    I think it’s time we catch up,
    don’t you? You’ve been away for a
    long time.
    One hand reaches for the counter, her knees suddenly weak.
    You’re nothing. Whoever this is.
    Oh, that’s right. You’re a modern day
    Scream Queen. Tough resolve. You’re a
    survivor, aren’t ya, Sidney? I believe
    you, Sidney. But do they? After all…
    what good is it to be a survivor if
    everybody close to you is dead?
    Sidney’s face tightens. She’s back. She moves to the foyer.
    She moves towards the front door, pulling back the curtains and looking out. Jill comes down the steps behind her, curiously.
    Who is it?
    The voice continues tormenting her.
    VOICE (O.S.)
    You’re whole family. Jill. The reporter
    and that incompetent cop. You can’t save
    them. All you can do is watch.
    Sidney locks eyes with Jill. Realization comes over Jill. Kirby comes around the corner behind Jill.
    What are you…?
    Jill silences her. They wait.
    She can’t speak. She squeezes the phone.
    THE VOICE lets out a maniacal laugh. Mocking her.
    See you soon. It’s going to be one hell
    of a reunion.

  110. A lot of people have speculated it’s Rebecca (Brie).

  111. The two blondes are Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin and the two brunettes are Lucy Hale and Shanae Grimes.

    I’m assuming those 4 are part of the opening death scene.

  112. This by far made my night. I am so glad that this finally happened. Scream 4 is going to be ground breaking and I cannot wait to see the box office results. I feel as though Gale will die in that scene though it’s going to be a happy surprise if she does survive. Watching this also has me hopeful for Sydney to stay alive because up until now, I had a feeling she’d die.

    My theory is definitely Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell as the Stab characters and Lucy Hale and Shanae Grimes as the Scream characters. It’s going to be awesome either way to see that opening death scene. Just because Anna and Kristen are by the bloody couch, doesn’t mean they still can’t be in the Stab movie. SO. EXCITED!

    This is gonna ROCK!!

  113. By the way, Sydney at the 1:48, 1:49 marker looks like she got really agile!!! GO SYD GO!

  114. *rolls eyes* In the context of the film, maybe, but not in regard to its trailers.

  115. The whole cast appears in the trailer except Adam Brody, Anthony Anderson and Aimee Teegarden. I what to say that blond girl screaming after Allison Brie is Britanny Robertson???

  116. I think the bloody couch can definitely be part of Scream or Stab; however, I just thought that since there is so much detail (palm prints, etc) done on the couch, it would make more sense for it to be part of Scream.

  117. I think in that scene they’re using Gail as bait for the killer.Then Dewey pops up and shoots the killer. Could this be the first time a killer dies before the end????

  118. I think in that scene they’re using Gail as bait for the killer.Then Dewey pops up and shoots the killer. Could this be the first time a killer dies before the end????

  119. OMG is that Charlie who fell onto the truck?

  120. ummmm what is this?…is this the actual scene?

  121. ???

  122. *actually i think its the girl at 1:35 that falls onto the truck

  123. Anderson and Brody are seen very briefly (just like Mary McDonnell) standing behind Marley Shelton as she has her gun drawn.

  124. Am I crazy for thinking the girl in gray (who appears to be watching ghostface killing someone and then screaming) is Kristen Bell? It certainly looks like her! And if it is her than that means she has two costumes, which means…

    Has anybody given any thought to a theory that there is a “Stab” sequence featuring certain actors and then those actors are visiting Woodsboro for the Stab-a-thon. Almost like a convention type thing? Like, if the Stab movies have their own Neve/David/Courteney’s and they show up in Woodsboro to celebrate a special screening of the new Stab film (there appears to be a screening going on that is interrupted by Nico/Erik (I can’t quite tell, they look alike) and then they end up victims themselves.

    Could explain why certain actors look as if they’re in the Stab AND Scream universe.

  125. “dont shake me dont shake me!” haha!

  126. Lol, the second is so much better in video and the first is so much better in audio so I just played the first with sound and the second with only video

  127. I think you are right about Paquin and Bell being in Stab because they just look so dolled up and fake-ishly blonde in that shot, they just look too cheesy. And wasn’t the idea behind the whole Stab continuation that the movies have become so cliched and dumb? So, having two blondes in the Stab movie would go perfectly with that notion…

  128. how could she have gotten prgnant by billy???? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING 2 YEARS OLD IN SCREAM 2

  129. No, thats just obvious… coz shes wearing the exact same clothes lol

  130. I don’t think Anna & Kristen are part of the couch scene as the couch they are on looks grey and woven – I’ve not looked at the pic in ages but wasn’t the bloody couch white? Only HQ and/or April 2011 will tell…

  131. Wow…If this comes from the script we’re all in for a helluva treat!

  132. I wonder if the headphone thing (i don’t know what to call it, why does it have a light?) he’s wearing during seconds 20-21 could produce “The Voice?”

  133. Did you guys know that gullible isn’t in the dictionary? :-D hahahaha

  134. this Looks EPIC, GHOST FACE ON AN IPHONE? NEW ERA, I Cannot WAIT!!!
    This Film Is going 2 be the best, I HOPE it DOES SO GOOD THEY START FILMING SCREAM 5 & 6. !!!!

  135. OK. this is going to be hard to explain, but what if they are trying to fool us? Notice at the end there’s a shot of Gale being thrown down on the hay, or whatever, and Ghostface is standing over her. Then it cuts to Sidney, in a similar position, with Ghostface attempting to stab her as she grabs his arm. Then cuts back to Gale saying “Go ahead if you have the guts.” Then cuts to Ghostface descending his knife… What if him descending the knife was with the Sidney shot? but through editing they made it look as if it was with Gale’s shot? Trying to throw a curveball and fooling us all into thinking that maybe Gale will die instead of Sidney…. Just a thought

  136. Why did Gail take off a ghost mask in the trailer? No way they would spoil it if she was the killer and I HIGHLY doubt she is so what gives.

  137. She used the mask to get into Stab-a-thon.

  138. Yes. Gale uses a mask to get into the party, but then she gets attacked by Ghostface. Then at he end they show the same scene where she says “Go ahead… ‘blah blah -_-”

    BUT! Doesnt anon remember the photo of her outside at night, being stopped by Anthony Anderson and that other guy . . . so maybe she doesn’t die,maybe she makes it out of the barn, and on her way back to t car she gets stopped wih the msk in her grip. Wouldn’t that explain the pitures w saw f her a while ago?

  139. “go ahead if you think you got the guts”….love it !!!!

  140. That’s what I thought too : we can’t be sure if, in the final shot, the killer is going to stab Gale or Sydney. I love both characters but Sydney’s death would hit me harder than Gale’s. And just another thought : maybe it’s not Sydney nor Gale but another character.
    About Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin being in Stab or Scream, isn’t Paquin holding something which looks like a remote control ? (which would point to them being in Scream and watching Stab, the last or an old one)
    Last thought, I hope the killer is a woman (or one of them is a woman) : Debbie was my favorite killer in the first trilogy !


    Ohhh what fun this film is going to be :)


    1. I love that in this movie they’re taking the deaths to the next level. Like chick falling off a building. Or that crazy Kitchen counter Stabbing one. GREAT!

    2. First time Sydney is not being chased by herself in a house! Like when Ghost-face is running towards the front door of the Roberts house, Kate (Mary Mcdonell) and Sydney both open the door. and there he is. And In Entertainment tonight we saw that Jill was in that scene too when they both get chased up the stairs. and then Sydney is on the roof. Can’t wait for that scene.

    3. First time Sydney has an assistant.

    4. First time they introduce a scene in a barn.

    5. FIrst time GHOST-FACE Laughs or Giggles lol.

    And i have to say something I think is true. Rebecca, Sydney’s assistant is the one that falls or gets thrown off the building and smashes into that van. How do I know this? Look at the pictures from the book store signing with Sydney. She was wearing WHITE TOP and BLACK SHIRT WITH BLACK HEELS. Then look at 1:46 and 1:47. The outfits match. Except she’s just wearing a yellow jacket. I think they did that so we wouldn’t know who it is.Plus the Long brown hair. We know its not gale cuz shes sitting down. Olivia and jill don’t dress like that. Its Pretty Obvious.

    Anywho, those are my comments.

    Oh and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIIITTT! I can tell this movie is going to be really fun to watch. Specially with Great technology now a days! The picture and sound quality will be awesomee!!!!

  143. Oh Emm Geee!!!!! I can’t wait!! This is the movie I am most looking forward to for next year. I wish it was coming out earlier. I don’t think I can hold out until April.

  144. Randy died in the 2nd one, but made a cameo for the 3rd due to popularity.

  145. I like that theory…

  146. That doesnt look anything like emma roberts lol shes more pale :P
    But i know thats lucy hale from pretty little liars

  147. With the screen caps up, you can see that the blonde girl in grey looks VERY different from Kristen. I don’t think it’s her. But I love Anna Paquin so I would love to see her in more than just one scene, however, I’m just happy she’s in this movie!

  148. Ghostface does laugh in the opening of Scream when he guts Steven. Right before “Hey, we’re not finished yet!” Remember?

  149. I love the ending of this trailer, but it’s quite possible Gale says something aside from “Go ahead if you have the guts.” Look at her mouth. The “go ahead if” looks like she’s wording something else. Either way, I understand (I think) the line and I love it, but she could be saying something else. A lot of times, they make trailers with other sentences that are either cut out completely or changed for the purposes of being released to the public. Only time will tell! :)

  150. I love the ending of this trailer, but it’s quite possible Gale says something aside from “Go ahead if you have the guts.” Look at her mouth. The “go ahead if” looks like she’s wording something else. Either way, I understand (I think) the line and I love it, but she could be saying something else. A lot of times, they make trailers with other sentences that are either cut out completely or changed for the purposes of being released to the public. Only time will tell! :)

  151. Your right about trailers adding other lines. I think in the Scream 2 trailer the ghostface killer says “Its time girlfriend.”

  152. If you guys notice, Sydney gets attacked twice. and NO she’s not wearing the same thing throughout the whole trailer. She has 3 different outfits. Red dress, Gray jacket/Green blouse pijamas, and Turquoise jacket/Black blouse/Jeans.

    First on 1:30, 1:53 she has a gray jacket thing on with a green blouse underneath. Looks like her pijamas. And if you look back at the pictures, thats when Jill, Kate, and Sydney walk out of the house and Jill and Sydney are Injugred. and Police are outside, etc… Jill was also wearing her pijamas. They obviously survived that one.

    Then when sydney gets called and shes wearing that turquoise jacket thing with a black blouse under neath and some dark jeans. and JIll is wearing that blue plad shirt and some jeans. Thats when her and jill get chased up the stairs. And then Sydney is on the roof. Will they survive that one?

    Man, if you really pay close attention you can notice all sorts of things.

    Then when

  153. No Gale does get stabbed in the shoulder

  154. they did change kessler to roberts… roberts is Sidney’s mom maiden name!… so jill is Sidney’s cousin from her mom’s side of the family!..

  155. is an awesome tought!… but I doubt it!

  156. I have one question. Who wrote Scream 4? Because it’s been said that Kevin Williamson wrote it but Ehren Kruger “tweaked” it. And other sites said that Ehren completely took over and changed tohe scripts. I WANNA KNOW!!!

  157. how do you know?

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