Scream 4 Theatrical Teaser Trailer (HQ)

NOW UPDATED with HQ version. The full Scream 4 teaser got its World Premiere at Australia’s MovieFix a partner of MSN. It runs quite longer than what was shown on the Spike TV Scream Awards teaser – this explains why our reporting of the teaser runtime didn’t match what was televised.

Although it was locked to Aussie users at this link, it has made its way through the usual channels to global fans soon. Hit play below for a HQ, deeply intriguing look at Scream 4.

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53 Responses to “ Scream 4 Theatrical Teaser Trailer (HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Just realizing how weird and f’d up this is. For my Crimson Road script, one of the plot twists is the killer filming the murders. Also, my heroine is named Jill.

    Keep in mind I wrote this over 3 years ago…

    TOO SIMILAR TO SCREAM 4. I don’t know if that’s an awesome thing or not.

  2. Yeah, the same goes for me and the whole supposed ‘movie within a movie’ scenario

  3. Same here, I wrote a script about a kiler! And now they make scrum 4!!

  4. Oh my loooord.

  5. Can watch it in the UK FYI.

  6. So was that sidney in the class with rory’s character giving out the new rules? and then running and on the phone in the parking garage? But the whole filming idea looks awsome! It kinda seems like Gale might die now, I hope not, but her one liner could be her way of looking tough even before she dies, OMFG I CANT WAIT

  7. wait the girl in the grage appears to be maybe Sids assistant?

  8. Oh god, this is too much at one time, I can’t handle any more excitement, If they release the poster I’ll probably drop dead,

  9. I Hear You Like Horror Movies- It’s For You.


    LOVE trailer

  10. i love the end “so i here you like horror movies? it’s for you”

  11. Yeah, it’s rebecca! She’s wearing the same coat in the clip from the other teaser

  12. Hey! I’m french and i didn’t understand everything in this trailer. Can someone write what it says from 00:24 to the end please?
    So as everyone here, i cant wait for this movie.

  13. I dont know. I like the teaser trailer, just becouse the fact that THIS IS NEW SCREAM MOVIE, but I would be totally mad if somebody of the original 3 died. Not becouse of the death itself but it would be kind of embarassing to them. They went through so much and survived so much and now they are gonna be killed by some newcome green killer/s ? They deserve better that. That is what I would hate…. Sorry for my english I am from Slovak republic.

  14. I think Anna and Kristen are the “Stab” world, and Lucy and Shanae are the opening kills.

  15. I think Anna and Kristen are the “Stab” world, and Lucy and Shanae are the opening kills.

  16. Anna and Kristen are the beginning of scre4m. the two ther girls are cameos for stab.

  17. okay that seriously just made my day!! that gave away soooo much more than the NOTHING we got before. hahaha.and I like the idea of Charlie being the passer of the rules…. and the idea of the filming of the killings.

  18. Ohh and I totally laughed at the end! haha “So I heard you like scary movie?” pause…….. “Its for you” haha

  19. *horror movies

  20. “I hear you like horror movies.”

    “It’s for you.”


  21. LOL love the ending there “its for you” – can’t wait, seriously can’t wait

  22. was real good and nice to see a bit more footage but have to say i preffered the fast paced short version we had previous,seemed to make it look a bit more darker but any footage is welcome! Want to see more adam brody tho, really interested in seeing how he will be in this, got a weird feeling he’s a ghostface!

  23. :O I think I know who gets put falls through the van! It’s Sid’s assistant! We see her in the parking lot on the phone (too ghostface?) and then when the confrence is going on outside, we see that there is a mutiple storey car park! AND! she’s wearing the same coloured cothes, so it is! So . . . now we know that the assistant dies, :( she was the one who I thought was the killer -_-

    I’m also loving the new rules! I think they work! The ‘Virgins can die’ AND THE “The Killer videoing the kills” is awesome also. That would explain Gale trying to get a ‘scoop’ in the barn at the Stab-A-Thon. I think I’m coming to terms with either Gale, or Dewey dieing. I know Sidney WONT die. I hope she doesn’t, she really cannot die. I hope she makes it into Scream 5 alive. If she doesn’t then I wont be too happy. Okay, I get it . . . Scream 4, New Decade . . . anything happens, but I want her to make it.

  24. OOOHHH S**T!!! i missed it :/…i was just too late. I HATE THAT. Its benn pulled from YouTube :/ Does anyone know were i can watch it now? I NEED TO SEE THIS ASAP!

  25. It won’t let me watch the trailer it got removed anyone know what the deal is

  26. correct me if im wrong but wasnt Mickey doing something similar in Scream 2 with the videoing?

  27. It is on YouTube as extended scream 4 teaser trailer I just watched it

  28. Adam Brody is the killer,i honestly think i could bet money on it,cause you never see him! lol

  29. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Stupid Weinstein Company! No fair. :'(


  31. It isn’t the first time a film has its killer film the process.
    They did that in Urban Legends: Final Cut (sequel to Urban Legend.).
    Not to mention films like Vacancy also has this element.

  32. I am starting to think Anna/Kristen and Lucy/Shenae are both Stab characters.
    All 4 opening kills will be FAKE!

    And Brittany/Aimee OR Olivia is the first true on-screen kill… maybe, maybe.

  33. I love it!… its awesome!… by the way is that Sidney in the classroom listening to the new rules??

  34. From the trailer, I believe that Anna and Kristen are in the stab video and then Shenae and Lucy are the opening kills. The other two blonde girls will be sometime later.

  35. o my godd.this movie is gonna be so frikkin rules new people omg this movie is gonna be the best by far..i can already tell. ahhhhhh i cant wait for the movie to come out.scream HERE I COME!!!!!!

  36. I don’t think any of the girls will be the opening kill and they will all be part of the Stab universe. The opening kill is probably being filmed right now in a very secret location and the two people will be way bigger names than Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell. It’ll be two people totally unexpected!!! This is Wes Craven we are talking about after all

  37. I don’t want to read the comments, because of the spoilers, but I want to say this is SO AWESOME!

  38. How can Anna and Kirsten sit there together and not have the urge to make out (mmmmmm) Here’s my rules: Two hot girls sitting in close proximity to each other in a horror film should always MAKE-OUT. What is Robbie and Charlie trying to say with ‘Unexpected is the new cliche’? Are they saying the obvious should be taken into consideration? Doesn’t this mean the same thing as ‘Everyone is a suspect?’ It would be awesome if Robbie’s rules clashes with Charlie’s rules so that they aren’t just seen as two geek with the same mindset.

  39. LOL i almost cry when i watch these trailers 2…its so wierd. WHAT IS THAT lol?

  40. He didn’t video tape the KILLINGS. That’s what the characters were referring to :P

  41. “These aren’t just random killings.”
    UHOH! What can that possible mean? Are the victims somehow connected to the victims of the very 1st Scream? What’s the strategy? I need the to know the strategy dammit! LOL

  42. If Gale does indeed die in Scream 4 wouldn’t that be ironic given the news with David and Courtney. Their relationship started when they filmed the original,they got married during Scream 3,and now word is spreading their relationship is over talk about mirroring both worlds.

  43. I hope it’s a movie within a movie within a movie scenario.

  44. Hummm the couch Anna and Kristen are sitting on look familiar to that Bloody Ikea couch we’ve seen on a pic previously on this website… Huh…

  45. Hummm the couch Anna and Kristen are sitting on look familiar to that Bloody Ikea couch we’ve seen on a pic previously on this website… Huh…

  46. Anyone think that the kitchen with Shenae and the other girl looks very similar to Casey Beckers? Do you think they now live in that house?

  47. i don’t think he will die, she might, but i dont think that wes and kevin would give away a main characters death away in a trailer, it’s possible though, but i don’t think so, either way, I CAN’T FREAKN’ WAIT :D

  48. I keep reading the whole movie within a movie within a movie thing but I don’t think it’s right. I think it might just be a movie within a movie with Anna and Kristen playing Stab characters and Shenae and Lucy being Scream world characters. Maybe the final two blonde girls–Aimee–end up being part of some ending scene after everything has been settled and we think we know who the killer or killers are; leaving the audience hanging. New decade, new rules.

  49. OMG!!! That was sooo funny with Lucy Hale… “I hear you like scary movies” “Psshh, it’s for YOU!” HA HA!!! :D

  50. haha I was thinking of that too!

  51. does any one know if ther goin to kill off dewey sid and gail? i hope they dont , scream aint scream without them:( and ive heard billy loomis is bak?

  52. Appears to be Rebecca crashing down on that news van. In earlier fan footage Rebecca is seen walking with Gale getting yelled at, also walking with Sid outside the coffee house….wearing a black skirt, black pumps and white top….doesn’t look good for the assistant!

  53. i LOVED this movie but i cried when robbie died. he was my favourite and i was really sad when kirby died too, but i didnt cry. i think that that crazy chic jill should just get over it and go on big brother or something if she wants to be famous. it was relly funny when jill was in the hospital and the police dude cam in and she was all like im the only surviver. and he was like oh acctually loads of people survived and she was like what?!?!?

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