Scream 4 To Carry A Subtitle? (Video)

Dread Central caught up with a slightly buzzed looking David Arquette at the Screamfest LA Film Festival. As well as foisting praise that Scream 4 is the “best sequel of the bunch”, Arquette mentioned that Scream 4 is called “A Return To Woodsboro“.

As screamers know, in Scream 3 the characters were embroiled in the making Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro, which is where third film was originally supposed to take place.

Scream 4: Return To Woodsboro. Let it roll off the tongue (or screen) for a moment.

Instituting a subtitle would help Scream 4 minimize the stigma of sequelitis by making the film less another sequel, and more its own chapter.

Source: Dread Central (Note, they are calling it “the” return in their article, Arquette states “a” return. Who knows, final title could carry neither)

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28 Responses to “ Scream 4 To Carry A Subtitle? (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. he looks like a bumm!… and drunk!

  2. Perhaps he has gotten SCREAM 3 and SCREAM 4 confused in his state of mind? ;-)

  3. Yes…

  4. He is hot! He looks better as he ages.

  5. I really don’t think they’ll call it Scream 4: Return to Woodsboro. Seems to cheesy. Especially since a Stab movie was called that… lol.

  6. It’s not going to be called that! Come on! And as he ages he looks better.

  7. David and Courtney have split up..

  8. source???

  9. Ive heard this too, sucks if it is true but i cant help but notice how their relationship is like there characters in these films. apparently gale is bored with her marriage and thats the reason given for this split up. they drifted apart

  10. I know makes me sad.

  11. is the forum gone??

  12. After the sad news of them breaking up. I’m calling this now. Gail will die, probably around half way like Randy in number 2.

  13. Wow, yes. David has to be intoxicated to some degree. Must’ve been a party as part of the event. I agree with the others though, he’s like fine wine – gets hotter with age.

  14. What’s happened to the forum? I’m getting withdrawals!

  15. Ahh dude, i was so upset when heard the news of them splitting up. Its soo ironic. They come together on the set of the film. and years 11 later, they seperate after filming the fourth installment. I hope things work out well for them.

  16. WTF has happened to the forum? Hope it’s ok!

  17. WHAT in the sam hill happened to the forum??!!!
    I need to vent about this whole David and Courteney situation!!!

  18. IS IT YOU?!!
    this whole forum situation is annoying grrrr

  19. I’m getting rather frustrated too Freddy! Apparently it has been down for ages. I’ve been trying for at least 7 hours and IMDb has a topic on it. It’s so weird!
    Oh, by the way, what up biatch?

  20. Illusionhead, the sex God himself, has answered our questions on IMDb. They’re moving servers. Damn work, banning Twitter, I could have known this AGES ago.

  21. I’m definitely anticipating Gale biting it this time around as well.

    Who knows? Maybe Gale and Dewey will die together in a situation where there bodies fall stacked much together like how they looked near the end of Scream 1…

    Or is that too George Lucas Prequel Stanza-y?

  22. I am upset about David and Courtney’s splitting up… However, in the realm of Scream, I don’t anticipate any of the main 3 to die. Strangely, if anyone is to die, I think it will most likely be Sidney. I just don’t think Neve filmed enough footage to occupy much of the film to stay alive… But if she does stay alive, then she isn’t getting much screen time. I am not that happy either way.

  23. i just read that courtny and david have spilt!
    sad but they will get back together!!!

  24. if they live through this possible trilogy, maybe this series is what will bring them back together, just like the killings that bring there characters back together, well, some kidssing and romance will maybe make them remember how gtreat they are together, since they are still firends, :) sigh hope the fourm gets fixed :D

  25. aww crap they spilt up! if they both survive in this one then hopefully they will come back for Scream 5 :( not likey

  26. they say there still best freinds, so they will , probally say yes, they still love there characters, lol,

  27. and who knows, maybe making the screams again will remind eachother how much they love each other, because there performance are too good, for them not to have SOME feelings for each other

  28. Owwww, David sounds like he’s in tears in this interview about the break up! its so sad! grr Courtney is making me mad now! :( This might be why he seems so off in this interview!!!

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