Scream 4 Trailer Now Playing In Theaters

The Scream 4 Teaser Trailer is now playing with Paranormal Activity 2. And you didn’t even have to wait till November! If Scream had to choose a mate to run with, Paranormal Activity makes the most sense, as it achieved crossover success into the mainstream in a way rarely seen since – well, Scream.

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25 Responses to “ Scream 4 Trailer Now Playing In Theaters ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That’s so badass. So far they’re doing everything right to get Scream 4 off to an amazing start.

  2. is this happening just in the USA?

  3. I saw PA2 last night at the midnight screening and there was no S4 trailer… Sadness!

  4. I went to see it today in San Francisco and it didn’t play. I was sad. :(

  5. I’m going to see PA2 just to see the Scream 4 Trailer on the big screen!! lol :)

  6. Well they showed the Scream 4 trailer where i am when I went to the midnight screening. Off topic: Paranormal Activity 2 is sweeeet. :D

  7. whats been the theater reaction?

  8. THATS HILARIOUS!!!!! i literally just got home from seeing PA2. My favorite part about it? The SCREAM 4 tailor that played seconds before it!!! I was sitting in the theater with my girlfriend and said(swear to god) it would be F***ing AMAZING if they played the new Scream 4 Teaser. My girlfriend turns to me and seas, lol this is what she seas, she seas “There not going to play that preview at this movie, Ty”….then 2 mins. later i hear “RING RING RING”!!! So in the words of Stew”YAH IM READY BABY” for 4.15.11!:b
    P.S. The shot of Court at the beginning is different from the one on the internet.

  9. I mean, sadly there were about 10 other people in my theater…so the reaction wasn’t big…i yelped though! LMAO.

  10. I can confirm this, I was went to the midnight showing of PA2 and it was the last trailer to play before the movie began. Amazing. When he said, “welcome home Sidney.” I got chills.

  11. It wasn’t in the previews when I just went to see PA2? =(

  12. It played at my theater and got a great reaction. It was a full theater, and everyone basically gasped as soon as Ghostface said “Hello, Sidney” and one girl scream “no way!”. Everyone also laughed at the final lines in the trailer.

    PS: Gale’s shot in the beginning was different than the one online

  13. Not for me :(

  14. It was a pleasant surprise seeing the trailer at the late-night screening of PA2 (here in a Regal theater in Raleigh, NC). The reaction to it was great, and the “it’s for you” line got a lot of laughs.

  15. How different? Was it still a shot of her in the barn or from a whole other scene?

  16. this is a bunch of B.S. I saw paranormal activity 2 (GREAT MOVIE) by the way.. and there was not NO scre4m trailer…… :/

  17. A whole other scene. I think it may be her in the classroom when they’re explaining the rules.

  18. She is wearing the purple dress we see her wearing in the promo shot with the cast gathered around the ghost face mask in the trunk of car. It seemed to me that the image had been flipped, as to not coincide with Dewey’s shot right before it.

  19. I like the new teaser, it looks really good.

  20. I saw Paranormal last night and I kept waiting for the Scream Trailer to come on and It didnt:( i was soo sad. but the movie was still really good.

  21. I saw PA2 last night (which was hilarious BTW) with some friends and as soon as the phone rang at the beginning of the trailer I slapped my friend on the arm on said, “SCREAM 4!” in weird scream/whisper type thing haha.

  22. My theatre was full & no one besides me and one of my friends reacted at all. Everyone did laugh at the “it’s for you” line though.

  23. Awesome, thanks for the info!

  24. YEAHHHH just saw it! Wow.

  25. I just saw Paranormal Activity 2 tonight, and no Scream 4 trailer. It would have been amazing, because I didn’t even know there was a trailer out yet until I just got home and found it on youtube. It would have been such an amazing surprise because I’ve been waiting for so long for the trailer…

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