Scream 5 & 6 Still The Gameplan?

Kevin Williamson delivered the Scream 4 concept as the first chapter of a second trilogy ala Star Wars. However when he dropped all public connection with the movie, you were all left wondering if the plan would go on – or if the original threesome would be demoted into a “quadrilogy” by way of an orphan sequel.

B-D: I have to ask about ‘Scream 4′, because there’s such a hunger out there for this movie. Are you definitely envisioning this as the start of a second trilogy of sorts? How likely is it that it will continue on past ‘Scream 4’?

Our basic policy on this press tour is not to talk about ‘Scream 4′, since it’s not the film we’re promoting. But I’ll just answer that question and no more. But yes, the concept is to do the first of a new trilogy, and you know, you have three characters from the original trilogy coming back, and then you have a cast of young new characters.

B-D: Beyond that, do you have another project in mind already?

Well, we just wrapped ‘Scream 4′ so we have all of that post-production to do, so that’s gonna take us the rest of the year. So that will be what I’m up to. And then who knows? I certainly hope to take a break after that, I’ve been working for a long time between these two films. So I don’t have any distinct plans for the future. Many people are talking to me about television, and this and that, but right now nothing is definite. I’ve been totally submerged in these two films.

That was from Bloody-Disgusting’s interview with Craven, we now have another quote from MTV’s interview:

“It is or was a planned trilogy. I think the studio is realistic enough to say, let’s see how it does,” Craven said. But Kevin Williamson [the series creator and screenwriter] does have an idea for a planned trilogy out of it.”

So what do you think, screamers – will Scream 4 usher in a new trilogy? Can Williamson be coaxed back to at least provide treatments – or has a binding mental divorce taken place? As always, only time will tell…

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14 Responses to “ Scream 5 & 6 Still The Gameplan? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I hope it’s not. In Scream 1, they made fun of horror movies. In Scream 2, they made fun of sequel. In Scream 3, they made fun of trilogies. In Scream 4 they will make fun of reboots. After S4, I think it will become repetitive. Plus, I don’t think I could take two more movies…the wating for them to be released. It’s too painful.

  2. I hope it will be a new trilogy. I’m engadged in part because of that.
    And, please, stop saying Kevin left the series.

  3. I am sure Kevin has ideas for where they could go with the sequels. However, it really comes down to the reception and box office of Scream 4

  4. Well. I think that it should definetley be a new trilogy. I mean, Kevin has it planned that way, so what SCREAM Fan wouldn’t want to see Scream 5, and 6? I hope that it continues after 4, and Hopefully Sidney, Gale and Dewey make it untill atleast Scream 5. I really dont want to see the originals killed so early in the ne trilogy! :)

  5. I still can’t believe that we are getting “Scream 4″ after so many years, so i’m grateful for that. A new trilogy? Of course, as a fan of the series that would be awesome, but I prefer to wait how good is the fourth one before I made my mind up. If this sequel is as good as the first two, then i’m all for 5 and 6. Just don’t make more after that, let’s leave while it’s good.

  6. I hope like hell that we DO get S5 and S6.

  7. As long as the box office rocks, which it will, we will get 5 and 6.
    I am betting good money on YES.

  8. Of course I’m hoping. Though I guess if 5 and 6 follow the new kids it won’t necessarily be filmed in my backyard again!

  9. I def. think scream 5&6 will work out! 4 just showed the creativity and guts are still there along with the surprise factor! As long as the acting is great and they can figure out how to one up the last film it will be amazing!

  10. It will all come down to final DVD & BR figures now. Horror films have moved light years away from what the first three Screams parodied, plus I think four was a little confused with what it wanted to be, and unfortunately conveyed that in its trailers. It didn’t help that Insidious was being touted at the same time either; showing just how much the scream concept has dated. If there is a 5, then it needs to be radically different from the others, hopefully a whole new story arc that takes the film in a less self-gratifying direction

  11. well i for one hope that they do in fact make Scream 5&6. but the ending of Scream 4 was ok but why on earth would they have someone from sindys family be the killer i mean yea nice twist didn’t see that coming but i was think more along the lines that they would make it to where billy had a brother and he when after sidny..But hey i guess thats something different a girl behinde the mask was an ok twist..
    One thing that i really disliked about the beging of Scream 4 was the stab movie bull$#!t. But like i said i really do hope the make 5&6 and leave it at that. I mean i was happy with Scream 3 they ended it very well after the killed romen that should have been the end to the movies.
    But boy was i shocked that they were going with a 4th movie an know a 5&6 so i really want to see the last an hope they are the last ones..

  12. i want there to be another trilogy of scream5

  13. I agree with jay if there is going to be a 5 an 6 they really need to start a whole new story arc. Yea ok Scream 4 was good i liked it but as jay said ” It seemed like they didn’t know what to do for the 4th movie”.
    But as iv heard they want to make another movie an by doing this i also heard that there will ba a new twist an one of three main charicters will die an one of the three main charicters will be the killer. But so far thats just a rummer going atound that i heard about so who know. But if they do make a 5th movie have a great story arc i hope for the love of god that they dont end up making a 7th movie just to finish it all up.

  14. Well i first like to say all screamer fans out there i love ya guys second im really into this moive i most say i love to see scream 5 and 6 come to life i love it id have a scream hay day i loved the first 4 this ones would be great too many are with me right me back or post

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