Stab 4: Fresh Blood (Full Movie)

An amateur production and not affiliated with Dimension Films in any way, this web-movie loosely based on Scream‘s film-within-film series Stab is a commendable and ambitious undertaking. Directed by fan Josh Dudley and clocking in around 70 minutes, you can watch it all on this page. Its homebase states that a Stab 5 is next up.

After being accused of her family’s murder, Sarah Campbell (Audrey Marquee) has moved from her home in Odessa, Texas to the smaller, peaceful town of Manchester, New Hampshire. Stuck in an unfamiliar place, Sarah rediscovers joy in her oldest hobby: dance. Sarah joins a local dance-team run by dance legend Jay McConnell (Joshua Patrick Dudley) and befriends her teammates Haley Graham (Amanda Constant), Shannon Lewis (Shannon Nightingale), Mandy Meyers (Reanna Warnock) and Nikki Summers (Alicia Vigeant). Trouble soon finds Sarah, again, when a local news reporter, Heather Gale (Jennifer Sue Mallard), from Texas follows her to New Hampshire, revealing the dark secrets of her past and accusing her of a new string of local murders. Could Sarah and the murders be connected? Or has someone else taken their love of the Stab movies one step too far?

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63 Responses to “ Stab 4: Fresh Blood (Full Movie) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Hey! Okay, watch this!!! A really, reallyn cool amatuer movie. The ending was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  2. Wow, heres what I have to say.
    Bad lighting.
    Funny references to Scream.
    119/120… good inside joke to us fans.
    Kinda short.
    Too many killers.
    Overall 6 out of 10 for a fan film
    Good job Patrick

  3. Sorry but I found this to be unwatchably bad.

  4. Awful. Like Brian said, this is unwatchable. It’s not clever, it’s not funny, it’s not scary. It’s poorly written, directed, filmed, and acted. Having a $300 budget doesn’t explain why the script had to be so bad, and making characters with names like “Sarah Campbell” and “Heather Gale”. Dear god. Someone, please “stab” this movie and put it out of it’s misery. Please no Stab 5. This “movie” would have only been impressive if it was made by 12 year olds. This is fan fiction at it’s WORST. Joshua Patrick Dudley is delusional if he thinks this is worthy to be on the Scream 4 DVD like he keeps saying. For someone so inspired by the Scream series, he certainly hasn’t learned anything from it.

  5. This was worse than I expected…

  6. That was disastrously bad! Horrible!

  7. I really don’t know how anyone could watch this and really take it seriously. 0.0

    Of course it horrible, but still funny. I thought the actress who played Heather Gale was good. Shitty fun, nothing more.

  8. Joshua Patrick Dudley seems to be taking it seriously, mentioning world premieres and everything on his facebook. Seriously, this is fucking awful. Who makes a film and doesn’t use a tripod at the very least. The whole thing was so terribly executed I really have no idea who this guy thinks he is. DON’T BOTHER

  9. Okay. I feel like I *MUST* chime in here:

    Just about everything about this movie is amateurish and cringe-inducing…

    *Horrible choppy editing
    *Poor lighting
    *Lame dialouge
    *Mediocre acting
    *No sense of photograph (grab a tripod!!!)

    One thing I don’t understand — they obviously did their homework to some extent as the material of the robe looks/flows fairly accurately, yet they went w/ the cheap-ass foam mask?!?!??? WTF?!!!!!! @_@

    I applaud, I suppose, the effort. At least the main character chick had a nice rack… =

  10. oh my god lmao i skipped all the way to the end and its pretty bad. it makes me laugh a lot XD

  11. Yeah, Joshua is taking it very seriously, if you’ve read his posts and interviews and stuff. It’s insulting that he thinks this thing belongs in the Scream legacy.

    I thought the actress for Heather Gale was awful. It was embarrassing. And not even in a funny Mystery Science Theater way. It was all just BAD.

  12. I just finished it. It was awful. The acting, the lighting, the horrible Texas drawls. I wish the director had invested in a tripod. And he really shouldn’t have cast himself in the film; that’s so Shyamalan.

    And what was with the constant editing for scenes from the same camera angle? It kept cutting to the same exact scene, but with the camera an inch to the side. It was distracting. I laughed my butt off when Heather Gale showed up to that house and rounded the corner. She was so close to the camera, I’m surprised it didn’t get caught in her hair.

    I give it a 2 out of 10.

  13. Ha. I just thought the same thing about the tripod. I think the cameraman actually dropped the camera during the dance scene at the beginning. LOL

  14. Thank you, Brian123, for being the first one to say exactly what’s on all of our minds. I reluctantly watched the first part of this yesterday and I couldn’t take anymore after that. I follow this Stab4 guy on Twitter and he seems very nice, so I didn’t know what to say about this “movie.” I really do admire his ambition and enthusiasm, but good Lord… this is awful. What bothered me even more was that everyone on Twitter and YouTube seem to be giving it rave reviews. It wasn’t until I came here that I saw others who, like me, hated this with a passion. I know it’s not a professional film and the budget was very small, but goddamn – he’s still requesting 70 minutes of our time and could have presented us with something watchable. I’ve never seen anything worse than this that was taken so seriously. Everything about it is horrible. In closing, all I can say is that this was a gross waste of time for everyone involved.

  15. It would be one thing if this guy would of of just been humble and said “look. My friends and I are huge fans of the series and we made this little Stab 4 fan film in our free time just for the hell of it. Do take the time to check it out. We really did it for ourselves but wanted to share it with other fans too”……I dunno….something to that effect. The movie would be still bad but I don’t think people would be as pissed and irritated as they are showing in their comments.

    Fact is, this guy has been acting in “interviews” and on twitter and facebook like he’s some hot shot indie filmmaker, and with a film this bad..he obviously lives in a delusional world.

    The “Arnold Scream” fan films are miles above this piece of crap. And the guy whom makes those has never ever tried to gain any fame (or fortune) off of them. He simply says “heres a fan film I made with my friends. Enjoy”. Not “Heres a 70 minute shitfest that we have over hyped the past few months worse than fucking Avatar. Oh, and we believe its SO good that it belongs to be officially in the Scream canon and our hopes is that it makes it to the Scream 4 dvd”.
    Yeah….good luck with that buddy.

  16. The asshole also took MY photo of one of MY screen used masks and added green tint to it and is using it on the main page of the stab movies website…..grrrrr…

  17. Lol, oh I wasn’t aware. I thought it was just a shitty film made by some teenagers over the weekend. I didn’t know this was supposed to actually be serious. My bad. Well, continue on, lmao.

  18. I posted a follow up comment that got rejected by the moderators…I’m assuming. Blah.

  19. Worth watching? Maybe if you’re stoned out of your mind.

  20. I think you are all wrong and being incredibly rude! THIS IS THE BEST SCREAM FAN FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN. You’re all so judgmental… let’s see your f*ckin fan-films you little pieces of sh*t. How old are you all? 12? 13? Grow up. Recognize talent when you see it, or shut your mouths and don’t be pricks. STAB 4 ROCKS!! DON’T LISTEN TO THIS IDIOTS!!

  21. the person that made the movie is name Joshua, not Patrick. Patrick is his middle name lol

  22. Joshua was only hopeful it would be on the Scream 4 DVD, he never said it would be. Let’s see your script, that you wrote, and then the movie that you filmed, and we can compare them side by side. Loser.

  23. check your facts… there is no mention of this EVER being brought to DVD. EVER. Idiot.

  24. self-serving? I thought Joshua sounded very nice, approachable and like a huge Scream fan in his interviews. Are you all fucking retarded? Seriously….

  25. really? let’s see your movie

  26. i think it was intended to be funny. i don’t think it was meant to be taken seriously. it seems to me that Stab 4 was really a dissection of where the Stab films would have been at this point… I think Stab 4 was great!

  27. ugh u people are so annoying… again i say… lets see you do better. prick.

  28. you’re out of your fuckin mind. that girl, Heather Gale, was AMAZING!

  29. You’re perception of Joshua is way dilluded, you sound like a jealous moron. As for the Arnold films being better….. SERIOUSLY? They don’t have story lines, they don’t have blood AND THE KID SELLS THEM ON DVD YOU FUCKIN MORON. HE’S TRYING TO MAKE MONEY. GOD YOU ARE ALL SO FUCKIN STUPID.

  30. actually, ASSHOLE, I sent him my Scream mask that I won, and he photographed it. Get over yourself.

  31. I bet he rejected it! You’re a fucking asshole. Maybe if you said constructive stuff instead of trashing the whole thing. As I said before, get a like you fat fucktard.

  32. did you watch the same film as everyone else? I mean, he should know not to attempt to make a film and brag consistently about it, if he couldn’t deliver on some aspect in the final product.

    There was NOTHING good about Stab 4. I never thought the word stale could be applied to people, but the acting was very stale.

    The ambition was there, you’re right. I’m sure though that if any of us on this board tried to make a Stab would be better than this.

  33. I just read on YouTube from the director himself that he filmed the movie on a Flip Mino. Aren’t those similar to cell-phone cameras? Christ! I actually Liked the movie’s Facebook so that I could leave a negative comment, but then I realized that was mean and Unliked it. But seriously, a Flip Mino? I guess they don’t make tripods for those?

  34. Please for the love of god don’t make Stab 5 or 6 or 7. Leave well enough alone….

  35. Reading interviews with this guy made me sick. He actually thinks this fan film will get him an invite to the Hollywood premiere of Scream 4? Is he crazy?

    He also thinks a petition should be made to have this as a bonus feature on the Scream 4 dvd? Again, is he crazy?

  36. Now he’s posting on his facebook that it was made just for fun by amateurs and was made just for the fans and he never had any intention of gaining any profit off of this. I call bs. This kid was contacted by FunWorld because they didn’t ask permission to use the mask or logo etc.. in the film and on their website. And in the early days of their site, the film was being advertised as coming to DVD. A dvd they planned to sell. Until FunWorld stepped in and told them it could only be available for free online.

  37. Joshua is so full of crap. Does he not realize that all of us can read the various interviews he did about his “movie”? He’s lying now.

  38. This is his latest comment on FaceBook…. “I can’t help myself from reading it though… I think a lot of it is humorous now. It’s funny how people think they know me or what I’m about based on something I made with my friends. lol Get real. Stab 5 is gonna rock their socks off… now that i KINDA know what I’m doing. hahaha”

    He obviously doesn’t get it. Nobody was claiming to know him at all. They were judging his work. Not him personally. And his enormous ego he had prior to the release of the movie, mentioning that is not saying “this guy sucks personally”. Its saying “your ego sucks”. And for him to laugh about our opinions and gaurentee that Stab 5 will rock our socks off…well…his ego is obviously not getting any smaller. And its statements like this that got him in trouble in the first place.

  39. I agree. He obviously didn’t learn his lesson. Telling us that Stab 5 will “rock our socks off” is only setting us up for disappointment.

  40. He sent me a direct message on Twitter:

    “when did u turn on me. not cool brother. i was never rude to you. don’t know why u posted such hateful things. thought we were twitter buds.”

    I would like to address this here, since this is literally the only place I’ve posted about Stab 4:

    Aside from his ego, I have nothing against him as a person. He seems very nice. I even said that in my first comment. Was it fair for me to suggest that he’s only nice because he wants to promote his film? No, it wasn’t, and for that I apologize. Like I said before, I really admire his enthusiasm and ambition, and I can see why he would be very proud of this movie – I would be too. However, there’s a difference between pride and delusion. I took pride in the orange Ghostface avatar I made and showed off at the forums here, but I would not consider it to be art or anticipate it being shown at a gallery. If I made my own version of Stab 4, I would do it for fun and share it with my friends only. I wouldn’t have a premiere, do interviews for it, send it out to be reviewed, create a website to promote it, or allow myself to think that people are anticipating it so much that screenshots and teaser trailers are necessary. That’s a bit crazy, in my opinion.

    I never turned on the guy. If he wants to make a Stab 5, let him. It’s not gonna hurt any of us, and if I were in his shoes, I would make another one too. I’m sure he and everyone involved had a lot of fun making it. I support HIM and HIS ambitions, but I don’t support Stab 4. It isn’t good. I don’t think that’s me being hateful or me turning on him – that’s just me having an honest opinion. I don’t think I was hateful before in my comments. I was being straightforward, which he better get used to if he has any desire to continue making films. I don’t think this guy took in any of the positive things I said and focused only on the negative.

    I’m sorry for any hard feelings (I really am), but please re-read everything I’ve said. You might make a much better film next time because of it. I’m one of the few people who had something positive to say about it. Take the good and the bad and learn from it.

  41. Keep in mind much of his cast had little or NO acting experience. I think its unfair to judge those who put themselves out there to have a little fun. Your review could be taken as constructive critisism, but it’s written with so much hatred. I really don’t think the intention was to make it to Hollywood with this one… was just something a few people got together to do. It’s hard to read some of these comments, but there are always going to be haters. For me it was an experience, something I’ve never done before… so I’m glad I can say I was a part of this, for nothing more than myself.

  42. I added him as a friend on Facebook months ago and he seemed nice to me too. Then he deleted me a week later with no explanation. He didn’t direct me to the Stab 4 Facebook page or his other page for fans or anything. Just deleted me. And this was after I told him I was excited about seeing his movie, so I’m not sure what happened.

  43. Here is his latest status in Facebook.

    ” wahh Stab 4 is an amateur movie waaah the actors are amateurs.. waaah… there’s some shaky camera work… WAAAAAH Josh Dudley is self-serving in his interviews… waaaaaaaaah Grow up, babies.”

  44. He and his friends have been harassing me all day on Twitter. He said it was classy of me to post his email here, but he stopped following me on Twitter and it wouldn’t let me reply to him there. I had no other way to get a hold of him to apologize, but it seems like he’s only interested in being friends with people who liked his shitty movie. He’s a douchebag.

  45. It’s funny. Now he says it’s just a joke movie that he knows was bad, but he’s shitting on any reviewer who actually says the “movie” was bad. WTF is wrong with him? So he’s allowed to say it’s bad, but nobody else is? What a tool this guy is. I don’t see a future in filmmaking for this guy. His attitude is all over the net now…I definitely wouldn’t want to work with him. If you can’t take criticism without reacting like a teenage girl, then this isn’t the business for you.

  46. It’s funny. Now he says it’s just a joke movie that he knows was bad, but he’s shitting on any reviewer who actually says the “movie” was bad. WTF is wrong with him? So he’s allowed to say it’s bad, but nobody else is? What a tool this guy is. I don’t see a future in filmmaking for this guy. His attitude is all over the net now…I definitely wouldn’t want to work with him. If you can’t take criticism without reacting like a teenage girl, then this isn’t the business for you.

  47. Haha its funny you say this…There was no cameraman for this scene. The camera was on a tripod and Mandy kicked it. HAHAHAHA I saw this and laughed hysterically.

  48. And the significance of the dance number was.. what? Other than to make us die laughing at the dance instructor, I don’t see what purpose it served.

    I’m sorry; I couldn’t even sit through the entire first fifteen minute segment. It was just so bad. Even Ehren Kreuger could have written a better movie than this.

  49. The dance instructor was the one who wrote this masterpiece. lol

  50. Okay, first of all, I have to say that yes, this movie was not very good. From what I have read in the comments, a bunch of people are saying the same things I thought: Shaky camera, bad acting, and a murderous script. This movie was not very good in the least, HOWEVER, I do commend the people who worked hard on this and put themselves out there like this. Director’s comments aside, I think this was a campy little film that, in the right frame of mind, is a good way to kill time…..and that’s the ONLY reason I watched this. However, that’s not to say they should make the next supposed, STAB films they said they would, I really hope they don’t.

    Well…that’s my piece of mind :D

  51. I think it’s a cool idea for an amateur project.
    But the acting is just REALLY, REALLY BAD.
    If they did it for fun, that’s all good.
    If they did it in expectation of praises, they’re out of luck…

  52. This was a fun movie it didn’t nessarly have great depth and chemistry with some audience members but I think it’s not suppose to be a serious movie. They’re just great fans make their kind of film don’t criticise them for that. I mean have you made one, and if you have was it anything like this, census says no. I actually think that Audre Marquee and Shannon Nightngale actually have acting talent Shannon’s best part was her scenes in the woods. Sure her character was a cleche and some may say easy to play but she played it well. I actually believed her. My favorite line of the movie was , “What do you wanna do come in here and play some F**** monopoly”

  53. I can not believe that people actually took time out of their lives to
    1. read this script
    2. memorize the lines
    3. actually film it

    This is a biggest piece of shit i have ever seen

  54. ok so i only watched like5 min of the first one because it was so bad. terrible suspense, terrible actors (ESPECIALLY THE FIRST BOYFRIEND FROM PART ONE) he sucked,,,not to be mean but its the facts…terrible dialogue, terrible blood, terrible death scenes, terrible falls, terrible gun shot, ect…dont watch…

  55. haha i bet @Mtdewboy13 was part of the film, or a friend of someone in it…there is no way someone can think this was good…

  56. The best things about this movie? The Sunrise Studios logo (from the original Scream 3 website) and the character Heather Gale. She was the only character that was likable to me. Everything else…*cringes*

  57. LOL Mtdewboy13 is Joshua!!!!!

  58. I thought this movie was pretty cool. I liked watching it… maybe not the first two parts but the rest was nice.

  59. People, calm down and stop leaving all these judgemental comments. I personally am not a fan, but he did ‘try’ hard on this. Wait, what am I saying. HE SUCKS. It’s sad he thinks hes big shot cause, oh I got 500 subs. Woo hoo. Watever. Grow up. PS. DONT SAY YOUR FULL FUCKING NAME UNLESS U BECOME A YOUTUBE PARTNER. That shows how much a wannabe he is.

  60. Shut up, I LOVED HIS MOVIES!!

  61. I feel like the acting could of been better. I know 7th graders with more skill, oh and yes they can actually SCREAM but over all an okay fan film. just clean up the acting, Make The Stab Movies proud.

  62. I really, really liked Heather Gale. Like, I thought she did an awesome job, acting wise. Otherwise? It’s not great. But it’s got heart. idk. I feel bad for all the flak they’re getting. It looks like they put a lot of effort into this. It’s too bad the director/writer/actor/cameraman messed it up by being arrogant about the whole thing… I know what it’s like to be the director and writer and actor and cameraman on an amateur movie, so I know it’s hard for him to get so much hate, but maybe if he’d handled it better it wouldn’t have been such an issue. But he really has a long way to go skill-wise if he wants to get praise. & if he’d like, he can contact me and I’ll show him my fan movies that prove that I’m allowed to critique him…

  63. I also just wanted to add that the scene where Heather goes to Jay’s apartment and has a discussion with him makes NO SENSE. SHE’S HIS MOTHER. THEY KNOW EACH OTHER. Why are they in character during that discussion?

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