Stu As Original Mastermind Of Scream 3?

In this newly posted video excerpt of an audio interview with Matt Lillard from last year, the man that brought Stu Maker to quirky life in the original Scream states that his character was supposed to be in Scream 3 before Columbine brought forth massive changes to the story.

He paints the scrapped third chapter scenario as Stu still being alive, in prison and masterminding attacks against Sidney.

This is definitely one of the most far out plots we’ve heard, right up there with Tatum’s evil twin as mentioned by Rose McGowan an in issue of Fangoria

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25 Responses to “ Stu As Original Mastermind Of Scream 3? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I know they’re horror movies but I’ve always thought that the Scream series was always grounded in some sense of reality, not with silly soap opera twists like above.

  2. I don’t care about Lillard, but Rose McGowan as Tatum’s evil twin… mmm why not ? No, I agree the Scream series has to maintain some sense of reality, but it could be an idea for a stab movie !

  3. I love Matthew, but no.

  4. I thank god for Roman

  5. Well! Thak God for Roman! That was almost as bad as the theory where Randy survived Scream 2, and his family whisked him away to safety! -_-

    Glad, Stu died in the origina Scream! If he had of made it to 3, iwould have cried!

  6. Those 2 ideas are stupid… You can not hide a criminal… Even in prison. Everyone would have known about it that he was still alive, arrested and put in jail. Expecially with the STAB franchise. They would have refer to it in Scream 2 and would have been interrogate during scream 2 about the new killing spray. I prefer bot to say anything about Tatum evil twins… Does Woodsboro women are all bitches that hide their pregnancy and give away babies? C’mon! :-)

  7. That would have a been a TERRIBLE idea….I am glad he was not in the third film. His character is dead!!

  8. Stu was probably my favorite killer of the series… and as much as I would of loved to see him come back… that wouldn’t of kept everything realistic. Everything that has happened in the original Scream trilogy could of happened… thats part of the many things that makes it amazing

  9. I certainly hope he’s kidding…

  10. Can you perhaps give credit for this to Katie, who runs She’s the one who brought this information to the Scream fan community’s attention way back in July!

  11. If this would have went throught….I don’t think there would have been a Scream 4….lol that plot would have sucked and killed the already dead Scream 3….Please don’t tell me Kevin was behind that plot…at least I can still blame Ehren! geez!

  12. I agree! When I seen this I was like ‘But this has already been discussed!’ and then a confused face lol

  13. The director of a film called “Stab 3″ killing off his cast members just to bring his long lost half-sister, Sidney (who is also the main character in the fictional movie he’s directing) to him so he can kill her and pin her as the murderer… isn’t silly soap opera like?

    I think there’s one thing to remember about the “Scream” series — they’re making fun of horror movies while at the same time being one. An outlandish plot twist for the sequels that keep being made might be the point since that kind of stuff happens in other horror film. They did a homage of “Friday the 13th” and “Friday the 13th part 2″ by having the mother and son switch roles as the murderer in “Scream” and “Scream 2″. This is why I think there could be a crazy twist for “Scream 4″ — maybe one of the originals is the killer. I’m betting on Dewey.

    I think it’s kinda creepy that Stu would still be alive and still be trying to find a way to have Sidney killed outside of his jail. If he actually did survive the TV smashing — maybe that’s possible, he didn’t get a gunshot to the forehead like everyone else — Stu would still want to kill Sidney. She called the police and foiled Billy and Stu’s plans. And Stu did want to plan a sequel. I think it also ties in nicely with the first “Scream”. There could still be a surprise at the end of who was actually in the Ghostface costume doing the killings, with the added bonus of that killer revealing who he or she was working for. Stu wasn’t declared dead at the end of “Scream” or in “Scream 2″, but maybe it was irrelevant then, but it would have probably been brought up sometime before the end of “Scream 3″. Matthew Lilliard says he was contracted to be in “Scream 3″ — maybe he had a scene where Gale went to talk to him in jail, like she did with Cotton. Maybe they suspect Stu knows something about the “Scream 3″ killer and he toys with them about it, kind of like Hannibal Lecter, until the end when it’s revealed he’s been part of the new game all along.

  14. I was watching a Wes Craven interview on tv, something to do with “Frightfest” and he said the story for Scream 3 was to return to Woodsboro and the killer was suppose to be the daughter of the principal…

  15. Personally I think they’re all talking out of their asses. LOL They’re probably treating it like a big joke.

  16. Wow he can’t be serious.

  17. thank god they didn’t go with that idea that would’ve really sucked because Stu was killed in the original. I seriously someone being fried via tv could just live to see another day and Scream is set in reality.

  18. Macher

  19. I can’t help but think Matthew Lillard lied about this (or was joking). This not only makes no sense, but it comes from out of nowhere. Why didn’t we hear about this sooner? Very lame. What an awful way that would have been to end the trilogy.

  20. they could have kept with this in a way.maybe having stu in jail planning and plotting and get a hold of roman and gives him the idea to kill sid, so roman helped him out of jail and stu was the second killer? idk lol..stu was my favorite

  21. they could have kept with this in a way.maybe having stu in jail planning and plotting and get a hold of roman and gives him the idea to kill sid, so roman helped him out of jail and stu was the second killer? idk lol..stu was my favorite

  22. OH! or maybe the did go with that only stu didnt reveal himself and he is the killer in scream 4 woah! lol jk i know thats no happening

  23. There are printed articles in Premiere or Entertainment Weekly where they do say that after Columbine, they had to do rewrites even after actors were commited to the project, and other long time fans have commented that the original plot did revolve around the school.

  24. Stu was my favorite character. Lillard killed every scene.
    His performance made me love the original.

    Randy quote from SCREAM 3:
    “True Trilogies are all about going back to the beginning and discovering something that wasnt true from the get-go.”

    On that basis I believe it wouldve worked just fine.

  25. I still think that Stu could be the other killer in three but not be in it and have him be the master mind in scream 5 or 6 anchor back and show him escapen jail or the cops and end it with him being tied too part three and he already had a secret cameo in part two talking too Micky in the back ground at the party it could happen I still think he didn’t die at the end of one there’s too much left in said with him…

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