Teaser Aftermath: Screencaps And Interviews

Our trailer post has passed 100 comments as fans continue to devour then dissect the blurry, but revealing teaser. We recently added a far better visual source so be sure to check that out. The ultimate HQ quality version should be due on Tuesday night, so until then here are some odds and ends to help coast you through the next two days…

Screencaps – and lots of them. Click Here to see pretty much every shot from the best of the current low-q trailer copies.

Shock Till You Drop got some quick questions in with the cast on the night – Click Here.

Entertainment Tonight have a segment on the awards up that is more focused on David Arquette’s personal life, but there are short video interviews with the Scream 4 cast – Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts and Allison Brie. Click where? Here.

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8 Responses to “ Teaser Aftermath: Screencaps And Interviews ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Who is the blonde girl in screencaps 23 and 24?

  2. looks like it’s Anna Paquin

  3. I thought so too, but I assumed Anna only had the one scene.

  4. Brittany Robertson

  5. I wonder who lands on the news van?

  6. Can someone tell me where the Scream 4 teaser poster is? I have watched the video many times, and looked at the screen caps and can not find it. It has been mentioned by many posters on here, that they saw it.

  7. looks like Sid’s assistant.

  8. This movie has a very orangish lighting. Just like the lighting shown in that picture of Ghostface in action from Craven! sweeet.

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