Teaser Trailer Runtime Revealed

Back in August we told you the Scream 4 teaser trailer was coming in November. And unless it’s the hush-hush footage showing at Spike TV’s Scream Awards (taping Saturday night, so we’ll know soon enough), you can still count on November. But we now know exactly how long it will be plus some other very minor details…

According to Canada’s Recently Classified Trailers, Scream 4‘s teaser was classified on Friday as PG (cue hysterical reactions, but has nothing to do with movie rating – likely there is little to no gore in the trailer, that’s all) and a runtime of one minute, twenty two seconds.

Alliance Films is handling the trailer for Canada – you may recall, Alliance/Universal distributed the recent Scream Franchise Collection blu-ray set over there.

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9 Responses to “ Teaser Trailer Runtime Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Woah! Cannot wait!!! I get more excited for this film by each passing day! Seriously!!!

    I hope it will be shown at at Spike TV’s Scream Awards! It’s going to be one hell of a “Scream” week!!

  2. OMG! * hysterical*

  3. I think there was much less hype about the first 3 movies. I loved them, but I didn’t waited for them to come out…they just came and I saw them.
    But this one…man, the waiting drove me mad. Can’t wait for April 15th.

  4. Just 1:20? [angryface]

  5. 1:20 is a good runtime for a teaser, some are only 55 seconds, 1:50 at the most lol

  6. thats not a bad runtime at all! I’m pumped!

  7. thank god it’s at lest over 1 min. I thought it was gonna to be one of those 45 seconds ones.

  8. Great running time for a teaser. I really thought it might be thirty seconds at the most, showing hardly any footage. But this makes me excited. I have a feeling it will premiere at the Scream Awards.

  9. I wonder if they might re schedule the movie for a earlier time like in feb or march

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