The Fate Of Stab 3 Revealed!

In Scream 3, production of Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro was halted when it’s director got all knifey with the cast. We know that in Scream 4, the Stab franchise is suffering from sequelitis due to a glut of presumably inferior entries released (all dreamed up by Gale Weathers). So was #3 finished, then?

The teaser trailer provides the answer. A Stab 3 poster can be seen in the classroom, and look – no subtitle. Looks like Sunrise Studios restarted the project from scratch and came out with a new “based on a true story” movie dramatizing the events of Scream 3.

Look to the right of the classroom for another Stab poster ‘easter egg’. A rack is covering half of the poster, so the numerical entry is unknown.

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23 Responses to “ The Fate Of Stab 3 Revealed! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is what I always thought would happen lol Even when everyone on the IMDb boards were asking did they skip over them, I always thought ‘Nope, Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer would come back with a new actress portraying Gale and Jennifer’ :P

  2. In the trailer we see that Gail is standing by the window next to the table that Sidney is sitting at.

  3. hell YEAAAAH!

  4. I called this in my thread, good thing Wes & Co. thought about it…

  5. Hmm, Now this I didn’ notice in he trailer. I always knew that this is what would happen. A other friend of mine, who is too a huge SCREAM FAN kept sayin that ‘they skipped 3, and would do a 4.5″ ???? Which always knew would not happen. I alay thought that they would start a new ‘Stab 3′ from scratch and base it on the events that occoured in Scream 3.

    But I’m also fascinated with these ‘Stab’ sequels based on the fiction books by, Gail. I wonder what: Stab 4, 5 and 6 will be about?

  6. I just want to mention that in the trailer u can hardly see Adam Brody in any scene… and taking into account that hes quite popular… could we have our killer here??

  7. It would be cool if we saw clips from “Stab 3″ in “Scream 4,” where that movie emphasized all the things fans didn’t like. That would be a cool way to tell the fans, “Yeah, we know we messed up this one.” I mean, I liked the movie, but I know a lot of people didn’t.

  8. It would be really cool is they actually showed some scnes of Stab 3 (based on the events of scream 3) as if some character was watching it… or even better it could be the movie showing at the stab-athon!… BUT! to be honest I realy doubt it will happen!

  9. I think that the other Stab poster looks like Stab 6…

  10. Curious as to how Sidney ended up sitting in class and where was the teacher? Anyone realize that not once did we ever see Sidney sitting in class during Scream 1 or Scream 2? This is the first time ever that she’s filmed inside a classroom. HAH.

  11. Actually in Scream 1 we see her in class looking at the empty place left by Casey Baker who just got killed that previous evening.

  12. I’m assuming it’s an after school horror/film club (similar to the college film class in Scream 2) and Sidney had Jill’s guidance to see who knows about the current state of the horror genre to tell her, so she could deal with Ghostface.

    And Morgentaler is right, she was in a classroom in Scream 1.

  13. Wow, i’m a big scream fan too! (duh) i noticed Gale in the room too Thnks KJH I had to watch the trailer again for the 1,125 time to notice, now this throws another question, people are saying Gale dies this go round but if you notice Sidney has a fight scar above her left eye (right on the trailer) which means she’s fought someone already…hmmmm from the looks of the trailer you would think that Gale would have gotten the knife earlier but then again..this class room scene seems as though it’s set earlier in the film….geez all this confusion…I’m just waiting until 04/15/11! this will get my questions answered!

  14. in the trailer we see Gail standing by what looks like a door, and she is wearing her purple dress!…The same purple dress she is seen wearing when Sidney is wearing her pink dress as the book store…so i don’t think she is in the class room in this scene. plus Hayden inst even looking at anyone…? even if Gail was standing by the window Kerby couldn’t be looking at her.

  15. That sound right! Or maybe Sid is invited in class since she is now a famous author and she is in town to promote her book. My French teacher always had people conning to talk to us in HS… O_o

  16. I think that maybe they just want us to believe that Gale dies to draw away the attention of Sidney’s possible death. I mean, let’s face it, I highly doubt Neve will want to reprise the role of Sidney yet again after this. What other way to pass the torch to a new final girl? I could be wrong, and I hope that I am because I don’t want Sid to go, but it seems logical.

  17. that could be, too!

  18. you’re right… because remember… the unexpected is the new cliche :(

  19. Ok Unexpected would be “Sidney’ Living for the fact EVERYONE is expecting her to die,in EVERY horror movie the main girl usually dies by the fourth one and shes not in it, Sidney Did not come all this wait, to just sit down and die. get it together scream fans. and Why wouldn’t neve want to want to reprise her role as Sidney? She doesn’t hate the role, she just gets tired like any NORMAL human being that works every day : p

  20. I agree with you on the part where the unexpected being Sidney living. But i really think that all this attention is being drawn to Gale’s fate to distract it a bit from Sidney’s fate. So we’ll be thinking… “oh, sid’s not gonna die after all. it will be Gale” then BAM… But like i said, im not shure. Just a thought. But Neve has wanted to move away from the role of Sidney for a while now. It took a lot of negotiations, and even minor story changes, to get her to return. I really really dont think she would want to play the role of Sidney Prescott twice more, when she barely wanted to do it a third, and not at all a fourth in the beginning.

  21. the girl wearing a white top? i think that’s allison brie, the girl playing sidney’s assistant.

  22. It took a lot for them to get her to do the THIRD film! And in the end, they wound up only getting her for a limited time in her contract. That’s was Sidney appears seemingly less in the movie than Gale and Dewey.

    As for the fourth, she didn’t want to do it for a long time. However, in a recent interview I watched of her, she said that it had been ten years and people still ask her about it and she thought, “why not?” especially with all of the great ideas they had for it. Ten years is a long time. Neve may feel differently about it all now. We DON’T know if she would be willing to return for the rest of the series and we won’t until Scream 4 comes out. I think the rest is just rumors and speculation.

  23. Neve had more screentime than both Courteney and David in Scream 3. Neve had 33 mins, Courteney 28 mins, and David 26 mins

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