You’re A Survivor, Sidney

From the teaser trailer, it’s hinted that Sidney may not be the prime target this time around. Looking back at how the phone voice was utilized in Scream sequel trailers, they represented a good chunk of the killers’ motives – in Scream 2, the killer used “remember me” to link himself to the unfinished business of Billy Loomis. In Scream 3, the killer welcomed her to “the final act” to signify a concluding confrontation.

But in Scream 4, there’s no familiarity present in what little we’ve heard. Sidney has written a book about survival and the killer calls her on that with his “you’re a survivor”. He taunts her – no death threat against her, but others – while she stays alive to see it all go down.

But he’ll try anyway. Even the new generation of killer can’t resist going for the golden Prescott trophy kill. With some classic cat-and-mouse action along the way, naturally.

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11 Responses to “ You’re A Survivor, Sidney ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Yeah, that makes perfect sense!!!! “You can’t save them. All you can do… is watch”

  2. I have to agree with this assessment.

  3. Thats what though! when I watched it for like the billion-thed time I realized: “Wait a minute, he’s not saying anything about death?” Then I was like, maybe she doesn’t die, but or maybe she does, but survives last to see everyone go before her? But that couldn’ happen, could it? Emma, and Kirby will definelty make it into 5, and maybe Sidney will to. I just can’t wait untill tommorow night to see the HQ Trailer, it’s going to be completley awesome!

  4. I agree with your theory. “Remember me?” was totally a reference to the killer being someone Sidney once knew (Mrs. Loomis). My ideas:

    1. “Welcome Home, Sidney” = really could be anyone in Woodsboro, unless you are more welcomed by someone you’re closer to, like Dewey, Gale, or maybe her aunt Kate and Jill.

    2. “You’re a survivor… aren’t you, Sidney?” = this is the threat. It sounds like the killer is pissed that Sidney survived the original massacres. Or jealous that she did. Resentful. The killer may have also read Sidney’s book about survival.

    3. “What good is it being a survivor if everyone close to you is dead?” = Is the killer psychologically projecting here? Could the killer be someone like Sidney who has lost many people to death? This could have been a question the killer asks him/herself at times, when contemplating life. Hmm, we know Dewey lost Tatum. In some sides, Jill lost her friend/boyfriend, Jarod. Gale hasn’t really lost anyone. Not sure about the other characters.

    4. “You can’t save them… all you can do… is watch.” = A reference to the STAB films? Maybe it’s someone who watched someone they know from the first three STAB films, who died in real life, die in the movie. I mean, imagine having to watch that. Perhaps the killer has watched it many times and it made him/her crazy. Imagine knowing someone you loved was killed and then their death scene is reenacted in a popular movie that people love and celebrate. Could be a reason why the killer is attacking around the time of a STAB-A-THON party. You can’t save your loved one as they perish in STAB 1, 2 or 3… all you can do… is watch.

    I think that’s what provokes the killer into action this time… and with Sidney back in Woodsboro, promoting a book about her own survival, while a STAB-A-THON party is taking place… it’s a good opportunity for someone to take advantage of trying to kill Sidney, and kill others so she can watch and be tortured watching it happen while she does nothing. It’s gotta be someone grieving the death of someone they knew from the original STAB trilogy and reacting in the wrong way about it. I personally think it’s Dewey, finally venting his pain over Tatum. I think he’ll get killed at the end of this movie and that way Courteney and David won’t have to appear together in the the remainder of the new trilogy. But that last part is just my guess — I still say the motive is right, regardless of who the killer truly is.

  5. I loved the trailer, made my day – and love all the commetns before this one WHOOP WHOOP!

  6. Yea, I also think that the killer’s reason for doing all of this is because they knew someone who died from the first movie.

    *Don’t look if you don’t wanna hear any speculation*

    Personally, I still think one of the killers may be Judy Hicks. Her being a classmate of Sidney’s, and how in the 3rd movie, the second killer was going to be Angela, who was going to be Sidney’s classmate from high school. Maybe Kevin is going to use a storyline that was suppose to be used.

  7. I totally agree with this. I think the killer takes advantage of Syd coming back to town and decides to wreak a little havoc. Jill is Maureen’s niece so there is a major connection to the first film. I can totally see Syd and Jill making it to the end and then Syd maybe taking the bullet, so to speak, for Jill. I am just speculating, but I hope that Sydney makes it to the end. I think it would be a lame cop out for Syd to die after surviving the first one.

  8. Completely agree, the killer knows Sidney’s track record, she’s still standing so he probably won’t go after her unless they have

  9. Well, I generally agree, but it’s probably also something A LIL BIT obvious; because I thought the cast and crew have been talking about they are really focusing on the younger cast, or at least that’s how I’ve been interpreting the news way back when Scream 4 is surfacing.

    I think it’s a nice smooth transition from the older to the younger generation, so it makes sense the Sidney is no longer a prime target.

  10. I dont know if I agree with that, this time the rules are broken,and I feel like that killer is playing with sidney, and I feel like it has to do w/t sidney for at least half the part it has to do with anything because of the fact that , she started this and the killer must be following her closely to know shes back in town, and to know shes written a book, I think the killer is still after her. ;) my theory.

  11. The Killer(s) would not have to follow Sidney closely at all. She’s Sidney Prescott. Everyone and their mother in Woodsboro would know she was coming to town. It would be like Christmas to them.

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