A Second Scream Documentary Now In Production!

We were alerted via Twitter that Eli Roth, director of the pair of Hostel films, announced last week “Just filmed my interview for the “Scream” documentary. Party time!”. Others are eroneously reporting this as the¬†Still Screaming doco, but the photo Roth provided may clue you into a major factoid: this is a completely¬†separate production. The cat’s out of the bag now so here’s what we know:

Scream: The Inside Story is directed by Dan Farrands, he of substantial genre docs His Name Is Jason: 30 Years Of Friday The 13th and Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. Slasher fans will also recognize him as writer of Dimension Films’ Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers.

In addition, Farrands has one heckuva lucky connection to Scream that he’ll surely exploit: in his youth he attended Santa Rosa High School, which was later to be Woodsboro High before the school board essentially kicked production out of there after the script material caused substantial community uproar.

Scream: The Inside Story will air on A&E/BIO Channel next year, presumably close to Scream 4‘s release.

Stay tuned to Scream-Trilogy for more info to come as it rolls in. Here is a crew photo from Facebook – that’s Wes Craven & Farrands in the middle. The more Scream coverage, the merrier…

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7 Responses to “ A Second Scream Documentary Now In Production! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So there are two docs? Gee whiz. I wonder if some actors will be loyal to one over the other. It will also be interesting to see if both tell the series stories true and accurately.

  2. U C a lil bit of the WOODSBORO HIGH SCHOOL sign behind the big guy.

  3. Very cool. Maybe Eli has a cameo in Scream 4. He’s so hot for a behind-the-scenes guy.

  4. Well, it was recently said that people who we had no idea would be starring in cameos would appear in the film – so who knows! Would be pretty neat.

  5. Loving all this anticipation and promo for Scream 4! Looks like the Weinsteins were right about this being the right time for another Scream film…there’s been so much excitement and anticipation for it.

  6. does anyone else see ghost face in between the two guys on the left? lol. it’s poped out at me lol

  7. oh man, I was wondering whether Eli was going to be on the Still Screaming one, that was my first thought, doh!

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