Britt Robertson Talks Scream 4

The latest ‘first’ interview snippet of a series newcomer that is surprisingly revealing – from the names of those Robertson worked with (besides Aimee Teegarden), it can be easily deduced if her character appears in a Stab scene, or Scream‘s “real-life”. Read on if you wanna know…

Can you tell us anything about Scream Four?
No, I was like sworn to secrecy.  They said, “You can tell them who’s in it, who you have scenes with and that’s it.”

Well by all means, share.
So I have scenes with Aimee Teegarden, from Friday Night Lights?  I love her; she’s super fun and super swert.  And I have a brief encounter with Adam Brody and David Arquette-  but I mean, very brief.

That sounds like a dangerous combination.
Oh yeah, they’re total chaos on set together.

Source: Nylon Mag

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8 Responses to “ Britt Robertson Talks Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is an interesting interview i must say. I cant wait until April 15 2011.

  2. She’s not the best actress. I’ve watched some of her stuff and wasn’t really impressed. I doubt she’s been given much heavy material, so I’m sure she’ll do fine. She’s a very nice girl, though. I follow her on Twitter and she’s talked to me several times. I’ve asked her about Scream 4 and she was very, very tight lipped. She wouldn’t tell me her character’s name or the first letter of her character’s name. Haha. She can keep a secret, I’ll give her that.

  3. She seems too bubbly to me. Bubbly and SWERT. :)

  4. Adam Brody, eh? His character is in my top three suspects list.

    Anyway, she’s quite the looker. I assume it shall play out in one of two ways. She’ll interact with Dewey/Hoss and then get diced by Ghostface, or she’ll get killed and then her brief interaction with Dewey/Hoss is actually them finding her body at the scene.

  5. We all know she’s (and Aimee) gonna die from the trailer.
    And honestly, who thought they were in the Stab movies anyway.
    Still betting them on as being opening kills.

  6. I don’t know how familiar you are with the actress, but she looks 13 even though she’s 19. In some pictures she looks great, but in other pictures she looks like a little kid.

  7. Not familiar at all, to be honest. The picture in this article is all I’ve seen of her.

  8. Trying to piece the tidbits we do know, I think she is one of the 2 girls who play next door neighbours and are on the phone together when Ghostface gets in on the action for a juicy 3-way conference call. My guess is he slices Teegarden as Britt watches from next door, she calls the cops and by the time they arrive she’s toast- hence a very brief scene with them. No spoiler! This is only my personal guess.

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