Ehren Kruger And Others Still Screaming

Today we learn from this photo that Ehren Kruger is a confirmed interviewee on Still Screaming. The Scream 3 scribe and Scream 4 “band-aid” has spoken very little about his experiences on the franchise, so this will surely be revelatory.

And perhaps a chance to re-assess?

You can see a whole gallery full of new screencaps at the new Still Screaming Facebook. We won’t spoil some of the surprise faces in there. Please note, a Facebook profile is required for access, but well worth signing up for the potential goodies to come.

If you’re heading there, why not also stop by Scream-Trilogy‘s recently launched page too.

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11 Responses to “ Ehren Kruger And Others Still Screaming ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I’m guessing he’s the only writer we’ll be getting interviews from on this documentary . . . *sigh*

  2. After Mr. W seemingly disowned his involvement, evident by the deletion of everything from Twitter and complete 180 concerning talking about S4/the series, not to mention his long-term VD renewal and that persistent (although perhaps false) rumor he wanted his name removed from the project…which The Weinsteins would never allow to happen as his name is a main draw to us fans…Yeah, I would say that’s a safe assumption…and yes, it does suck. Hope we’re proven wrong. I, for one, wonder if Kev’s feelings towards Kruger’s work is a key part of that whole mess. Kev’s persistently taken a ‘no comment’ on Scream 3, which the pattern has shown to be his polite way of showing disapproval, and the current ordeal started after word got out about Kruger’s work/changes on the S4 script. I really wish KW would come out, clear the air, and openly speak his mind…even if it is post-S4’s release for obvious reasons.Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the ’20/25 years later’ doc.

  3. Great, here come the Scream 3 trolls.

  4. Kevin Williamson is nothing more than a diva.

  5. I want Kevin to say what percentage of script Ehren changed, if rumors were true, in order to know if I keep supporting S4 or not.

  6. I wonder WHY the actors didn’t jointly stick up for Williamson and refuse to go on without him? After all, they had some idea of the script before the joined on.

  7. Kudos to Ehren for the interview. And how do you know Kevin has not been interviewed or is going to be interviewed?

  8. i cant even stand looking at that fake movie feanchise destroier.

  9. This will be great….These documentaries might actually shut the Scream 3 trolls up.

    Once they see it’s not hated by the world as they personally believe it is.

  10. Script for Scream 4 was about 140 page long. Its a two and half hours of movie, pretty long for a horror. Job of Ehren Kruger probably was to reduce original script to the 100 page, in normal movie standard.

  11. Because the actors aren’t in the small string of trolls that think everyone hates Scream 3.

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