Go Inside The Scream 4 Art & Prop Show (Video & Pics)

The worlds of Scream and Stab collide! Here’s video footage that puts you right at opening night of the Scream 4 Art & Prop Exhibit in Burbank. It’s all thanks to ‘Sidneyloverboy’ who also emailed us two close looks at some choice photos…

Principle Himbry, Memorialized! An incredible shot of Woodsboro High’s interior reveals just how Principle Himbry from the original Scream is remembered – ironically, the complete opposite of his bitter self. Not to be upstaged by The Fonz – uh, we mean The Himb (can we start a thing with that? No? Okay) – also featured in the photo are uber-cool prop-master Skip Crank and Hayden Panettiere as Kirby. Check out the locker – is that a piece of the Final Destination 4 poster art up there?

Ghostface takes a breather. It’s hard work for a slasher to retain peak speed after running up so many staircases. But cheesy jokes aside, what’s interesting about this photo is it’s autographed “To Kirby” (partially visible here, completely in the video). Could Kirby be the ultimate Stab fanatic? Hmm…

For details on the art & prop show click here. It runs to November 15th only!

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6 Responses to “ Go Inside The Scream 4 Art & Prop Show (Video & Pics) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. good stuff

  2. Cant wait to see it, maybe Kirby goes to a Stab set and gets an autograph and meets ghostface while shes there

  3. That is awesome!! Is that a vax figure of Hayden or is it the real deal? I could have sworn I`ve seen her just like that before! lol!

  4. Awesome stuff! I love that Stab 4 DVD! sweet!

  5. OMG they kept probably the last KNB mask!

  6. am I the only 1 who noticed blood is on the shoe when you pause it at 1:42

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