Neve Campbell’s Initial Scream 4 Doubts

A small article from The Telegraph features a Neve Campbell quote about why almost didn’t come back for Scream 4. And an explanation for who changed her mind…

Neve said: “I was happy with the first three films we did in the series and thought we should leave it on a high.”

But she revealed film-maker Harvey Weinstein convinced her there was still more life in the story and in the end she really enjoyed making the film.

So there you have it. We should all thank Money – um, we mean Harvey – for convincing Campbell to sign on.

It was a close call there for a while, because there was no script to lure her in – it was still being worked on by Kevin Williamson, who mid-draft had to consider a Sidney-less rewrite after her initial refusal to return. Now, how to convince her for a Scream 5?

Source: The Telegraph

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9 Responses to “ Neve Campbell’s Initial Scream 4 Doubts ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Interesting, but did you spoil something in the end?(To the writer).

  2. Well by the sound of that last sentence…it looks like she lives in scream 4.

  3. Well if Scream 4 is successful and her character survives, Im sure she will have no problem returning for 5 or 6.

  4. wicked-scribe is simply saying that if her character survives, then how will Neve be coaxed into returning for a fifth film. None of us know if she makes it or not.

  5. yahhh…wickedscribe (as well as most people on earth) knows borderline nothing about who lives or who there is know way he could give anything away..even if he wanted to. BUT i hope she lives and continues on in the franchise.

  6. P.S. woops didnt mean to post this as a reply to your comment @VW2009 :/

  7. …IF she survives the 4th one.

  8. I think that they made some comprimise so that she would not have to return for 5 and 6… so maybe she does die?

  9. Well, if Sidney survives Scream4, I hope she will return for the 5th and/or 6th installment. I am so psyched about this movie I just can’t wait until April.

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