New Ghostface Image Shows Close Encounter (Updated With Higher Res)

It’s Ghostface doing what he does best. Unfortunately Gale Weathers is doing what she does worst – trying to stay out of danger. Thanks to ‘Sidneyloverboy’ for this higher-res version he snapped at the Scream 4 Art Show in Burbank.

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26 Responses to “ New Ghostface Image Shows Close Encounter (Updated With Higher Res) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That’s bullsht that they would show us a picture like that and/or put hat part in the trailer. There’s no way for her to survive that encounter. She dies.

  2. i agree unfortunately. as the unexpected is the new cliche and what we see in this pic and on the trailer, gale will die.

  3. Randy, Cotton, now Gale!

  4. i was there when this scene was being filmed.

  5. what happens then

  6. I am still not convinced about Gale dying. It makes sense for me if Sidney got killed. Dou you remember the scene from Scream 1 when Sidney got attacked in her house and she was on her back and the killer put the knife on her face? That seems simmiliar to this phoro. Maybe she got stabbed in her shoulder I can see that happening. In the Scream award trailer was Dewy shooting from the gun in the barn if I remember. Maybe I am totaly wrong, but I am still about 80 % positive that Gale wont die in Scream 4.

  7. Scoraus, if you’ve been here since the beginning of filming, or even paid attention to the trailer, they’re at a barn for a Stab-A-Thon party.

  8. This is the first scene in the movie.

  9. Sorry don’t think so… if you watch the trailer again, Gale is part of the troop who open the car trunk during the day, and then again she is in the crowd when the woman falls onto the news van at night… so the barn scene is not the opening scene.

  10. She could easilly kick him off of her, just as Casey baecker did and she had been stabbed in the shoulder, and also as sidney did, people are too easilly fooled

  11. you’re right, i’m annoyed how ppl keep saying she is going to die, they need to just shut up and wait ’til the movie. at this point anything can happen, for all we know gale could fart, kill the guy, and the movie ends there. lol :)

  12. if Gale doesn’t die, then it’s probably a teenager pulling a prank on her. What is shown in the trailer is so confusing. You see her putting up the cameras in the barn, while she has the mask on. At about 1:06, you see people scattering about inside of the barn, as if something bad has happened. And, then after filming finished, Courtney and David Arquette split… which gives me the idea that she probably won’t return to do a sequel.

    I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the demise of Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

  13. I really hope they DON’T kill Gale off simply because the is my fav and she is part of the core of Scream. I really don’t think Wes or Kevin would want us to know if she was going to die ,they love to shock us! We NEVER seen Randy being offed until we actually seen Scream 2 and I personally didn’t see them killing Cotten in the first 10 min of Scream 3 either, If they are so secret about the killers don’t you guys think they would be even more secret about one of the MAIN 3 dying? Think about it. So I guess we will have to wait til April 15th.

  14. I think they didn’t even make a Scream 4 , and it all a big hype to get everyone guessing what is going to really happen.
    I heard from a reliable source that Wes Craven Just shot these trailers to get people confused and the “REAL” film is Called “André The Seal comes To Dinner”…And It stars Neve Campbell David Arquette and Courtney Cox , and wad shot in 3D…

  15. The real poster is coming soon. Tagline: Someone has taken their love of sealife one schlep too far.

  16. It’s sooo obvious,….even if you look closely at the photograph, you can see the costume still has salt water on it Gale is holding a fish in her right hand ,
    and the ” the Killers hand holding the knife is obviously a Flipper.
    it must be André

  17. Hmm, I thought something was fishy about that scene!

  18. No it’s not.

  19. Courtney left early cause she has a show to film. Neve did the same during Scream 3.

  20. really wanna know?

  21. Like someone else posted, I actually think this whole Gale being attacked scene we`ve seen in the teaser is just a prank from some stupid Stab fans or something. If she was to be killed in this scene I think there`s no way they would have showed so much from it in the teaser.

  22. she is so going to die. i cant believe they are killing the best character. at least let her be the killer.

  23. Of course people want to know.

  24. don’t doubt it, think about it Saw 3D’s trailer showed a main character being killed off so for all we know until it’s cofirmed or the films out Gail could die

  25. don’t doubt it, think about it Saw 3D’s trailer showed a main character being killed off so for all we know until it’s cofirmed or the films out Gail could die

  26. ok ill tell you. so here is something!!!!!

    During this scene we are watching the stab movies. We don’t realize what is happening above, but gale begins fighting with the killer. After a struggle the killer knocks gale down and stabs her (in the trailer it is when she says “if you have the guts”) she then falls off the loft and dewey comes running in and scares off the killer. everyone at the party then sees a cop is there and runs off. i am not sure what happens to gale after that. she may still be alive, but i have no idea.

    im sorry if i ruined anything.

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