Pictorial: Beware The Blood Splattered Mask

Turtleneck Girl (Britt Robertson) stumbles on a sight most unpleasant…

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18 Responses to “ Pictorial: Beware The Blood Splattered Mask ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. i would have run as fast as i could and she justs stands there in the beginning like whatt??????

  2. It`s so much easier to understand what`s going on in these very short clips from the teaser when you see it picture by picture!! Can`t wait to see this scene!!

  3. I agree….she just watching someone get killed and then she starts to run….thats crazy!

  4. Well, for all we know she she may run right after the sight of someone getting stabbed. It may look like she`s just standing there when watching these pictures, but all of these pictures is just a second of footage (or something).

  5. Oh, I’m SOOOOOO excited! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Is it tax day yet?

  6. Looks as if one is going to be the best so far. I hope it is.

  7. she could think the killer is just some regular person in a costume but doesnt know its an actual killer till the person is getting stabbed

  8. She’s watching ghostface kill aime teegardern

  9. Oh, come ON people. Are you saying that it shouldn’t even take a split second to observe that your friend is being stabbed to death before running? That perhaps she shouldn’t even have to walk in the lounge room to know that unimaginable terror is happening to her bestie? People always like to pick apart the reactions of victims in this genre, when I personally think that they’re quite realistic in depictions like this.

  10. hahaha!…I thought i was the only one who thought it was funny the premiere was on tax day!

  11. I feel really bad for her, she seems really scared, this scene and the Olivia scene are going to be bad ass! I know =)

  12. I feel bad for her for dying.
    I also feel bad for us for knowing so much from the trailer! =P

  13. I think every murder scene involved two girls…. Like someone said above me, she is watching Aimee teegraden being murdered, because the two were in a set photo posted a couple months ago in a house with the same stairs and she was wearing the same clothes. Then Lucy hale and the other brunette in the trailer will get attacked together, then Anna Paquin and the other blonde chick, and there’s a scene in the trailer where Jill and Kirby are together… Soooo many pairs! Should make the scenes more fun

  14. If any IRS employee is stabbed, this film will be blamed! Ha ha.

  15. Don’t forget Sidney and her auntie. =)

  16. I think the second and third-last shots make for a really interesting scene, with Ghostface looking like he’s come up one flight of stairs and Britt’s character coming from another room. I like that we can see Ghostface coming before she can!

  17. Did anyone else notice that this scene takes place in the same house where the two girls are in the kitchen and the one in yellow says “It’s for you.”

    Look at the fridge in this scene and in the other one.

  18. She really brings the emotion into my body.
    Just looking at those pics are confirming that she is a really good actress.

    I think i know what’s going to happen.
    Based on Casting calls one girl in the opening was supossed to be a girl who likes to joke but could go to far. So i think that a girl scares her first , then walks away. And then the killer comes in a ghostface mask and he kills Aimee Teegarden. She sees that and was like huh and then she notices she really gets killed and she runs away :D

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