Scream: The Inside Story – Info & Images

Here’s the skinny on the new documentary we broke first word about 2 days ago, plus several images of assorted Scream interviewees.

“After our incredibly successful collaboration on ‘Never Sleep Again,’ we were eager to find another project to work on together,” says Farrands of Hutson and their team at 1428 Films. “Fortunately, we didn’t need to look far. Having had such an incredible experience with Wes Craven and our friends at the BIO Channel on ‘Never Sleep Again,’ and of course with ‘Scream 4′ right around the corner, it made perfect sense for us to explore the beginnings of this landmark horror franchise.” Adds Hutson: “I have always said if I dipped my toe in the retrospective waters again after ‘Never Sleep Again,’ it would be for ‘Scream.’ As a fan of Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson and the entire franchise, I am thrilled to be going behind-the-scenes of a movie that made scaring the hell out of me and the audience a total blast.”

From the genesis of Kevin Williamson’s original “Scary Movie” screenplay to the film’s final gross of nearly $200 million in worldwide box office receipts, SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY will take fans deeper “behind the screams” than ever before. Featuring rare archival materials and exclusive new interviews with dozens of cast and crew members, this all-new, two-hour retrospective is being produced as part of the acclaimed A&E/Biography Channel series “The Inside Story” which has previously delved into the backstories of Hollywood blockbusters such as “Animal House,” “Caddyshack,” “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Halloween.” Poised to be the definitive look at the 1996 horror film that is said to have single-handedly resurrected a dying genre, SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY will give fans an insider’s look at why the film, the cast and, of course, the inscrutable “Ghost Face” killer have assumed their rightful place as true icons of modern horror cinema.

We recognize most of the faces – W. Earl Brown (Kenny), Bruce Alan Miller (production designer), Patrick Lussier (editor) and Joseph Whipp (Sheriff Burke) and of course Rose McGowan & Wes Craven.

Source: Dread Central

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  1. In Rose’s pic thats a replica of the tree and swing at Casey Becker’s house behind her.

  2. I can`t believe we`re actually gettingTWO documentaries!!! And I still can`t believe we`re getting a new Scream movie! Feels like I`m living in a fantasy world. This really shows that miracles DO happen! lol! :D

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