Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro (Faux Trailer)

We now know that the meta-Scream 3 didn’t pan out as planned, but this crafty creation is what an early teaser trailer might have looked like…

Source: HorrorTrailerGuy

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7 Responses to “ Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro (Faux Trailer) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That actually wasn’t half bad.

  2. That was great. That guy does amazing stuff.

  3. I love it!

  4. That was great!!

  5. that was great i liked it

  6. i love scary movis and i am not scare at all not anymore and love them all except the fourth one and fifth one and sixth one haven’t seen yet i would love to see them all what’s your favorite scary movie well my was scream series and freddy versus jason awesome movie ever so first killer was billy loomis and stu macher second debbie salt ( billy’s monther) mickey alteri third roman bridger fourth jill roberts and kirby reed which was hayden panteirre and emma robertsi watch their shows too bring it on all or nothing and unfabolous omg brb scream 3

  7. actually i love that movie so so so so much and i am #1 biggest fan of horror movies ever and it wasn”t half bad and i know their quotes and know who played in it and i have seen it awhile since i was 13 years old and i love their songs creed what if song it was one of my favorite scary movies ever had in my intire lifei know their moves and acting it out so much all the time i love it i will see you later and i will watch you on t.v. when i get home love you bye

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