Three New Scream 4 Official Stills

Today three new HQ images rock your world: we’ve got Sidney in a pro-active pose followed by a return to defensive mode (with a little help from Jill’s mother) as Ghostface arrives, and last but not least, the new cast hanging at the fountain. You know, the cursed fountain.

Note: one of the photos removed at request of Weinstein Co

Source: Scream_Panico

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23 Responses to “ Three New Scream 4 Official Stills ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. OHMYGOD! :O

  2. I think I have to start my official “blackout of all Scream 4 news” now. I’m going to know too much by April 15th!

  3. Amazing pictures. This made me more excited, can’t wait for the movie.

  4. Neve Campbell looks amazing.

  5. Oh God! Sid and Kate in trouble, RUN!

  6. yeah. i figured this day would come for me too…i think i may check back every two weeks, tho. :p

  7. The first picture of Neve is PERFECT.

  8. Great pics, wow Sidney!

    Robbie looks hot :P

  9. Great pics, wow Sidney!

    Robbie looks hot :P

  10. LOVE IT!! Love Sid!:)

  11. OMG OMG OMG I Think i just jizzed myself!!! LOL

  12. Holy cow! Mary Mcdonnel is looking awesome! and is that Blood on Sid’s knife ?

  13. These pictures are great!!!

    But the HQ ones doesn`t work?

  14. These pictures are great!!!

    But the HQ ones doesn`t work?

  15. I think I just had a Screamgasm.

  16. i have question has any one noticed that emma roberts get almsot zero promo in the trailer or anything else

  17. Man, i love that first pic of Neve. She’s lookin great.

  18. HQ versions fixed, links now work.

  19. What do you mean shes in the trailer a few times like most of the cast and she was one of the cast members promoting scream 4 at the 2010 scream awards and the new photos are awesome by the way.

  20. That’s gotta be how Sidney gets the boo-boo cut on her cheek! A little too close for comfort, I must say!

  21. The guy on the far left looks like he could be Cotton Weary’s son.

  22. They’ve got to sell the movie and the best way to sell the movie is not by suggesting it’s like Friday the 13th with a revolving door cast, but by showing that they mean business and that the original combo of Sid/Gale/Dewey are still there.

  23. just found out something from the trailer, when it show gail and ghostface on the ground. ghost face must of had talked to her because he used the voice thingy outside of the mask like in scream3

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