Deja Voodoo: Randy In Scream 4 After All!?

In an interview with Ask Men, Jamie Kennedy was asked for the umpteenth time if he is in Scream 4. His answer was surprising…

Can we expect to see you in Scream 4?
JK : I can’t tell you that! You’ll have to watch and find out!

This is an important statement to look at as this is the first time Kennedy has altered his answer. Usually he is firm in shooting the rumors down. Yet here, he gives a zipped lipped response reminiscent of how the other cast members are under order not to reveal anything. So let’s back up a little:

July 23 was the last time the press asked him about coming back. He backed up a denial by mentioning that he discussed it with Kevin Williamson a few days prior. So we can safely say up to this point, he definitely wasn’t coming back.

August 23 marked 81 minutes worth of scenes shot and assembled (that’s at least 40 minutes off average Scream runtime) and that the screenplay was now 140 pages long, suggesting alterations continued well past July. The remainder of the recently extended shoot was primarily additional cast members. Filming ended September 22.

November 8 at the Scream 4 Art Show, propmaster Skip Crank told Bloody-Disgusting:

Everyone wanted to be in it“, Crank told me. “There were people calling saying, ‘I wanna do this’…of course, everyone wanted Matt Lillard back in there, and Jamie Kennedy, and how can we get this person to come back?…there are a lot of people in the film that show up that nobody knows about. It’ll be a big surprise.

Crank’s statement was firmly about returnees, not simply secret new cast members. It’s a very short list of who could possibly return, and he emphasized that there are a more than one. Randy is clearly “gone”, but we’re talking actors here. Between unused footage and the movies-within-movies, there is definitely wiggle room to bring Kennedy back.

As for the deja vu, back in 1999 broke the world exclusive that Jamie Kennedy would somehow be returning as Randy in Scream 3. The scorn and ridicule launched against the site was enormous, because fans simply couldn’t wrap their head around how such a thing would be possible. There was simply no logical way for it to be done, they argued. Then ET footage came and confirmed his return, and the nature of it.

So our point is, that the exclusion of Jamie Kennedy in Scream 4 cannot be assumed based on probability alone, because current evidence and past precedent support a possible appearance. Only time will tell…

Source: AskMen via SFE

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12 Responses to “ Deja Voodoo: Randy In Scream 4 After All!? ”

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  1. Oh for…
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. Why would they dig up his corpse,? By now it would probably be nothing but bones, or dust right? so what would be the point in using him? Please no supernatural Randy as a skeleton, Oh God, lol, I like the cameo idea though, if anything.

  3. I’m thinking if anything they’ll pull out that tape and re-watch it…we know it was longer and more detailed than what they showed us in Scream 3. Or I bet one of the “new kids” will unearth it and be watching it in the background of a scene or something since the town seems to be obsessed with the events from years ago. I guess we’ll see….

  4. They are probably going to rewatch it, and scrutinize it. Randy said that it was the final chapter so why is this happening?

  5. Maybe if they watch it backwards, it reveals the REAL killer!

  6. Maybe if they watch it backwards, it reveals the REAL killer!

  7. haha, yeah I know.

  8. Perhaps they’re watching it in the classroom and then do a follow-up by discussing the NEW rules.

  9. i like him i think its is all set up that he can be the killer

  10. maybe he is the mastermind, faking his death in scream 2, and the fact he keeps getting cameos and popping back in each film is a reference to the killer always coming back again and again in horror movies, maybe we wont find out he’s the series killer mastermind till film 6 – he was THE ultimate scary movie fan!

  11. I don’t really give a rat’s cute little but about dead characters’ actors returning.
    It’d be somewhat cool, but I am more focused on the plot, etc.
    It’s more like an icing on the cake that I could live without.
    That is, unless their returning is more than just a decoration, so to speak.

  12. butt*

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