Fun World Comments On Ghostface Figure

Fun World’s R.J. Torbert has released a statement addressing Neca’s prototype Ghostface figure which had received divisive fan feedback.

First, I would like to congratulate NECA on a job well done. As I have mentioned in earlier interviews there are “reasons” for things unfolding the way they have and I extol their ability and determination on this project. I also think they were very gracious in releasing a “prototype” image of the figure to the “SCREAM” “GHOSTFACE” followers instead of a “production” figure. By doing this they showed appreciation and respect to the fans which I think is terrific. Yes, there has been “some” criticism which everyone is entitled to do when giving their opinion. There have even been some comments such as. “Who let this pass?” The answer is me. The buck stops here at this office when it comes to GHOSTFACE and the approvals so the criticism can be directed at me or my office should they decide to do so. I was in constant contact with Neca thru the stages including while I was in Hong Kong. They are a terrific group of hard working people who I think did something original with the mixture of cloth and plastic and I m confident the sales results will make it a very successful item and quite possibly a collectors piece.

You can read the rest of the statement here, which helps clarify the inclusion of “zombie” Ghostface in both the figure release, and inĀ Scream 4. Our source for this story was Scream Franchise Examiner, who are also holding a contest over the holidays.

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12 Responses to “ Fun World Comments On Ghostface Figure ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Eh, still blows…

  2. They need to make it either all cloth or all plastic. That’s all I’m saying. If they leave it the way it is now, I’m NOT buying it.

  3. So is R.J. Torbert saying they’ll make changes or not because I say the figure sucks major balls. I wouldn’t buy it even if it was just five bucks the way it is,either have it resemble classic ghostface.Or don’t make it at all because this isn’t what fans like me see the character as.

  4. Lol if the fans are saying it sucks, then why don’t they listen.

  5. I really want a Sidney , Gale , Dewey figure set to go with the killer . I think while the killers yes are needed the heroes would sell really well. I mean Think of the where they could go! Alice from Friday the 13th Sidney from Scream Laurie Strode from Halloween Gale from Scream Nancy Thompson from NIghtmare and maybe Kirsten from NIghtmare 3

  6. I am huge Scream fanboy and never paid attention to the toys released with the films. What is awful about this version?

  7. I’m sorry… how does this figure blow? Anyone criticizing it is just acting like an idiot and being disrespectful for no reason. It’s a black cloak with a ghostface mask. There is nothing more to ghostface than that. It is a great figure.

  8. What’s wrong with the figure have you even looked at it Tommy? It’s got a mix of leather and cloth either go 100% cloth,or 100% leather how fucking hard is that? If this figure is the final product I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

  9. It looks ok…

  10. Blehhhh blehhhh blehhhh leather and cloth o noes I clearly know more about action figure production than NECA blehhh blehhhhh

  11. If he’s the one that let it passed, then I regard his opinion as a FAIL one.
    It’s just not pretty. Or down right ugly. Sorry. :

  12. OMG! The new Scream figure kind of looks like one of my fishing lures. This has to be the worst looking figure that Neca ever came out with.I could see if this was the 60’s and the technology just was not available to make a decent figure but that is not the case. I am not too happy with the looks of this figure, I think the best part of this figure is the boots and the knife. I wonder if the killer in Scream 4 is a girl? Could this be a spoiler for the movie. That would explain the dress that this figure is wearing.

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