Lost Scream 2 Sarah Michelle Gellar Scene Revealed

While Scream was a comparatively intimate ensemble film, Scream 2 opened the story up to the considerably larger world of college. This required characters to be juggled to maintain focus, such as Cici (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who was to have an introductory scene which showed her conversing with fellow sorority girls Lois & Murphy.

However when the Randy/Mickey classroom scene was required to be reshot, Cici was dropped into the revamped scene, arguably a better introduction for the character. Two birds, one stone. The aftereffect of this meant that the sorority girl sequence was now redundant, and was removed accordingly.

For those curious about the content and context of the scene, this excerpt from Kevin Williamson’s shooting script closes the book on longtime speculation.


I can’t hear.  I’m moving closer.

Randy walks off, passing LOIS and MURPHY.  They stand talking to a young sassy girl, CICI, and some other sorority girls.


Which one is she?


(pointing to Sidney)

Over there.  The angst-ridden one against the wall.


That’s so cool.  I didn’t know she went to Windsor.


We have our own little celebrity victim.


Has she pledged a sorority yet?


Just back off.  We got her.

Lois shoots her threatening eyes as she saunters off with Murphy.  Cici watches them go.



Lois and Murphy make their way to Sidney and Hallie.


Hello, girls. Enjoying yourselves?

Next time you watch Scream 2, you should find it easy to spot where the snip was made. Do you think this would have made a better introduction for SMG? Sound off below.

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19 Responses to “ Lost Scream 2 Sarah Michelle Gellar Scene Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Lmao I really wish they kept it in. More Cici would have been fine in my book.

  2. They should have kept this in! I really hope we see the deleted scene of this soon. Maybe on the documentary?

  3. I don’t like this scene because it makes her sound like another sorority bitch. She wasn’t being very sensitive with Sidney… I wouldn’t have felt good about her character.

  4. That’s so cool. I wish they would have kept this scene in the movie, I hope they re-release the original trilogy and add this deleted scene to the features. But was these scene even shot, maybe it was (judging by the picture), but who knows.

  5. agreed. in the classroom scene she came off very smart and quick. In that scene she does sound like “another sorority bitch”

  6. I personally think it’s hilarious.

  7. I think they should have kept both scenes. It wouldn’t have caused any harm to have more of Cici, but like someone said she would have sounded like a b***h.

  8. I think they should have kept both scenes. It wouldn’t have caused any harm to have more of Cici, but like someone said she would have sounded like a b***h.

  9. I would have loved to hear Sarah Michelle Gellar saying starfuckers! lol!
    And this explains why she keeps lurking at Sidney during that same scene :D

  10. I definitely like the version in the movie better. Though I kinda wish they’d kept the classroom scene in the auditorium instead of the classroom. I’m glad they got rid of that bad-acting girl who originally had Cici’s lines, though.

  11. She looks kind of dwarfish in that pic. I don’t like it.

  12. i always wondered why you could see her in the background during that scene.

  13. awww they should have kept that one in

  14. Wow I always wanted to know what the scene was about! Thanks!:)

  15. It’s fine that it was cut. It would have been cool to see more SMG but the movie overall didn’t need it.

  16. They didn’t put Cici in enough. One more scene before she’s killed would be better. I always thought giving characters just two scenes before they die is not effective. I barely care for them at all.

  17. I’m hoping this will be included on the bonus material for the March 29th Blu-Ray release. I’ve been dying for Scream 2 deleted scene since the first DVD was released.

  18. I’m glad it wasn’t included in the final cut. SMG stole the scene during the classroom discussion. It made you interested in Cici. This little intro scene does nothing for her character.

  19. Didn’t they once consider casting Sarah as Sidney’s friend Hallie? That would have been cool so we could have seen more of Sarah in the film, however she may have been too much like Tatum. I think her playing Hallie though would have made that police car escape scene even more intense, no offense to Elise Neal. Nonetheless, I still love her as Cici, and feel she stole the show. Cici should have been the opening scene victim though.

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