Milestone Alert! 4 Months Till Scream 4

And so the countdown begins. Not a literal countdown, mind you (that would just make the long wait seem longer) but today is noteworthy as we have exactly four months left to wait until Scream 4‘s April 15th theatrical release.

Four months may be a third of one year, but trust us – it will fly by. What was happening with Scream 4 four months ago? Take a look at our archives for that week and find out.

Seems like yesterday, no?

With the ADR phase recently begun, the movie is truly in its twilight stages of construction. That doesn’t mean Dimension will just let it sit on a shelf till April 15th – there’s always the dreaded MPAA process, for one. Genre fans have had a great run the past ten years when it comes to on-screen grue, but Wes Craven has many times been particularly targeted throughout his career (if you saw My Soul To Take, let us know how red it was – that’s likely a good barometer).

If we wanted to get particularly panicky, it would be over the fact that The Weinstein Co’s drama Blue Valentine recently had success challenging the the MPAA, overturning the awarded NC-17 into an R. Surely the ratings board won’t be looking for payback…

Expect the rest of December to be quiet on the news end – though it’s business as usual at Scream-Trilogy and we will continue to bring you material to peruse no matter the news quotient. With the fresh new year around the corner, expect things to pick up for Scream 4 in the news around Jan-Feb. And once the publicity machine kicks into overdrive around March, those dry periods will be quickly forgotten.

And remember, one year from now you will own the Scream 4 DVD or Blu-Ray and have watched it at least twenty times!

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10 Responses to “ Milestone Alert! 4 Months Till Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This year has flown by already! four more months shouldnt take THAT long!!!! hurry up SCRE4M

  2. You are so right Ghostface176. This year has zoomed by. I know that Scream 4 comes out in April and right now it seems so far away, but in a blink, April will be here and my heart will be all for Scream 4. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  3. 1 year to own it on Blu Ray and DVD? More like 8 months :)

    I hope we get a couple of new pics and maybe another poster by Christmas!

  4. PLEASE don’t use the word “twilight” when discussing scream… Lol…


  6. Lol I agree with You KingofScream Lol even though alot of people didnt like it I saw my soul to take like 10 times in the movies but THIS, THIS IS SCREAM!!!! Lol I will spend like about a good 100-200 dollars on seeing this movie like 3 times every week until it leaves theaters then I’ll just be sad until the blu-ray comes out.

  7. It`s getting close!!! Feels like yesterday I told one of my friends that it`s nine months left (which is the same amount of time it takes to develop a human being! lol!). And after getting myself banned from this forum I`ve sort of calmed down with the waiting so it`s not THAT painful to wait anymore. I have my mind on other things at the moment. But I am sure it`ll all come back in about two-three months when all the promo begins! Can`t wait! Feels like a miracle happening! :D

  8. I hope “Scream 4″ comes with a digital copy! :)

  9. The blu-ray version, I mean. So I can take it everywhere.

  10. this post actually made me feel better . I was going nuts with impatience trying to get as much scream 4 info as possible and waiting for the “extended” trailer instead of watching the “teaser” over and over again (which i actually) do. thanks wicked scribe.

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