Pictorial: The Clothes Make The Heroine

A minor tradition for each Scream sequel has been the fanbase’s investigation of character fashion. That may sound a little strange, but basically by counting the number of outfits certain characters wear, a reasonable assumption could be made – how far a player would make it through the film.

It’s never been an exact science, of course.

Take a trip through Sidney Prescott’s Scream 4 wardrobe and see if you can determine not necessarily whether she survives, but at least how long she survives. The clues are in the clothing. Be sure to post your calculations and conclusions in the comments!

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50 Responses to “ Pictorial: The Clothes Make The Heroine ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. hmmmmm………

  2. 5 outfits, two of them pajama-like (or casual) for Sidney. 3 days at least.

  3. At least she`s in 5 scenes in the movie. I`m a bit worried about Gale though…I THINK we`ve only seen her in 4 different outfits. Offcourse there could be more than what we`ve seen ;)

  4. I’m almost positive the darker blue outfit is in the finale.

    In Scream 3, she only had 3 outfits (the ones at her house in Act 1, the one she wears on the Stab 3 set, and the one in the epilogue).

  5. I am going to vote for the gray outfit to be the finale. The blue seems like attack #1 and the classroom scene comes after because she has a scratch on her face. I am saying that Sid survives another go-round and kicks some ghostface ass!

  6. I don’t think the outfits would have anything to do with it…keep in mind the murders are typically over a 3 day timespan i.e. Scream and Scream 2, in scream 2 Gale had the white shirt and black jeans on in the movie after the first 45mins and it remained on throughout the movie. So, I can’t really judge on the clothing.

  7. Well, in the begginning she dressed a purple dress, the scene when she is with Jill, Hoss, Perkins and Judy, she still dressing the same dress, but with a black coat. The gray outfit is after Olivia´s death and Jill´s attack. After… next day in the school with a brown leather jacket. The blue regatta with a blue coat i think is in the finale. We see her with that outfit, when she and Kate gets attacked by the killer , when she and Kirby hidden from the killer in the kitchen, when she is in the roof.

  8. The biege-ish sweater with the green underneath is the first attack on Sid (because we see Sidney wearing that when she’s walking outside with Jill after she’s been sliced on the arm – presumably around the time of Olivia’s death). The blue sweater is most likely the finale.

  9. Dark blue is or should be finale. There is a really good speculation thread in the forum a while back. A talented member basically mapped out the basic plot with just the trailer. It’s a really good read without any major spoiler.

  10. I would have to say it looks good for Sid again. I think that the blue outfit will be the finale. The scratch on her face looks fresh though so that could be before the class room scene. Hmmm the beige shirt appears it could be in the finale for that reason though. But judging from what I have scene in the pictures I think Sid might just survive this one again…Cant say the same for Gale though I have only noticed like three on her and not too many pictures.

  11. Sid wears 5 outfits throughout the original scream, I think 4 in scream 2. So based on that logic id say she has a shot.

  12. I KNOW!!!!! I think this is her final Scream. She’s not in much of the movie at all. I remember when Scream 3 came out, I thought she was gonna get killed from the trailer. It turned out that it was more around her than Neve

  13. Let me rephrase, Gale was in the movie more than Neve

  14. I think Neve will at least make it to the end of the film. I just have a feeling, they won’t kill her off. She’s gonna survive this film.

  15. Can you post a link to that thread???

  16. Gale is in the classroom scene also, wearing a white top and black skirt, she’s standing by the windows.

  17. Gale is in the classroom scene also, wearing a white top and black skirt, she’s standing by the windows.

  18. the blue looks like a bit before the middle of the film, on set photos showed that ghostface atacked emma roberts, mary mcdonell and neve campbell at the kessler house, but they weren’t shooting the finale yet. i reckon sidney gets the cut on her face from ghostface running towards and shoving his knife in the door and it cuts sidney. im pretty sure its in the trailer.

  19. found another outfit Sid is wearing, it’s a behind the scenes pic. shes wearing what looks like maybe pajamas lol go to the Scream 4 Facebook page, it’s Photo 378.

  20. Search for trailer spoiler or something like that.
    I don’t have it bookmarked or anything, sorry.

  21. I feel like she has too many costume changes in Scream 4, lol. She never had to wear that many different pieces of clothing to survive in 1, 2, and 3.

  22. And just for fun, I wanna point out that none of the cops can survive by this clothing logic because most of them has one costume–the cop outfit! Hehe!!

  23. Well, what I meant was: won’t survive long.
    Or, hard to predict on screen time, yadda yadda.

  24. Just noticed something: about photos 405-430 (facebook page), Sidney’s wearing the grey/blue outfit, supposed to be her final outfit in the comments here. But this is the scene when she and the Roberts come out their house (after an attack). So three possibilities: either that means this is the last scene of the movie (after the final attack), and so, big spoiler, here on these photos are the survivors of the episode; or that means the other scene (with her blue/dark outfit) is the last one; or else that means we don’t know anything about the last scene because we don’t see it in the trailer (which may be consistent too).

  25. Allison Brie dies because we can see in the trailer that is she falling over the TV station car!!!

  26. I think the gray jacket and blue top is the finale. The whole blue/black seems odd. She gets a phone call, and he attacks. When exactly has that happened? The finale usually leads up without any warning from ghostface.

    See, she jumps on him when she’s wearing that outfit. I have a feeling the first time she deal with ghostface se wont be that forceful. It’ll be all shock for her.

  27. never, i just looked at the behind the scenes photo. lol

    blue jacket is definitely the ending.

  28. never, i just looked at the behind the scenes photo. lol

    blue jacket is definitely the ending.

  29. No gray definitely seems like the finale. Ghostface tells her all she can do is watch the people die; if that was the finale wouldn’t the majority of people be dead? Why taunt her with that if people are already dead.

  30. Plus when she answers the phone she says “Roberts residence”, wouldn’t you think that if there had been previous attacks on her and her friends and such, she wouldn’t be so chipper?

  31. Remember in the Scream franchise the movies only take place over about 3 days ….

  32. I would rather not think about it LOL, i don’t think we can juge the movie and who lives/dies from a 1.5 min preview. for all we know gale lives sidny lives and barney is the killer lol. + i don’t think they would give away a major charavters death in a preview, that’s just not like them (the writters) i’m just guna wait and see. :)


  34. The line is easily dubbed above a scene for the trailer.
    It doesn’t have to be the actual line from that scene… Oy.

  35. A lot of lines can be dubbed or rearranged for the purpose of the trailer… -_-|||

  36. I think so. They collide right there and then, and will be intense to watch :)

  37. I think that the grey outfit will be in the finale too. To me it looks like in the opening scenes (of course) someone get killed and that this kill has (of course) something to do with Sidney. Now she returns to Woodsboro again because murders started happening. That’s why I think the killer says ‘Welcome home’. Then she and a friend get attacked in the house but she survives and later in the movie tries to find the killer with the help of Gale and Dewey. They explain the new rules to her in the classroom etc. I think that Gale tries to get over her depressing live and wants to have media attention again and tries to videotape a lot of things to get a story . I think she tries to think what the killer would do and therefore she is seen with a mask on in the trailer (faking it for a story?) and looking for the killer. She finds a camera and might expect it to be from the killer and then realised that the killer is there. I think she gets killed later on and survives this attack. All in all I think that Sidney dies in the end trying to help Gale and after that with a lot of struggle, Gale gets attacked but Dewey helps her and he gets killed. Gale might be seen in the Scream 5 in some kind of flashback and might get killed of in the beginning.

  38. The dark blue outfit is most likely not used in the finale because when we first see her on the phone, she doesn’t have the cut on her cheek, but then in the next shots of being chased by the killer, the cut is then there so we know she gets it from that scene. Also in the scene where she is at the school, we see the scar, so therefore, it does not seem that outfit is the finale one.

  39. What about the scenes in the barn? I don’t think they are the final scenes but usually when there is a gun in a Scream movie, it’s getting close to the end. I saw a shot of Dewey in the barn with a gun and we know that Gale gets attacked in the barn so I suppose she won’t be killed in the barn because Dewey saves the day, but could it be one of the final scenes? I read a lot of people’s comments and just don’t think the blue shirt is in the finale but also I’m not sure about the grey one. Also in the barn there is a group of people wathing at a screen and to me, it looked like in one of the two trailers there was a shot of that screen with a shot of the girl in the yellow coat. Also the people in the barn are running away because of something. Maybe it’s like a rebirth of part one. There is some kind of party with a lot of people, Gale wants to tape it with a camera she places on the second floor of the barn, something happens and the people over there run away, and some others are alone in the barn. Gale gets attacked by ghostface and dewey saves her with the gun. Anyone else thought about this?

  40. re: the barn…. it looks like the local teens are celebrating the anniversary of the original killings by watching a “stabathon” in the barn. obviously there is an attack there in public which will mirror the opening scene of scream II, and will also be like the killer is referencing the current trend of remakes- i think he will be trying to remake/re-imagine the killings in the first trilogy. i think it will be in the middle of the movie

  41. For those discussing Sid’s potential death, I’m gonna’ go ahead and share my thoughts on that too.

    I believe Sidney will be killed. I can’t say when or how, for all we know the trailer forshadowed her death in the blue outfit. Even if she doesn’t die there, I think she will bite it by the end of the movie for sure. Let’s be real here. Neve had no intentions originally to come back for the fourth. I really don’t picture her coming back for anymore of these films, especially if they ended up doing 6 installments like they have been talking about. Don’t get me wrong though, SIDNEY/NEVE is what makes Scream what it is. Without her, I seriously wonder what the Scream franchise will turn into. I really do hope she stays safe, but the better part of me says this will be it for her.

    Either way, I hope the writers have taken the correct steps to ending Sidney’s chapter thoughtfully. If she doesn’t go down with a fight, it won’t be realistic of her character.

    “You’re a fighter Sid, that’s why you’re here.” – Gus, Scream 2

  42. i agree. for the new trilogy to revolve around jill, sidney has to die. shes the scream queen and central figure of the original trilogy. this movie will serve to “pass the baton to jill” as new scream queen and i believe she will be killed near the end of the movie. i also think dewey will kick it in this one and that they’ll save gale as the opening death in scream 5.

  43. anyone else agree, that sidney is going to die like nancy did in Dream Warriors? Like the are just casually talking, celebrating, and then, out of nowhere, she just gets stabbed in the back. Personally, i feel this is the most emotional way to right her off, know she was so close to survival. Kind of like how dewey got stabbed in Scream 2, where it was all emotional and you could do anything but just look at the screen and gasp. I feel she will die in the grey jacket as, she is running around that house, we see her being subdued by ghostface, and she gets away. She leaves the house, to go outside with jill/ kirby, hugs them saying “we need to get out of here, now! But then Kirby just sticks a knife in her back. NO ONE would see that coming, i mean, we have all thought of Kirby being the killer, but we haven’t thought of seeing Sidney die so out there, and unexpectedly. Think about it, she just got out of this life or death situation with Ghostface, and is just killed by the person she least expected it. I’m not sure about you guys, but i find that if tis is the way the movie ends, it will be VERY well recieved, because i feel this is the best way to off her character.

  44. I would much rather she die in the fight for survival. Her characters represents strength (in my eyes) and a cheap death like a knife in her back randomly…would piss me off.

  45. The first 3 movies happen of the course of 3 or 4 days. So I am sure that this one will be no longer than them. My theory is that the blue outfit Sidney wears is from the climax of the film or of Sidney’s last scene in the film.

  46. i agree with those who say the grey outfit is the final one…because of the fact that she has the scar on her face…i also think she gets it while shes trying to close the door when ghostface tries to come in…

  47. you make a good point, but we would just haver to wait an see won’t we.

  48. Honestly I think it plays out like this…In the trailer when the killer does the whole speech about welcome home Sidney I think THATS IN THE 1ST chase scene she has and after she gets attacked that time He calls her later on in the movie and hes toying with her saying shes a survivor because she escaped him…AGAIN!!! then he goes into the whole “what good is it to be a survivor if everyone close to you is dead, you cant save them all you can do is…watch” then he probably tells her something about who the killer is or his partner is with her a blah blahs house and she tries to run there and so on and so forth but thats just my oppinion….to sum it all up I think Grey and blue greenish is Finale outfit…….Either way it goes she still lives she has 3 days worth of clothes.

  49. I don’t think they’ll Kill off Sid just yet…I mean just think of all the disappointment it would be if they waited ten years to make another scream and kill off THE character/actress holding the franchise. I think Sid is in for atleast another Scream…Gale and Dewy on the other hand, I think they’re time is up. I’ll miss them (especially Gale)

  50. i think that the blue outfit is the finale and the greayish brown one that is over the green shirt is when Ghostface calls up Hayden, Emma, and the chick without the shirt. I think she goes running to try and save the girls but she’s too late (for the one in the bra atleast) cuz in the trailer when ghostface busts the door down when hes behind emma, you see a girl in a greyish top push her out of the way. Then they must fight and she almost gets stabbed but then something happens and ghostface runs away. And that must be the event that makes them take the murders seriously like sid getting chased in the first one, and cici’s death in the second.

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