Scream 4 Canadian Trailer In French

Ghostface taunting in French – now we’ve seen it all. Here is the French-Canadian trailer for Scream 4 – we mean, Frissons 4. It’s basically a transfer of the US trailer with the appropriate linguistic replacements of textual graphics, but the smooth dub job makes it a fun little diversion.

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8 Responses to “ Scream 4 Canadian Trailer In French ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. haha! so much fun!

  2. bahahahhaha this is truly hilarious!!!

  3. “Frissons 4″? That sounds precious.

  4. In french, the movie is called : SCREAM 4 and the dub is better than the canadian dub.

  5. Well It seems like the dub is pretty good, they seem to be acting not just talking

  6. Yes i saw it yesterday in theatre in Montreal ! They have a lot of promotion ! like many posters ! They also have a very big poster on the front door !

  7. LOL this made my day

  8. Les mêmes voix que dans les anciens! Trop malade:D

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