What Do You Think Of Neca’s Ghostface Figure?

Neca’s 2011 prototype Ghostface figure was revealed on Scream‘s 14th Anniversary, and while there are vast improvements on the older McFarlane Movie Maniacs figure we can’t help but think the mask doesn’t look authentic – the kindest we could say is that it’s more reminiscent of the KNB mold seen briefly in the original Scream. As we understand it, the figure is supposed to tie-in with Scream 4 and have the full approval of Fun World.

Hopefully the final figure will differ – if not, we’re sure Joe Public won’t have any problem, but Scream fans sure might. Perhaps we’re being sticklers, but the films have imprinted the proportionate features of the mask on our minds, so that’s not easy to ignore.

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16 Responses to “ What Do You Think Of Neca’s Ghostface Figure? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. The mask is off.
    And the cape for his lower body looks like some type of apron.

  2. The costume will be fully fabric I believe…. The mask does lol a lil off but I think it’s better than the last figure in many ways…. I’ll be buying it for sure!

  3. everything’s wrong with it! From the mask to the dress… who let that pass ?

  4. It’s pretty…..awful.

  5. Its called a Prototype for a reason but I think it might look pretty cool after the finished product.

  6. They definitely nailed the costume for sure. The McFarlane figure was modeled after a retail FunWorld costume……NECA got the movie costume down to a T.

  7. boooo!!!

  8. So I guess the killer in Scream 4 is a girl? lol! :D

  9. It looks like it’s wearing a leather jacket and a skirt. It looks ridiculous (if it isn’t a female). And even if it was a woman, it looks wrong that way.

  10. if you take the skirt off we have a new michael myers – ghostface killer, and thats awesome! I wonder if the figure have the zombie mask =P and that’s how the movie could begin! … or end!

  11. The figure is just meant to coincide with the release of Scream 4. That doesn’t mean that it was modeled AFTER the killer in Scream 4. The costume on the figure was created using dozens of highly detailed photos of a hero costume from Scream 1.

    Its not meant to look like a leather jacket over the robe. They went half and half in order to make the figure more articulate.

    This is just a PROTOTYPE. The final figure, design has yet to be seen. That is why the cloth and plastic parts do not match. This photo is NOT meant to be the final figure, it was only intended to give fans an IDEA of what they are going for…

  12. Well don’t release pics of a crappy looking prototype. Because it’s crap right now.

  13. Then don’t buy it

  14. Don’t worry. Now that we know that this style (plastic top, cloth “skirt” bottom) is staying, there’s not a chance in hell I’d spend any cash on this.

  15. Do you know how long they have to finish it??? until April so whats the problem ok you dont like the PROTOTYPE It was already confirmed that it will feature plastic and fabric, and you can tell just by looking at it that the fabric will go over the fabric to make the cloak.

  16. not impressed at all. as mentioned already,many things are wrong. mask isn’t right,eyes too far apart,and the half plastic,half fabric robe is a train wreck. McFarlane did much better many years ago.

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