Brand New Scream 4 Trailer (Embedded Video)

This should make things clear that we’ve entered the last major chunk of time till Scream 4 is released: the full trailer has debuted today. Full of dialogue, both false and real scares, this trailer runs at 2 & 1/2 minutes and expands on the roles of main and supporting cast members. Watch – now!

Trailer released by Alliance Canada. Thanks to Kylie and everyone who tipped us off!

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108 Responses to “ Brand New Scream 4 Trailer (Embedded Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. well, until the cast poster releases! :)) it is so awesome!!!

  2. O



    This is amazing!

  3. omg i was smileing laughing and scared at the same time I dont know what to do now

  4. That just made my dayyyy!!!!!!!!

  5. YESSS!!!!

    I am so amped now!!

  6. OMFG!!!! So awesome!!!! Epic! And everything else!! :D
    I even saw a girl at the end of the trailer (with a red top and blonde hair) screaming and I have NO idea on who that could be!! It`s right before the Scream 4 logo appears…hm…

    But still…EPIC!!!!!!!!


  8. We want to see it on HD! PLEASE! WOW =D ..

  9. @Cory Gillis

    It looks like Aimme Teegarden.

  10. Wicked scribe is that your youtube video? If it is please, for the love of god, block the youtuber unspeakabledragon. she or he or whatever is just blurting out spoilers, such as who the killer, is like there is no tomorrow. I’m teary eyed for how angry i am at the user. Such blatant disregard for other people who are genuinely excited for the movie and don’t want it to be spoiled for them. It’s a shame.

  11. The girl with the red top and blonde hair is aimee teegarden.

  12. Oh my god. I am totally a fan of Hayden’s character Kirby for listing all of those remakes. Hahaha. Definitely shows how Hollywood really can’t have any good ideas for original horror movies so they remake old ones. Loves it!!! I cannot wait for this movie.

  13. tis’apity, that’s horrible. I hope he gets reported. But you never know, he/she could just be telling lies to get a rise out of you guys. Just report him.

  14. I want this trailer in High Definition !

  15. it’s whatever as of now. I know shit i never wanted to know until april 15. but that’s troll for yah. anyways. i just like reading other peoples opinion, but i guest i ‘ll just stay away from the comment section on this particular video.

  16. WARNING TO ALL. do not read the youtube comments on this particular trailer. The user unspeakabledragon is haveing a field day revealing almost everything about the movie. True or not. She’s doesn’t care . and she’s making that very clear by exposing vital information!

  17. Consider anywhere on the web possible spoilergrounds! I embed the video so you guys don’t need to go elsewhere. ;)

  18. T_T…..I want it! I want it!

  19. I’m sad now, I avoided the spoilers constantly and now the reveal is ruined by that creep on youtube:(

  20. Changed the video source but always remember folks, always be suspicious of any ‘spoilers’. It’s a psychological game people play – if your mind is strong, you can simply choose to not believe them, no matter how “logical” they seem.

  21. This trailer is supernatural because I’m bone shaking I swear to you all!!!
    I just tweeted let’s use the #SCRE4M guys!!!! C’mon this is me on TWITTER @LuizzzSergio

  22. It’s weird. I have clicked on that video, picked random comments from the youtube comment section, gone on IMDb a thousand times, and yet somehow I’ve missed all the spoilers…well, until this trailers, but it is FRIGGIN’ WORTH IT!

  23. I was ready for this when the rumors first started. I was ready when Neve finally said yes. I was ready when we got the teaser trailer. I am officially going to explode if April doesn’t come sooner!

  24. let’s hope that bitch was only messing with us!
    great trailer though!! i was so happy until i was “spoiled” as it was the first comment under the video on youtube.

    here’s to hoping~

  25. Seeing this has officialy made my day!!!! This new trailer was worth the wait, and I can’t wait til April 15th to finally see it!! I wouldn’t listen to people on the net, because I strongly feel that MOST of those spoilers are FAKE! 90 Days friends, 90 Days!

    ps 4/15/11 is Majorly circled on my calendar! :D

  26. freking great.i noticed something wered. when it shows the stab logo the is in full screen then it is on a movie theiter screen. can we say the opening kills are a stab movie. it is showing the girls screaming it showes someone who looks like a longed haired casy becker. wered!

  27. I’m not reading the comments anymore because of the spoilers (damn screening :P), but I need to say I can’t wait!!!!!

  28. i paused the end and the girl in the red top is aimme teegarden and ghostface has her from behind and her mouth is open screaming…


  30. What did ghostface say to Kirby after she guessed all those movies? I didn’t catch it?

  31. Avoid comments by SpoilerQueeen.
    Not sure if they are true or not but she’s posting who the killers are. Hope the spoilers are false.

  32. Ghostface says “None of the Above!” to Kirby

  33. Its really hard to not look at the spoilers on the youtube page but I must stay strong!!! I just hope there is a LA screening in a couple weeks :-)

  34. Why thank you Scream-Trilogy owner for unreleasing the block. As far as the movie trailer is concerned its GREAT. The Spoilers, dont pay any attention too, its just a troll wanting attention.

  35. @cory gillis its kristen bell at the end

  36. Thanks Meander!

  37. Ghostface has never kicked down a door before. :(

    “I’m shaking in my boots!”

  38. I may have very well just died from happiness…..

  39. This looks amazing! I love Hayden’s horror remake rant!

  40. it seems like EVERYONE dies in the movie.

    maybe everyone does and the killer turns out to be sidney’s psyche represented in the form of ghostface.

    and she fights her own mind.

    could be?

  41. I’m pretty sure I just came during this… just sayin. can’t wait till April!

  42. we cant let all the spoilers esp from unspeakabledragon and spoiler queen get 2 us unless they were in the movie or had access to the script they know about as much as we do squat except what they have released so far. us screamers need to c it for ourselves to know what happens as by looking at the calendar 4-15-2011 is quickly approaching only 89 more days to the big event. Welcome home sidney………..

  43. First time commenting, however been coming here a long time now :P Cant wait for this!! I work at a theater and im trying to get people pumped.
    It looks so orgasimic X.X..

    At least it gives hope to gale not dying :P! Hopefully..

  44. No one else thinks that it looks almost fan made??? I think the US version will be better…

  45. I don’t think it looks fan made at all, looks pretty official to me.

  46. If this is out of U.S. trailer then awsome! because I’m sorry to all my Screamers but this trailer was disappointing when it kinda reveals a lot and like coolone said it looks nearly fan made. Plus it’s very seperating from the other 4 Scream trailers that were fantastic were this seems viciously thrown together like someone not honnoring the movie and putting real effort to keep the mystery more mystery and not get us pump like the first one did. But maybe I need to watch some more…LOL!

  47. Ok, I just watched it again it actually is a really good looking trailer but that one part where it deveates from is when it skips “your a survivor aren’t you sid” and says something stupid about watching “the preview of upcoming events” is just a blunder. Then like near the end wear it shows the movie guy1 and guy2 talkin about Sidney being expendable was put in a poor spot and just going from dark to light to dark to light was crazy, adding ghostface kicking in the door was poor taste just cuz the way it looks. then a small insignificant burst of three sense is not needed. But the rest was great and can’t wait to see the U.S. trailer. Like someone said before alot of great liners.

  48. I LOVE THIS TRAILER!!!!!! “Welcome Home Sidney,whats the preview of coming events?” I almost died and I think ghostface this time around is more agressive I mean I know im not the only one who noticed he kicked in a freaking door!!!. CANT WAIT!!!

  49. Wow, we actually see at least one death in this trailer. Rebecca the assistant (portrayed by actress Alison Brie) doesn’t seem too happy about her fateful encounter with Ghostface!

  50. I am so amped for this movie! They seem to be really sarcastic in this film.

  51. That, was AWESOME!!!!! so much better than ours

  52. i dont notice anything from IMB in the trailer, anyone?

  53. it looks very very great

  54. is it me or am i the only one falling more in love with the new cast?…..

  55. I agree, King of Scream. I actually care for them! Like, I don’t want a lot of them to die, especially Kirby. I’ll be so mad if she does. :(

  56. WOW. That trailer is so cool. I cannot wait for Scream 4 to come out. I have a question. Does anyone know if they will be having a midnight showing that night it comes out like on April 14th at 12

  57. I got the feeling that the new SCREAM’s Dynamic Trio are gonna be Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts and Adam Brody .. =D (I just Fall in Love with KIRBY Character!)

  58. Just so you guys know, I removed a bunch of comments because some douche posted a bunch of fake spoilers. Carry on with trailer talk, thanks…

  59. Thank you wicked-scribe cuz that douce “DAN” kinda ruined it for me if the spoilers he put up are real

  60. I get a feeling that Kirby is living in Sid’s old house since Sid’s dad died, which would be the reason for her staying with Jill. Even though we all think Kirby is living in Stu’s old house. At the .48 mark in the trailer that’s Kirby’s car at what is suppose to be Sid’s old house.

  61. Goregasmic.

  62. Thanks for the video! Looks great!

  63. Awesome. I think a group of scream followers should get together opening night to see it and then discuss it and trade opinions. That’d be a kick ass scenario


  65. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. this seems to be more along the lines of a Scream movie more than the third film. And there seems to be more screaming in this film.


  68. this trailer looks awkward. awesome, but hastily thrown together. i preferred the pacing of the 1:30 teaser.

  69. I love how meta the trailer is, with the “I’ll be right back” gag and the “fingers crossed I’ll see nudity for a change”. The whole thing feels very much like the original movie, which makes me happy. The mix of funny and scary is really awesome, and classic SCREAM.

    To all you guys calling it “awkward” and critiquing the lighting (really?), I completely disagree. It’s a two-minute trailer, and the movie’s probably not even done yet. Let’s wait until we have the finished product to judge what they’ve done.

  70. it loooks awesome, i had my doubts about the first trailer but this is great, im wondering whos getting killed in this one dewey, gale or sidney, as much as i hate watching one of them die you have to expect one of them dying if you are a true scream fan, if they do it better be as good as casey becker’s.

    i always had this question when it came to scream who is the girl on the original poster with the hand over her mouth?

  71. I’ve been trying to disect this trailer for the last hour and I’m not thrilled with the editing of the trailer. The 2:14 mark doesn’t look good for sid. But who knows? I was 8 when scream 3 came out and saw it the day after it came out. I remember yelling “no” at the screen when sid was “shot.” The anticipation is nerve racking

  72. @yago….. I always thought the girl on the poster was Drew Barrymore, but I may be wrong

  73. Awwww man, @2:15 HUGE SPOILER! don’t pause it. =(

  74. The killer is……anticipation

  75. i noticed something funny when she names all the remakes she forgets the one WES CRAVEN originaly did (NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTR.) :P

  76. What does Rury and Eric say right after the famous line of Courtney “Go ahead if you have the guts”?
    “Not to..” what?!??!!?

  77. @Kobiko

    “Not to implicate him.” In reference to their own suggestion that the killer would be filming everything and the fact that they actually are filming everything. “…the new version. Version 2.0. The Killer should be filming the murders. Not to implicate him.”

    @Edward Nygma

    Maybe that’s the right answer?

  78. @Kobiko
    Rory says “Not to implicate him” (meaning erik)
    Erik says “Not to implicate me” (meaning erik)

    (just because he has a video camera attached to his head, don’t suspect him to be the killer)

  79. During the roof-top chase scene with sid that we see in the trailer, does anyone notice a part where it almost seems as if (for the first time in scream) Sid is being chased by 2 active Ghostfaces????… I am just guessing this from the way it looks like she is surrounded by a couple Ghostfaces on the roof.

    this is one thing Ive always wanted to see in a Scream movie. Only one of the films had one killer doing all the work (scream 3), I think it would enhance the fear and guessing game that if sometime in the second or 3rd act that we got to see 2 active Ghostfaces in action.

  80. I’m gonna stick to my guns and say I don’t think Sidney dies. If you really think about. Everyone will say “Sidney’s gonna die”. Everyone. I have freinds and family, who are fans of the movies but not hardcore fans like us lol, saying she is going to bite the dust. I honestly don’t think so. If everyone is saying she is going to die then whats the point of them killing her? If people are walking into the theatre thinking “Bye, bye Sidney” and she does die where is the shock? Where is the “OMFG-Sidney-Just-DIED!!” moment? Even the very fact its mentioned in the trailer will make people think she’s gonna die but I don’t think so/hope she doesn’t!

  81. ^ Sorry for the typos! Typing quick! ie. Friends and it should be “think about it”. Lol.

  82. @Edward Nygma
    Don’t forget “Last House on the Left” also!

  83. here you guys go. the trailers have been taken down, but i found another. enjoy! there are literally not many left up as of present.

  84. @patrick. they do say 3rd act main cast blood bath. don’t get me wrong, sid’s my favorite character and the reason i wanna see scream 4 so bad. i think if she does bite it though it’ll be for her last moment includes killing the killer. that’d make it ok in my book because really she doesn’t have anybody left

  85. Non-Twitters, here’s Kirby’s ringtone in mp3 form:

  86. Lol. How funny, they’re taking all the trailers down because, “it’s not public information!”


    It’s like some sort of awesome meta-marketing accident.

  87. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the trailer!!!!! I was super excited & almost pee’d my pants. :-)
    Can’t wait until April 15th.

  88. the video is gone D:

  89. The videos are becoming more and more scarce, but here’s another one Wicked scribe. It took a while to find.

  90. Thanks to everyone contributing replacement copies.

  91. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi Alliance ne veut pas que la bande-annonce soit distribuĂ©e?! Habituellement Alliance utilise les bande-annonces amĂ©ricaines, ils ne font pas les leurs, ils ne font que les distribuer et les traduire/ I don’t know why Alliance don’t want the trailer to be published, Alliance are not the one making the trailers usually, they get them from the US and use them and translate them in French. Well I really hope you guys are right and they will be a different trailer comming from the US and a French version for the Alliance one :-)

  92. true gale, are you an idiot?

  93. Fuck you true gail some1 delete his comment or some1 sue him or her

  94. ghosface killer, do not believe truegale, he’s telling lies

  95. Anthony Anderson is playing the goofball cop role. He’s going to be cracking jokes left and right.

  96. wes craven only produced the hills have eyes remake, the hills have eyes 2, and the last house on the left remake….he didn’t touch the nigthmare on elm street remake

  97. CT ok but someone shuld still delete his comment

  98. CT, at 2:15, that’s – the scene of the body falling onto the van – has already been shown in the first trailer, so it’s not really a major spoiler now, since I know others have slowed down the video. You can even tell who it is just watching it in normal mode.

    Unless you mean the part where Jill is screaming…in which case I don’t see that as a major spoiler in a film called Scream. LOL.

  99. I like that “Scream 4″ seems to include footage of the original “Stab” – the stuff we never saw outside of Graham’s opening scene and Spelling’s high school sequence. I mean, if the killer is following on the path of the original “Stab” it would make sense for characters to watch the original “Stab” for research, which is why there are so many obvious victims in the cast list, and why so many of them seem to be linked. Two female victim sequence in real life Woodsboro follows two female victim sequence in “Stab” and so forth. Very interesting.

    Also worth noting (probably spoiler, but everyone can figure it out) that Jill (and maybe Kirby) survive at least one attach since they show her arm being cut and then there is a scene later with Jill’s arm bandaged, yet she’s seated with Kirby and Olivia. Hmmm.

  100. Blaine you’re a douche. If you really know the plot then shut the hell up about it.

  101. Blaine you’re an ass hole! and either way you’re wrong, don’t listen to him people, that’s not what happens, they asked her back to the 5th movie, so she does not die. and sorry for spoiling that fans, but it was in an interview. so Blaine is wrong, and for the most part 98% of what people say is wrong because only like 15 pple were in the screening, so it’s highly unlikely that that’s what happens, plus i’ve heard like 6 different endings and spoiler from different people, so who knows what’s right. LOL. i’m still cluless because people are such lyers, i’ll jsut wait until it comes out.

  102. their will be an officially released trailer live tonight on this ustream channel

  103. Don’t worry about Blaine and the other liars to try and spoilerbomb this place. I’m saving their details and i.p. addresses for… something special. Let’s just say they’ve bit off more than they can chew.

  104. Thanks Wicked Scribe! i hope they get into a lot of trouble. I have a really good feeling the spoiler was fake, i’ve heard so many spoiler combos, idk which to believe.

  105. Wow…it reveals a few deaths i just noticed :/ Damn.

  106. the new updated HD trailer is on itunes

    I don’t know if I liked how they replaced the music when it cuts to Dimension’s logo. Maybe they are trying to make it less campy.

  107. At 2:01, is that Jill smashing through the Glass table?

    Am ridiculously excited about this flim now! Its the first one I can actually see at the Cinema (Just missed out on Scream 3)

  108. Check out some of the original art used in a major scene of
    SCREAM 4 at the Hyaean Gallery in Burbank, California. Most of this art has been sold including the piece that I did for the movie but…Check it out!
    Peace from New York, RT Vegas

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