Brie Chills In First Scream 4 Reshoot Photo

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“Alison Brie gets ready for her close-up” -Wes Craven

“Yep, that’s me freezing right now. ;)” -Alison Brie

We’ve heard the brief Scream 4 reshoots are for the beginning, or the ending, but now a photo from director Wes Craven points to the middle of the film. So we’re guessing All Of The Above. One thing the reshoot has accomplished already is to take back the sense of spoilage fans have felt post-test-screening. Anything is possible in the movie again and those feeling affected by rampant supposed spoilers can now seek sollace in probable doubt. Use your second chance wisely.

Focusing on the scene being shot (Supposition Alert!); the trailers quite clearly chose Alison Brie’s character as a sacrificial lamb of a death to reveal. This is a horror movie after all and people are going to want to know that characters will definitely get killed. So it’s no secret whose body lands on the news-van – you don’t even need to hit pause to figure that one out. One comment from a verified test screening viewer was that a few of the deaths excelled more in aftermath (like that van shot) than in execution – comparatively, of course.

Therefore Brie’s fateful encounter in the hospital carpark (?) might have been tweaked to make her goodbye more memorably savage. Or how about less definitive? Brie’s character looks to be Jennifer Jolie 2.0 and we all know what a mistake it was to kill her. Scream 4 is supposed to usher in the ‘next generation’ to carry forth further entries, but with the confirmed highest mortality rate of any Scream, who will be left to push plot in part 5? Certainly if any killed character is to receive a “Dewey” and granted mercy by Team Scream before the final cut is locked, we’d love for it to be the smart and sassy Brie.

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Something I noticed that in the viva video it showed her with a bloody stomach and again in the officially released trailer it’s gone again. This and the reshoot may have something to do with that?

  2. So it seems like the beginning, the middle, and the end are going to get a few tweaks. Well it’s probably all for the better. If they can make those scenes better I say go for it.

  3. @Xander21: You are right, I just noticed that as well!

  4. @xander21-no haha, the thing with the trailers is that the viva version was actually a rough cut, and the finalized one had the blood edited out via cgi because the MPAA doesn’t allow a large exposure of blood in green-band trailers.

  5. Wait a sec, they are re-shooting her scene? Why? They waited this long before nay re-shoots, so her scene must have been fine, as we heard no complaints, so are they doing this because we all know how she dies? I don’t know how I feel about this. If they were careless enough to leave her death in the trailer, then they should just leave it alone, because it’s possible that it was a great scene. If they are re-shooting it just to make her live, or die in a different way, then despite it being more surprising for us, it might not be as good as what they shot last year.


  6. i think she got a good chase scene this time, the other attack scene seemed too short.

  7. Alison is probably doing her shots on the weekend because she may have her Community duties during the week. She is going to be very busy, flying back and forth this weekend!

  8. They just can’t show red blood in a , so instead of keeping that Black dot on Rebecca they just edited it out just like in The teaser trailer

  9. She is so hot in Mad Men! I hope she survives now! lol! :D

  10. It’s to limit the amount of blood shown in the trailer to grant it a “appropiate for all audiences” otherwise known as a green-ban trailer. It’s also the reason why the “what’s your scary movie” that’s written on the wall (in blood) is in black in white.

  11. They do to make the trailer PG, its got nothing to do with the reshoots

  12. @Xander21 but wouldn’t they just use a body double?

    Anyways, I’m just glad this movie isn’t another “Cursed.”

  13. Ow I understand now!

    I loveee cursed! haha, I know it aint that good but still like it way more than My Soul To Take!:p

  14. hopefully they’re not attempting to tone down her death scene. i’d be bothered if they made her the new jenny mccarthy. yawn.

  15. I dont think killing most of the cast (except for the usual trio) is a good idea because we’re going to get bored of seeing the same people throughout sequels. I think we should stick to killing our cameos and a few little lead roles. For example, you kill your Kristen Bell/Anna Paquin, Aimee Teegarden/Britt Robertson, Lucy Hale/Shenae Grimes duos, then kill such people like Anthony Anderson, Rory Culkin, Marielle Jaffe and Nico Tortorella. Stops there, and there’s more people to kill in the sequels just like they did with Randy.

  16. I doubt she will survive through the movie, but any reshoot that gives us more screen time for Brie/Rebecca is AWESOME. I like her. I will be sad, though unsurprised, to see her death early on in the movie.

  17. It will all be for the best. I know the MPAA has come down hard on Wes in the past with his movies particuarly with the first Scream movie he had to re-edit it over and over again. But I doubt they are going to tone down her death, maybe in the editing room Wes felt that the scene or how it was filmed just wasn’t as suspenseful as he felt it needed to be, after all he is the Master of Suspense!

  18. Guy chill out. Its hard for any of us to know if we want this seen to be re-shot or not because we’ve only seen like 5 seconds of it from the trailer

  19. Just had to pop in and tell the writer I appreciated the “-You didn’t even need to pause it to figure that one out” double-entendre.

    As I know you got out of your way to not post possible spoilers and what-not, I thought that was pretty clever; a true statement to the uninformed, a truer statement to the ‘informed’ scream nut. Well done.

  20. has oneyone heard anything about Judy Hicks in the movie

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