Cast Chemistry Helped Propel Scream 4 Rewrites, Says Emma Roberts

In an interview by the Canadian journalist named Kevin Williamson (we’ve been waiting for years to see him matched up with a Scream person, alas no forth wall broken in the piece) Emma Roberts gives her take on the rewrite fiasco of last year.

Rumours last year suggested more than just teenagers were being eviscerated on the set of Scream 4. According to online reports, much of the script was being ripped up and revised as filming went along.

Usually that signals trouble ahead, but Emma Roberts, who joins the franchise as Neve Campbell’s cousin in the sequel, says fans of Ghostface needn’t be concerned.

“There were a lot of rewrites, but I think just to keep it fresh because new ideas kept coming. And seeing everyone together when you have such a big cast — it changes things when you get everyone in the room. There were changes, but they were all for the best and all positive changes.”

More harrowing for the 19-year-old actress? Having to sit through the previous three Scream instalments.

“I watched all of them before I started the movie and I was terrified. So this one, I saw the trailer and I was scared. I’m very curious to see it done because the trailer freaked me out and I was there. I can’t imagine what the movie will be like.”

We’ll find out soon enough: The Wes Craven-directed sequel is scheduled to open in April.

The actress is indeed correct about news ideas always coming – as Wes Craven is right now in Michigan

Source: Toronto Sun

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7 Responses to “ Cast Chemistry Helped Propel Scream 4 Rewrites, Says Emma Roberts ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That’s pretty cool that all the re writes we’re just to make the movie better with all the old and new cast members. I think cast chemistry can make or brake a movie and according to this article they had good chemistry. I can’t wait until april 15th.

  2. A LOT of rewrites? uh-oh! as a main cast member she would probably be in the know, so now it’s got me wondering who it will be written by all over again.

  3. darn. the constant rewrites exacerbated the sloppiness of S3.

  4. Scream 2 was heavily rewritten as the movie went along, and it turned out well. Final Desitination was also rewritten and reshot after test screenings, and turned out better. Sometimes it’s just how it goes, and often it’s for the better.

  5. Yeah but who knows what “a lot” even means. Given the crazy schedules of filming, even a few pages can feel like a lot. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  6. To be fair, it’s possible that there were a lot of rewrites because Kevin Williamson’s script needed them. “Scream 2″ underwent daily rewriting because the draft Williamson turned in was barely finished. It does legitimately seem that Williamson’s always prioritized his other projects, especially his television shows, ahead of “Scream,” and that very well could’ve been the case here.

  7. What do you mean about Final Destination being reshot and rewritten? The movie was always the same save for Alex’ original death and the baby.

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