Editorial: Leaked Photos Stir Spoiler Storm

Today two images were located, posted last year on August 8 and clearly from the set of Scream 4 with a known actor/character in a gory state, thus setting off death-scene spoiler alarms anywhere. More disturbingly, the featured actor is being credited/blamed for the leakage. This bothers us and demands a few facts.

1) The images do not confirm death. There’s some messy blood in one of the images, and a clean wound in the other, but it looks like a flesh wound. People forget after the relatively tame Scream 3 how bloody this franchise can get. We’ve seen much more blood than this on living characters in the series before, notably the first installment. While the shape of the wound does bring a weapon to mind, there is no weapon visible to indicate what caused the damage – all they reveal is that a certain character is attacked, or perhaps goes through glass. It has been confirmed the Special FX in this entry are more vivid. So yes, the photos are spoilers, but not major ones at all. Anyone that thought this character would escape without so much as a scrape needs to check their Scream rulebook.

We’re not saying with the character definitely doesn’t bite the dust, we’re only saying there’s plenty of wiggle room for them to survive. Plus we don’t even know if they’re a victim or the killer themself receiving ‘battle damage’. But think about it, it would be more of a spoiler with the high mortality rate of Scream to reveal that they definitely survive.

2) The photographed actor did not leak the photos. The source site that posted the pics states the the actor “shared a couple of production shots from h** murder scenes”. Even a cursory glance around the site shows it’s a celebrity gossip blog that plays up stars photographed in minor or insignificant situations. They even get the character’s name wrong. The images are likely FX or continuity photos. Cast and crew signed forms making them liable for damages if they leak anything, so the actor in question would not have leaked these. It’s important to drive home this point because the actor may be unrightfully punished if Dimension choose to take the internet blame at face value.

The downside to these images spreading throughout the fanbase and twittersphere – which has already happened – is the escalating fear of spoilers that will cause fans to stop surfing the Scream community for fear of coming across these pics. The imagination will make these seem far more drastic than they actually are and there is really no need to assign fear to them. To that end, Scream-Trilogy recommends you actually view them. We’ve had a strong anti-spoiler stance since day one and will continue that trek, so trust us when we say these photos are not huge spoilers. By taking a leap of faith and viewing them, you remove the power they’ve been assigned by others and can comfortably continue surfing safe in the knowledge that if there ever are real spoilers, we will warn you they exist and provide a safe haven by going into lockdown mode. We’re that serious.


Now that they’re “out there” in the public fan consciousness even though they’ve been sitting in plain sight five months, what will go down? The worst possible course of action for Dimension would be to try and get them taken down from the various places they’re posted, because to us that would be a confirmation that they are in fact major spoilers. We say let them float around, let them be discussed, and revel in reasonable doubt.

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34 Responses to “ Editorial: Leaked Photos Stir Spoiler Storm ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Ahh I’m still not gonna bother looking. The less I know the better

  2. That’s good. As long as you don’t censor your net activities out of fear.

  3. Why blame Scream 3? It has nothing to do with this?

  4. This isn’t really a spoiler to me.. i sort of already guessed this person would be injured if not killed

  5. What are you talking about? Scream 3 was tame in comparison to the first 2. Was it actually gory? If so please send me the version you saw.

  6. I have a feeling the production leaked this. It’s been a little too quiet from the Scream 4 camp for too long. They’ve admitted to throwing spins towards the fans to keep them off kilter before. They’re tossing a log into the flames–and it’s working.

  7. Honestly, this character’s not one I actually care about. LOL

  8. Maybe I jumped the gun on that one, but it just seemed like you’re saying there’s the outbreak of fans claiming his death because of Scream 3’s 10-15 gallon blood supply compared to Scream 1’s 50 gallons and Scream 2’s 30 gallons. Sorry to come off snippy, but I love 3, and it just seems like alot of the posters here and on IMDb try to blame it for possible Scream 4 mistakes (like Ehren Kruger coming in).

    Again, sorry =[

  9. Does anyone else notice in the second picture his orange shirt underneath the uniform? That doesn’t look right.

  10. meh, doesn’t confirm anything or deny. I know that character is getting killed no matter what, but still could end up being the killer in the aftermath or just the character’s death.

  11. best to leave the character’s sex out of your post, hm?

  12. I’m amazed that these photographs have been lurking quietly on the internet for this long. Don’t they kind of look like cell phone shots taken at arm’s length? I agree though that we shouldn’t take this at face value. We’re pretty sure of at least a couple of deaths in the movie so far, but even they might not be what they seem–I wouldn’t underestimate Wes Craven to lead us astray with snippets here and there. I watched this scene being filmed, and I think I know what happens, but I wouldn’t take any bets.

  13. That’s clearly the same shirt, blood-stained from the “drippage.” Haha.

  14. I’ve edited out the character references in his message.

  15. Thanks for your input “Doc”!

  16. Scream 3 was fun and it was tame in the gore department. Nobody said it was a bad movie.

  17. Ohhhh… that character.
    I thought he/she was rumored to be a killer!!!
    But anyhow, he/she could survive that kind of a injury.
    Hell, Dewey has survived through WAY WORSE.

  18. Please edit out the character’s name in my 4th line.
    It isn’t a spoiler, per se, but sorry for putting a name down still :

  19. can’t hardly waittttt

  20. reckon the image was intentionally leaked, this character hasnt really been mentioned in newspapers/magazines……..maybe a leak to get people talking? btw when can we expect another trailer or a bit more publicity on the film?

  21. Good idea. I just viewed them and wish I hadn’t. They are spoilerific.

  22. I didn’t delete it as you were just relating a point of comparison to another character! However, I did delete something you said in the second line which would scare the willies out of spoilerphobes! :P

  23. I was hesitant but clicked anyway…yeah not as bad as I thought and honestly don’t care much about the person in the shot. There will be blood and I knew that this person would eventually get covered in it. Let the hype machine commence.

  24. Looks like someone is getting stabbed in the head.

  25. They’ve been out since August? This is the first I’ve seen them :/ I know they don’t confirm or deny anythingbut the wound does seem a tad ‘deep’ in the first pic. Hope he does die (my own opinion) I like Anthony Anderson but sometimes he annoys me lol

  26. What’s with folks mentioning the spoilers out in the open? I took great care to give people CHOICE and not force ‘em on anyone, so don’t cockblock me on that. Next time you get dildo’d with the banstick. Not this time because you’re nice folks. :)

  27. UM, the pic really doesn’t mean anything, it isnt from the movie or even on the set. O.o right?

  28. i love how a lot of people pretend that they got a copy of the script. Truth is, nobody knows the ending, im pretty the people who do know the ending had to sign their if they told.

  29. * pretty sure

  30. *sign their life away. (im not on my game today)

  31. I dont consider it a spoiler when its not a big star…I mean I definately could have saw that coming. And that is not just a flesh wound, its a knife to the head!

  32. Ahhhhh! Oh No! I Knew it. They never last too long in horror films

  33. BOOO thumbs down !!!

  34. what’s up with people trying to spoil the entire movie? not meaning the pictures, but someone leaving comments that supposedly layout the story and give away deaths. not cool. Spoiler alert warning or not.

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