First Image: Aimee Teegarden In Scream 4

The only publicized Scream 4 cast member not shown in previous trailers was Aimee Teegarden – an oversight now corrected by the new Canadian Trailer. Sporting an orange top and appearing in blink-or-miss frames, it’s not really a spoiler unless you choose to link it up with one of our past pictorials.

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17 Responses to “ First Image: Aimee Teegarden In Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Where did you obtain this screencap?

  2. um, you might want to remove this, it is ULTRA Spoilerly, you can see her screaming what appears to be in pain, and can see ghostface behind her

  3. I replied to each of you by email and both emails bounced back as fake addresses.

  4. ok i think i will stop going onto spoiler central which is this website!!! thanx for the trailer though think il just watch it on you tube now though cuz i wont be going onto this site until after i have seen scream 4.

  5. Oh, the drama. You guys really consider an image from a trailer to be a major spoiler? Better turn your TV’s off during April because a TV spot might ruin the movie for you.

  6. Lol, shes prob an opening kill. I am not to worried if he spoiled it. She seems more of a cameo extra if anything not a major cameo as we havent seen much of her.

  7. Maybe they didn’t want to know HOW she died.

  8. Its a scream movie. Chances are she was stabbed or thrown through a window. Or had a pipe go through her head. lol :] [Fail at humor?]

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot that Verizon email, was shut down, so I changed it to gmail, could you reply here?

  10. Oh PUH-LEASE. We all know she’s paired with Brittany. We all know she will die in this movie. How spoiler-ish is this really? ;)

    As the webmaster said before, who SURVIVES is more spoiler-ish than who dies in a Scream movie. The entire cast will be chopped down to 3-4 people by the ending. So you really can’t expect people with “small parts/roles” to last very long. Their characters are created to die. =[

    At WHAT POINT/TIME of the movie will she be killed… now THAT’S a true spoiler. I will also admit that since both Brittany and Aimee are both reacting relatively “realistically”, I would say with confidence that they are not STAB characters, but genuine Woodsboro residents.

    (However, someone from the forum already made a very good conjecture about that before, basing on photos and video clips. So, for me, this is more or less just a confirmation somewhat?)

  11. Uh Aimee, did you spill ketchup on my sofa?

  12. i don’t consider this a spoiler.
    it was in the trailer, all you have to do is pause it at the right time towards the end and you can see it.

    and like someone else already said, the exact scene that built up to how she dies, the relevancy of her character and how long she is in the movie is what is more important.

    if you can’t handle simple picture images like this, then you might as well avoid all trailers and TV spots completely because by april a lot of people will be able to probably piece together a good chunk of the movie just like you can easily watching this trailer and the teaser trailer. which is one of the funs of watching a movie, then finally seeing it :)!

    i watch the new trailer religiously now! im so stoked!

  13. Good to see some level heads prevailing in this comment page when I thought all hope was lost… I don’t know how it is for other folks, but for everything I saw in trailers and read on the internet, when I went to see Scream 2 and Scream 3 for the first time as soon as I sat down and the movie started, I forgot it all. Don’t underestimate the spell of these movies to captivate. When you’re watching Scream 4 you should be enjoying what’s on screen and letting it take you on a ride, not thinking about the thousands of little things you’ve seen on the internet and trying to piece them together.

  14. Do you remember the interview of Brittany or Aimee (don’t remember), when she said that in her scene both girls are playing for a while with David Arquette and Adam Brody?
    So, it can’t be the opening scene, the star David Arquette could not play in that scene

  15. Brittany said she had one very brief scene with David Arquette and Adam Brody. It could be them finding her dead body at the crime scene – they are police officers.

  16. David Arquette and Adam Brody are SO HOT! I’ll watch whatever scene they’re in. If any hot guys out there in UK, Surrey area look like David or Adam let’s hookup! LOL
    Aimee is pretty, for a girl I guess.

  17. I can’t find the new trailer anywhere. Somebody please give me a link!!!

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