Ghostface Headknocker & Zombie Variant Figure Revealed

Both regular and zombie Ghostface figures from Neca are now availible to pre-order. It certainly appears the designs are final, which we’re honestly not happy with. Just like Michael Myers’ mask, there is far more to correctly duplicating the movie version than simply keeping the general colors and shapes.

Each figure has with over 14 points of articulation and soft goods robe skirt and sleeves to allow for maximum posability.

There are several flavors of pre-order: each figure on their own, together, or multiples in a case. Our advice? Get your Zombie Ghostface quick, as it is noted that they will only be available in the initial assortment release.

And here is Neca’s Ghostface bobblehead, or correctly, “Head Knocker”. How cute is this lil’ guy? The thing to remember about head knockers is that they’ve broken past the fanboy market – while some might be a little nervous about displaying a Ghostface action figure in say, their workplace, there shouldn’t be an issue with these because they’re cool and kitsch, and passerbys like to wobble that lil’ head.

Scream, the modern slasher legend, returns to screens this April along with this highly detailed resin head knocker of Ghost Face.

Standing over 7″ tall with bloody knife in hand and cell phone near by, Ghost Face is ready for his next victim.

All Neca Scream figures available to pre-order by clicking here

Thanks to Craig from the forums for the tip-off!

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10 Responses to “ Ghostface Headknocker & Zombie Variant Figure Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. noooooooooooo!! these suck

  2. btw half material half plastic???? BOOOOO!! i WAS looking forward to these..shame on neca

  3. The Head Knocker is pretty cool but these figures are terrible! Damn

  4. I’m seriously in love with the head knocker.

  5. LOVE the headknocker. 100% more realistic looking then the action figures

  6. Wtf is with the apron/skirt? FAIL.

  7. The bobblehead is awesome. I’ll get THAT, but not the action figures.

  8. I love the bobblehead. I’ll get the figures, but I prefer the Movie Maniacs one.

  9. Don’t care for them nor the bobblehead (bobbleheads/Head Knockers never did anything for me) but I do remember when the story first broke it was mentioned that the Ghostface figure would be directly correlated to the new film. This begs the question, will someone don the old mask in the film at some point, like someone breaking into an evidence locker and taking the original costume that Stu and Billy used? I know why the mask looks different throughout the first film and the evolution of it but it would be an interesting take since this film is said to be closer to the original Scream than the sequels. Why not make it that much closer and use the actual costume the first killers used. Just a thought.

  10. OMG! The new Scream figure kind of looks like one of my fishing lures. This has to be the worst looking figure that Neca ever came out with.I could see if this was the 60’s and the technology just was not available to make a decent figure but that is not the case. I am not too happy with the looks of this figure, I think the best part of this figure is the boots and the knife. I wonder if the killer in Scream 4 is a girl? Could this be a spoiler for the movie. That would explain the dress that this figure is wearing.

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