Give A Photo, Get A Credit On Scream Doco

Hey – you there! Do you have personal photos or video of Scream cast, crew or locations? You could help, and be credited on, Scream: The Inside Story, set to air April 2011 on the BIO Channel. Associate Producer/Music Supervisor Lito Velasco contacted Scream-Trilogy with the specifics. Read on closely.

Greetings, fellow SCREAMers!

The currently-in-production documentary Scream: The Inside Story is looking for specific materials…and you, the fans, can help!

What they’re wanting are unique pictures that are taken by or OWNED by you, the fans. BUT…the pictures HAVE TO HAVE EITHER BEEN TAKEN BY OR OWNED BY THE PERSON SUBMITTING THEM. They have to be photos from their PERSONAL collection that were taken with or of the celebrities in real life, at conventions, at signings, at movie premieres, etc. The Production team CANNOT use pictures from press kits, screen grabs, or studio owned photos.

They’re looking for pictures of:

- Kevin Williamson
– Wes Craven
– Drew Barrymore
– Neve Campbell
– Skeet Ulrich
– Courteney Cox
– David Arquette
– Jamie Kennedy
– Rose McGowan
– Matthew Lillard

- Casey’s house filming location
– Sidney’s house filming location
– Stu Macher’s house filming location
– Tatum’s house filming location
– The Pollyanna house (across street from Tatum’s house) filming location
– The Shadow of a Doubt filming location
– Bradley Video

Info on whereabouts of these locations can be found at the following sites:

If people have photos (or even video!) that meet these guidelines and those materials are used in the documentary, 1428 FIlms will provide the photo owner with a credit in the film!

All you have to do is submit your photo along with the filled-out “SCREAM Photo Video Submission Release Agreement” form, and if it gets used, you’ll be seeing your name “in lights”!*

Deadline for submission is February 2nd. So, what are you waiting for? Submit now!

*Disclaimer: Submission of materials does not guarantee that materials will be used in Scream: The Inside Story.


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15 Responses to “ Give A Photo, Get A Credit On Scream Doco ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is sort of a catch 22….technically ALL set photos are owned by the studio. It doesn’t matter how you got them.

    For example, if you were to buy some polaroids from the film on ebay, those are still considered property of the studio.

    And I don’t know of many fans who were actually on the set of Scream and have personal photos they took….lol.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is very cool of them to allow the opertunity to get a credit. But like I said, its kind of impossible to do so..

  2. I have plenty to submit, but I don’t see an email address or anywhere to submit to??

  3. Oh nevermind, I see the email address is at the end of the release form. Thanks!

  4. Off topic, but has Courteney been confirmed for the doc?

  5. is it true it will be on a&e also cuz i dont get bio

  6. Billy, et al – It’s NOT “impossible”. Many people have pics of themselves with the above mentioned cast and crew from premieres, the set of any of the sequels (and even the original film), conventions, etc. No one said they HAVE to be from the “set” of the first film. Thus the wording: pics that “were taken with or of the celebrities in real life, at conventions, at signings, at movie premieres, etc.”

    Also, submitting location pics is HARDLY impossible since the locations can be photographed by anyone at anytime.

    Finally, I’ve already received at least three submissions of pics of fans WITH many of the people listed above. So…as I said, it’s not impossible.

    Thanks for all the submissions so far, everyone! Looking forward to seeing more!

  7. This might sound like a stupid question, but how do you fill out this document electronically?

  8. You don’t fill it out electronically: print it out, fill it out, scan it, and e-mail it to me along with your submission. Thanks!

  9. There’s a lot of legalese in that form.. do I need to get my attorney to read it first? ;)

  10. Bananadoc – No, you don’t have to worry about that. As long as the photo was taken by you or someone you know and it’s now a Dimension-owned property/image, you’re fine. Like I said, all manner of personal pics are okay. The form just essentially says, “You agree to let 1428 Films use the picture for their documentary and promotion of said documentary, etc”. We don’t agree to buy your soul or anything.

    …or do we? ; )

  11. I have pictures I took from the set of the 4th Scream film. It was outside of a school which they were using as Woodsboro High and there was a great sign out front about a memorial taking place in the gym…Are you interested in those pictures? I’ll have to have my camera card over-nighted to me to make the deadline but I wanted to ask first since it wasn’t specifically mentioned that you wanted shots from the 4th film. Thanks…

  12. Ditto Christine LB’s comment — are you interested in Scream 4 pictures? I have a few ;)

  13. Anything you feel like contributing that is SCREAM-related and has the following people or places listed above in the photos or videos, please do send. Thanks!

  14. Entries now closed. Hope some of our regulars submitted!

  15. jesus neve looks beautiful in that top pic….who am i kidding she ALWAYS looks beautiful!!

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