It’s Here: The New Scream 4 Poster #1

Yahoo Movies have released the new Scream 4 poster. Its’ authenticity was confirmed by Wes Craven just 5 minutes ago. Harkening back to Scream 3‘s teaser artwork, this is one of two new posters. What are your thoughts? “Sidney, share with us…”

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97 Responses to “ It’s Here: The New Scream 4 Poster #1 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I hope the script shows more imagination than the marketing. Simply recycling an old poster doesn’t make it retro or self-referential.

  2. I don’t like it…
    It looks too fan made..
    I think I even saw something like this a few years ago on the net…
    Hoping the next one will be a killer [=


  4. This is just SO AWESOME! Classic style poster, brings me back good memories. \õ/

  5. I like it, and like the fact there sticking with the old style like Scream3. Can’t wait to see the next poster!

  6. I saw a very similar poster last summer. We’re way past more teaser posters. This is getting ridiculous.

  7. I love it. And besides thios is just the first one, not to mention it confirms that kevin williamson WROTE the script for the movie

  8. I think I was expecting somethin else. Maybe an original design.
    But well… I like it.

  9. I`ll share with you!!! :P

    To be honest, I really don`t like it. It looks boring and fanmade.
    Even the “New decade. New rules” font looks cheap! Liked it better in the first teaser poster with capital letters.
    Excited to see how the cast poster will look though!!

  10. Great teaser, but I want cast poster so bad.

  11. It’s odd. The moment I saw it…I disliked it…but now the more I look at it…I like it. I mean, I’m not thrilled that it’s basically the same design we’ve seen before in fan posters, but it does feel like a scream poster!

  12. If this 4th movie SUCKS as Scream 3 and SUCKS as this Scream 3 poster rip off does, i will be seriously dissapointed.

    i’m really praying here to the Ghostface God it’s not.

  13. ok….i give in im starting to like it….even though it looks fanmade…:/

  14. I love it. I think they released one like this first to get us pumped up for the new one, which Im sure will have the cast!

  15. I find it atrocious. Shame on the person in charge of the art department at Dimension Films for being so lazy. My 9 year old nephew could come up with a better concept than that. *sighs*

    However according to R.J. Torbert of Fun World, he tweeted an hour ago saying that this poster he never saw before but the theatrical poster is completely different and in his words, very, very creative. So I cannot wait to see what that one looks like.

  16. Hope they actuallyu have a cast poster

  17. i see ehren kruger is listed as a producer

  18. and kevin williamson as the writer.

    are you sure this is official??? cause it’s the same as the fanmade poster Dianimal posted. and the thing FunWorld guy twitted. sounds to me this is a fakey

  19. this is fakee!!!!

  20. Sorry, but I hate it. It looks like something that my friend can whip up in less than 30 minutes.

  21. ^
    Didn`t you guys read the article you just commented on?
    Wes Craven (God) confirmed it himself! It`s official (unfortunately!):P

  22. FAKE!!!! Go to your web searcher and type in “Scream 3 poster” and this will show up! minus the mouth
    they just used the same pic from the third movie and just put a four!

  23. Wes thinks it real too! Awww poor Wes

  24. Wouldnt be surprised if it was fan made. Silly interns at Dimension having a bit of fun it seems like. haha

  25. also…the only new cast members they included were Emma Roberts and Hayden Paniterre, im sure they could of squeezed another person in there. David Arquette’s the only guy on there…its just so.. fanmade.

  26. It makes me annoyed that us fans waited FOREVER for a kick ass poster and they go and give us this poster that resembles a fanmade poster that was created ages ago! btw is that Neve or Courteney? cuz it looks like neve’s face but she doesn’t have blue eyes like courteney does… hm…..

  27. I like how everyone is jumping at the conclusion that its fan made.

    Personally it seems to have abit of the 3 first movies in it. Or so I noticed. I like it, and if wes says its the real one. Then meh.

  28. maybe Wes meant like “new Scream4 FAN poster, what do u think?”

    cuz if wes thinks this is cool, and then kevin williamson is shutting up about everything, then i will know who the true scream 4 killers are. lol.

  29. I think someone at Dimension is yanking our sausage.

  30. It’s alright. Still not sure if it’s real or not but it’s ok.

  31. Very amateurish. I was hoping for something more exciting and less 90’s.

  32. Hey WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!! Such a clever…oh wait…

    It`s FEBRUARY 1st tomorrow…not April…silly me! :P

  33. that must be a fake poster.
    it cant be real.
    its a direct knock off of some fan made poster.

    theres no way…

  34. I think it’s cool. It’s not groundbreaking or anything but at the same time it’s paying homage to the past films and I’d guess the design is probably a strategy to refamiliarize people with the series and ignite curiosity for people to see it (mainly the ones who’ve seen the old ones but aren’t fanatics like us). Regardless, I’m excited.

  35. Guys! Calm down. =) We are merely weeks away from part 4 of the greatest horror series ever and everyone’s getting their panties in a twist over a poster. I personally love the teaser poster and i think this one is great too. It’s not like the first three films didn’t use extremely similar themes in their posters anyways. I believe what Wes and the studio look to do with these 4 films is give a very similar feel. Now, i guess they can go and do what Sam Ramai did with part 3 of the spidey films and give us a film that doesn’t feel like it belongs to the group….but i think that Wes and the crew wanna keep a similar vibe and tone that ran through these films in the 90’s. Bring it on!

  36. hey is it the theatrical poster or what? because every time new posters appear there fanmade ones

  37. the eyes look like it was done with some paintshop program,

  38. this is just insulting

  39. This is FAKE. We’ve seen this “4” before, it’s a rip off of “3” and even has the same face.

    Also: look at the “SCRE4M” font and lettering. It’s NOT the official one. The spacing is wrong and the 4 is incorrect. Shame on Yahoo for posting this!

  40. This is not a fake. Yes, it is a very exact concept some fanartist did. But Wes Craven confirmed it himself. He didn’t say he believes it’s real, he KNOWS it’s real. I’m not sure if the director has a say in the art department, but surely they emailed him before releasing it, right? Right. It’s just another one-sheet teaser, guys. The real one, R.J. Torbert says the cast poster is very creative and different. So if you don’t like this, it’s only a matter of time before an epic one is released, eh?

  41. i think some of u need to calm down there are not 1 but 2 posters there probably doing the classic look and then a newer looking the best for last rite?

  42. remember the teaser that was trash but we somehow excepted that.

  43. Wow! The Poster #1 post on here has more comments in 2 hours than the post on Trailer #2. This is gonna be a massive film!

  44. Can everyone chill out saying it’s fake? It’s apparently been confirmed. Everyone’s just in denial because they were expecting something different, and not something we’ve already seen before. This is what the film-makers are going for, I think. They want it to kindof mirror something we’ve seen before, to give sort of a nostalgic feel, and pay homage to the earlier entries. We are getting another poster too, so it’s a waste to be worked up over this. I think it’s fine. Just bring on the next. If you wanna continue believing it’s fan made, go ahead, but it wont change the poster we have in front of us.

  45. I prefer the first poster that was released after the announcement of Scream 4. This one is kinda lame. Not to mention it looks eerily similar to the one Dlanimal linked in an earlier post. If they were going to just copy a fan poster they should’ve copied the ones that were posted on here early last year. Those were really impressive.

  46. It’s a fake! Why? cause it says Kathy Conrad is an producer.

  47. i still think this is a fake.

  48. April Fools??? like wtf ahahha omg i know the movie comes out in april but its to early for fooling us.. Ughh smh ahha but its cool,

  49. I think its simple, striking & effective and ties in nicely with the others without being cheap looking like Scream 3’s poster….the Scream movies dont need over designed self indulgent graphics…nothing beats the original Scream poster…its still timeless as hell….amaze…I cant wait to see the next poster and the film

  50. I also noticed Kathy Conrad’s name and I said, “hmmm…?”

  51. So fan made. This is so ripping off Nick Meece!!

  52. thoroughly disappointed…it literally looks exactly like that crappy fan poster made…the one that Dlanimal mentioned…the next one better be awesome

  53. not gonna lie… im kinda disappointed… it is AWESOME! but… I was expecting more… my guess is that the next poster will be the one with the people in the V shape. I love it

  54. have no idea what you guys expected….who cares about the poster….so many good movies have bad posters….get over it

  55. PEOPLE: This was authenticated by WES CRAVEN himself. Good God.


  56. Funny how you all say THIS IS THE PICTURE USED ON THE ‘SCREAM 3′ POSTER BLABLA RIPOFF!!! But none of you have noticed that the picture used on the Scream 3 poster was the same picture used on the Scream 2 poster… And on the DVD box set cover as well… This picture is iconic. It’s just as iconic as the logo of the title itself. So calm down, this is just a teaser… It’s meant to TEASE us, until we get a real poster.

  57. Got a question. Didn’t I read somewhere that R.J. Torbert of Fun World said that he seen 2 posters one with the adult cast and one with the new cast? Does this mean we still are getting 2 more posters or did I misread this?

  58. I don’t buy it, Theres no way this can be official and also the same poster as a fan has already made. Why would the ‘4’ BE A DIFFERENT 4 than the one in the title. The font of the number isnt even the same. I dont care what wes said, this isnt legit.

  59. People honestly need to relax. Yes, it’s official. But is it the final poster for the film? Not by a long shot. The cast poster will come by either today or tomorrow, most likely.

  60. erm..ive seen this before so this better be fake

  61. Hmm…if wes confirmed it, I bet there’s more to this than we know. I bet they’re begging us(the audience) to consider Scre4m as a replacement to make up for Scream 3. haha. Or perhaps there’s some type of inside joke in the movie. Like…Scream 4 is technically a reboot, so the poster would be similar to the last to create a sense of familiarity with the audience.

  62. Seriously???? They couldn’t do better than ripping off a fan. This better be fake!

    I think Wes & Crew are sort of toying with the internet community…

  63. Like the user above me said…

    Didn`t think about this, but could it be that they just made this bad one with purpose? Just to either scare us off for a little bit as a joke? Maybe they decided to first release a bad one so that when the REAL one comes out we will SUPER DUPER love it? No? lol

  64. With Conrad’s name attached it gotta be a joke.

  65. C’mon.

    That’s the OLD SCHOOL POSTER. It’s on purpose. Later on we’ll have the new generation poster.

    That’s so obvious.

  66. My problem is that it’s way too late for more teaser posters.

  67. This is a photoshop mess.

    I think we all want a new face on the poster. and not in cut in the shape of a 4. It would be great if they made it scary too.

    This time they should have the face screaming and taking up the entire poster. I hate all that black negative space.

    It’s time to retire Neve’s face! Ha ha!

  68. The poster looks great in my opinion. Honestly, the poster has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie & how the movie will be. I think some of you are taking this to a whole new level…lol.

  69. the old one is 100% better! this on sucks…and i’m so sorry i have to say that.

  70. One good thing…it says written by Kevin Williamson:)

  71. is that nicole kidman in the back? :P

  72. I think Cathy Konrad’s name is in it because she has been with Scream so long, credit her!

  73. Yeah, this is a disappointment. One of the major issues with using this design is that the number “4” just doesn’t quite look right in this sort of white, slashery style. It totally worked on the Scream 3 poster. The “3” is sort of more fluid. But a “4” doesn’t look right. Look at the positioning of the nostrils!! Lol. They shouldn’t have tried to replicate this design, they’ve already made creative use of the “4” by turning the “A” into a “4” on the SCRE4M logo. Oh I don’t know…Wes please confirm it’s fake and lets see the cast one. We don’t need a new teaser poster anyway, we had one months ago with the Ghostface mask!

  74. Yeah this is mad recycled. I saw this joint in 2008 and it was made by a fan with Neve, Courtney, Patrick, and a few other people from Scream 3. Very upset with this, just give us the cast poster, and that’s if they’re gonna do it right

  75. This is a photoshop mess.

    I think we all want a new face on the poster. and not cut in the shape of a 4. It would be great if they made it scary too.

    This time they should have the face screaming and taking up the entire poster. I hate all that black negative space.

    It’s time to retire Neve’s face! Ha ha!

  76. People say it looks fan-made because it’s such a simple, unoriginal concept (same-old white face in a number) that many fans have already used it. I guess we were expecting more creativity on the part of the marketing team.

    Let’s hope the theatrical cast poster is better.

  77. Yeah…why is conrad’s name attached? I didn’t think she was connected to this project by any means.

  78. oh no this was terrible… please oh please can we do better i can draw this with a box of crayons

  79. Ugh someone has a hard on for the PS smudge tool!

  80. and with the two supposed cast posters, in the end we will have FOUR posters for scream 4…cool!

  81. haha nicole kidman…….

    i totally see it

  82. again i say that it is fake but i don’t know. how convenient that it looks like this fan made poster.

  83. lol. that nicole kidman bit is hilarious. :)

  84. Maybe they’re going for extra meta marketing by riffing on an old fan made poster or some shit? Or maybe WC doesn’t know his ass from his elbow and this poster is as legit as Courtney’s face. I really have no clue what the what is, but it looks like fusty old ass.

  85. I agree this really does look like something I saw a fan do a yr a two ago. and I like the posters that have the cast, not just a treaser. and even though this is remeniscent of scream 3 it’s almost too much the same…nothing new to catch interest

  86. Ok i think a lot of you are seriously complaining way to much over a simple poster lol. No its not the greatest poster they could of come up with but its not terrible either. Plus theirs at least one more poster coming out still and that one will probably be the classic cast poster we all know and remember from all of the previous scream movies.

  87. This looks like the same exact one as Scream 3. Scream 1 and 2 had different posters- this is no different looking and has the same person in graved in the number as the Scream 3 poster.

  88. It’s so boring. If they ever do a Scream 5, imagine they use the same stock photo of Neve for that poster. It’s too much of the same shit.

  89. Guys, go look at the teaser for Scream 3. It is NOT the same face! Who’s face is THIS!? (my friend Ana says it’s Courtney.)

  90. i didn’t like it at first…felt really disapointed, but over time it has grown on me.

  91. @JavonMcG Your right. It’s NOT the same face.

  92. I just noticed that they gave Neve Campbell blue eyes on the Scream 2 Poster. Her eyes are brown.

  93. Has anyone noticed one of the executive producers is Ehren Kruger? Although the poster does say it’s written by Kevin Williamson, you’d have to guess Mr Kruger had something to do with the script in the final version right?

  94. saw this at AMC yesterday. definitely official :)

  95. Yeah, the poster looks awsome, i hope its official because it looks like the other ones alot!

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