Kevin Williamson Not Still Screaming

Pictured: Kevin Williamson with Ghostface and Wes Craven, in happier times last March for the greenlight announcement of Scream 4.

Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Documentary has already been pre-praised for its sheer amount of trilogy cast and crew assembled. In a new interview with Scream Franchise Examiner, writer/director Ryan Turek reveals a candid regret about the one key creator who won’t be seen in the doco.

“I will definitively say that Kevin Williamson is absent from the project, but that’s not for lack of trying on our part. I personally tried a number of angles – because I know a few people close to his camp – but I was frustratingly hit with a “No, thank you” at every turn. Some would tell me he was too busy on Vampire Diaries, others would say that he’s simply not interested in revisiting that chapter in his life right now”

The voice of a generation will be missed. The rest of the interview reveals more insider anecdotes from Turek, including the ironic tidbit that Scream 3 scribe Ehren Kruger spilled the extensive beans on the maligned chapter’s scrapped ideas.

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13 Responses to “ Kevin Williamson Not Still Screaming ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Ah, so there we have it. Kevin Williamson is most definitely not coming back. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted :(

  2. Given his bizarre silence on the matter over the production period, I shouldn’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone but the most optimistically deluded amongst us.

    Still, all is not lost for the sequels. There are other decent writers in Hollywood. But will the Wankstains… I mean, uh… Weinsteins go to them rather than some track record hack?

  3. so sad… I fucking hate the Weinsteins for fucking up their relationship with Williamson, I just have to hold out some hope that Krueger did not do much writing at all on scream 4 (fuck him for ruining scream 3) and that they can bring williamson back for scream 5!!

  4. The Weinsteins are two horrible people. They fucked up so many films, relationships. I mean I knew something bad was gonna happen when Scream 4 first started because of the Cathy Konrad situation…

  5. Two sides to ever story, folks. Weinsteins aren’t ALL responsible for Kevin’s problems.

  6. You know, this is just really sad. On one hand it’s a shame that Williamson doesn’t and hasn’t acknowledged S4 since the beginning of 2010…but on the other hand i’ve heard from many sources that he constantly misses deadlines and abandons projects rather easily. I’m not laying blame…i’m just as dissapointed as everyone else. I just wish the man seemed excited like all his fans are. I mean, without hime we wouldn’t have Scream. I mean i can’t be the only one who isn’t dying for KW to make an official comment. I know he’s all about the whole…”if ya don’t have nothing good to say” but i don’t think it would be any disrespect to craven or the fans if he voiced his position on what REALLY happened! I mean, in al honesty…none of us here know the true reason for his silence starting back in the summer….as far as i know anyhow.

  7. But…..we should all have seen this coming when his twitter went from:

    # Bio Writer/Producer Vampire Diaries, Scream IV


    # Bio Writer/Producer Vampire Diaries and stuff.

    There’s your answer folks! Sad but true.

  8. I think it’s safe to say Kevin Williamson is totally done with the Scream franchise. He tried to come with Scream 4 scripts (because at the time, people were reluctant coming back) and failed to meet deadlines, so TWC decided to call it done for Williamson’s part. It’s ashame. :\

  9. i think kw is getting cocky and thinks scream is lesser than him now

  10. Who cares? What I want to know is where the hell can I get that sweet ass poster?

  11. KW hasn’t been relevant in a very long time. I actually didn’t care to have him back for Scream 4. It’s time to move on and get someone who will be more excited for the project. In fact, if S4 suffers; I’m going to lay the blame on KW.

  12. actually, I’ll back off on KW. I’ll lay the blame on Weinsteins bros instead.

  13. One thing we need to remember here. As much as i don’t care for KW’s silence not all the decisions and changes that the higher ups make are all bad. I’m pretty sure that in the commentry KW and WC say that miramax changed the title from “Scary Movie” to “Scream.” I can’t imagine it being anything better. So, not all changes from the execs are all bad. ***I’m just trying to keep a little optimism here. =) ***

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